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PMA end of year accomplishments and push for harmonization
The PMA is making strides towards our vision of a global network of seamless wireless charging services wherever portable devices are used. The first PMA Members Conference held in October was a huge success (details below in Membership Update) and the technical working groups are churning out specifications at a record speed including the PMA Receiver, Transmitter, Certification Program Manual, PlugFest Event Process, Compliance Test Procedures, and more. The new PMA Member Workspace is a huge asset to the PMA and has helped make the technical development process even more efficient. Our test equipment vendor Averna is crossing major milestones for the PMA Receiver Compliance Tester and the PMA Accredited Certification labs are preparing for a big wave of wireless charging devices to be shipped next year.


PMA Membership has reached nearly 110 members. Please welcome the newest members who have joined since the last PMA newsletter: You will find our complete list of members at our web site in the "Our Members" section. Our collective success depends on continued growth of this network. If there are any companies or contacts that you would recommend for membership, please email the details to membership@powermatters.org.


PMA Member Workspace is now fully operational. It was introduced at the PMA Members Conference in October 2013 and released shortly after. All contribution archives have been uploaded and the interim PMA contribution website (SugarSync) has been shut down. The PMA Member Workspace allows members to subscribe to working groups, access a calendar of meetings, make and view contributions and meeting notes, as well as participate in balloting for the approval of documents. The PMA has invested a lot in this tool for the benefit of our members so we hope you like it! Please let us know if you have any feedback.


Working Groups Charter Documents Meetings Held Active Status Meeting Notes Upcoming Meetings
IPG Inductive Power Working Group
12 IPG-13-0123 Jan. 9
RPG Resonance Power Working Group
11 RPG-13-0077R01 Jan 8
CWG Certification Working Group 20
14 CWG-13-0081 Jan 6
SWG Sustainability Working Group 8
SWG-13-0040R01 Jan 14
RWG Regulatory Working Group 6
RWG-13-0027R01 Jan 14


The strategic partnerships with industry leading certification test labs Underwriters Laboratories (UL), AT4 Wireless and TUV Rheinland and test vendor Averna are driving us to work collectively to establish certification processes and testing infrastructure that achieves seamless device interoperability and conformance to the standard across the entire wireless charging ecosystem.

PMA is dedicated to having a world class certification infrastructure in place and operational by January of next year. Key Certification documents are in final publication including the Certification Program Manual. The Pre-Certification program implemented in June has already seen more than 10 devices pass successfully through the process and has proven the strategies, infrastructure and processes necessary to move forward. In addition, the PMA is in the planning stages for its first PlugFest in the first quarter 2014.


Plugless power for your electric vehicle
In a previous article Nanalyze highlighted Witricity, a very innovative company looking to truly disrupt the nature of powering and charging battery powered devices with wireless charging products. One other company that has made such wireless charging products available today to electric vehicle owners is Evatran.
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Startup puts wireless charging in a box
EE Times
Humavox emerged from stealth mode adding another wireless charging technology to what some say is already too large a set of options. The startup uses RF technology in a closed container, aiming at generally small devices such as hearing aids, smart watches and connected glasses. Humavox formally launched its website, but it supplies little detail so far on the company's Thunderlink RF interconnect or Nest container, which is not related to separate products from Nest Labs.
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Apple iWatch, iPhone 6S wireless charging up to three feet away
Phones Review
In 2014 Apple will no doubt release the new Apple iWatch as well as the iPhone 6S, leaving the design side out of this for a while we want to hit on the new wireless charging feature that would allow charging capabilities of up to three feet away. The iWatch and iPhone 6S hopefully going to be released somewhere around Q3 2014, battery sizes will shrink over the next year and in time for the new Apple products. Having the standard wireless charging option requires an accessory of some sort and the smart devices needs to sit on this accessory to charge and this is not innovation, it adds nothing new to the table and that is boring.
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PMA Receiver Development Tester from Averna now Orderable: Orders are now being taken by Averna for the PMA Receiver Development Tester. The development tester is a complete turnkey test system, which is essentially a duplicate of the testers used for certification in order to reduce risk for companies developing PMA compliant devices. It automates all measurements required for the PMA spec, produces detailed test results, allows for device debugging, has DUT thermal control and supports interchangeable test adapters for future transmitters. Please contact Joe Des Rosier for order information. PMA Pre-cert Development Kits are no longer available and have been obsolete.

PMA Workspace: PMA Member Workspace is now fully operational. It was introduced at the PMA Members Conference in October 2013 and released shortly after. Go check it out at: www.member.powermatters.org.

PMA Transmitter Specification: PMA-TS-0003-0 v0.07 PMA Inductive Wireless Power and Charging Transmitter Specification — System Release 1 publication text has been released for 60-day IPR review and will finish next month.

IEEE Wireless Charging Standard: The IEEE Standards Committee has approved the PMA Project Authorization Request (PAR) for a new IEEE Wireless Power and Charging Systems Working Group and speciation to be labeled as IEEE P2100. The PMA Technical Director, Clif Barber, has been named as the initial Chair of this WG. PMA is still actively seeking PMA



Consumer Electronics Show 2014: The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place in at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Jan. 7-10 2014. PMA is planning to participate as part of the IEEE Standards Association booth on Tuesday, January 7. Come visit us at South Hall, Booth 30242 upper level and see demos that incorporate Wireless Charging into commercial surfaces from DuPont™ Corian®.

PMA Plugfest 2013: The PMA is planning to facilitate a PlugFest 1Q 2014 that would network companies developing receivers and transmitters in order to ensure interoperability across different devices. The success of this depends on as many participants from both sides as possible. Please contact Gordon Antonello for interest in this event.

Mobile World Congress 2014: Mobile World Congress 2014 is planned for Feb. 24–27 in Barcelona Spain. More details to follow as the event approaches.

PMA Member Conference 2014: Our next PMA member conference is being planned for March/April time frame of 2014. Stay tuned for more details!


Some of the most useful documents can be found in the resources section of the PMA Members Workspace.
  • PMA Certification Program Overview
  • PMA Working Group Overview
  • Agreement for use of PMA Trademark and Logos
  • PMA Certification Mark Usage Guidelines


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