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The PMA has taken unprecedented action to simplify rollout of wireless charging technology and bring more alignment within the ecosystem (PMA and A4WP Join Forces). As a result, the PMA has joined forces with Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) with a signed agreement to unify our standards to accelerate growth of the wireless charging market. This comes as a result of listening to the voice of our members and contributing to make a difference within the industry. More...

"The PMA and A4WP are taking the necessary steps to get the job done." said Ron Resnick, President, PMA. "Combining the standards from A4WP and PMA offer the best choices of core technologies and managed network services, delivering to consumers a seamless, easy-to-use and convenient wireless charging user experience."

As part of this agreement, the PMA and A4WP will be collaborating on an Open Network API which is being developed in the newly formed PMA Network Working Group (NWG). This technology will be capable of transforming individual charging spots into a smart, cloud based, global wireless power network. This is an important evolution of the PMA technical specifications and we encourage any interested company to get involved by updating their profile on the PMA Workspace. Contributions are already being accepted and the next scheduled meetings are planned for Feb. 27 and March 5.

The PMA also continues to reach major certification milestones with the completion of the first PMA PlugFest. A total of seven vendors participated in the PlugFest testing a total of 16 products. Through this event, five IOT test cases were validated. With the successful completion of Compliance Test Procedure Validation, the PMA has a conformance and interoperability based certification program in place. The Fremont location of UL Verification Services is now accepting receiver products for full certification. The balance of the PMA certification labs will come on line in the coming weeks! For a full list of labs, please see the Certification area of website. More...

As a not-for-profit company, our charter is to build the organization in a way that best serves its members. We believe we have a world-class team in place and you are invited to contact any of us with questions, comments, or concerns regarding continued membership or any other topic related to the PMA.


Please welcome the newest members who have joined since the last PMA newsletter: You will find our complete list of members at our website in the "Our Members" section. Our collective success depends on continued growth of this network. If there are any companies or contacts that you would recommend for membership, please email the details to membership@powermatters.org.

PMA and A4WP Agreement Details
The details of the agreement between PMA and A4WP can be found here. The agreement calls for the following immediate next steps:
  • PMA adopts the A4WP Rezence specification as the PMA magnetic resonance charging specification for both transmitters and receivers in both single and multi-mode configurations
  • A4WP adopts the PMA inductive specification as a supported option for multi-mode inductive, magnetic resonance implementations
  • A4WP to collaborate with PMA on their open network API for network services management
The magnetic resonance specifications referenced above will be available to all PMA members shortly on the PMA Members Workspace. There is nothing that members need to do to gain access and a separate notification will go out at the time they are available. Companies must still remain members of the respective industry orgs to receive product certification compliant with each standard. Please contact Shea Clymer with any additional questions related to the agreement.


The PMA has kicked off the Network Working Group (NWG) which makes a total of 6 working groups in the PMA. Conference calls will begin on Thursday, February 27th. NWG is responsible for development and maintenance of network communication strategies and protocols for network related functionality (e.g., provisioning, OA&M, low rate messaging, user interaction).

PMA-TS-0003-0 v1.00 PMA Inductive Wireless Power and Charging Transmitter Specification - System Release 1 has now completed IPR Review and will be posted as publication text after approval at the next BoD meeting in two (2) weeks.

The PMA Leadership Team is still considering the impact of the recently announced relationship with A4WP including any required modifications to PMA WG descriptions and activities.

Summary of the technical development activities for the next three (3) months:


Working Groups WG Name

Active Members Latest Meeting Notes Upcoming Meetings
(US Pacific Time)
CWG Certification Working Group 9
CWG-14-0032 March 3
IPG Inductive Power Working Group 11 IPG-14-0021 March 6
NWG Networking Working Group TBD
Feb. 27
RPG Resonance Power Working Group 10
March 5
RWG Regulatory Working Group 6
March 11
SWG Sustainability Working Group 5
March 11


First PMA PlugFest:
If you missed our first PlugFest in Fremont, Calif., at UL Verification services this month, here is the rundown of the results. A total of seven vendors participated in the PlugFest using a total of 16 products. All the mandatory scenario 1A test cases were validated during the two-day PlugFest held on Feb. 11-12. The IOT Scenario 1A test cases are now being added to the list of required tests for certification. That means that PMA Certification will include Compliance and Interoperability testing as a requirement for Certification which is a huge accomplishment for the certification program. Additional scenarios/test cases will be validated at future PlugFest, preventing the need for independent interoperability testing.

UL Verification Services Audit and Certification Tester Validation
UL has passed the PMA audit process and has been awarded with PMA Accredited Certification Lab status for their Fremont facility! They are now authorized to conduct PMA Receiver Certification testing. The Averna tester successfully passed validation and three certification testers have shipped to the UL Verification Services — PMA Lead Lab. The remaining testers will ship to AT4 and TUV by the end of February, and those labs will be ready for the PMA audit and testing before the end of March.


UW researchers innovate wireless charging solutions for electronic devices
The Badger Herald
New research completed at the University of Wisconsin could allow drivers to charge their phone just by setting it down in the car seat. The technology developed at UW allows electronic devices to charge by absorbing mechanical energy from vibrations that come from a moving car. Xudong Wang, professor of materials science and engineering, is working on the developments as part of a multi-university team that includes researchers from the United States and China.
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Is Apple exploring solar, wireless charging for iWatch?
USA Today
Speaking strictly of software, it's hard to go wrong when choosing between mobile devices offered by Apple or Google. Both platforms have their quirks and attributes, but the mobile industry has progressed to where either operating system provides better-than-satisfactory results for daily usage. But as developers and manufacturers continue to push the limits of what our mobile devices are capable of doing software-wise, users are lucky if they finish out a day with a smartphone that still has some juice left. In the pursuit of creating the ultimate mobile OS, phone makers have sacrificed battery life for power-hungry apps and connection speeds.
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Wireless charging takes big step forward as rival groups team up
The fragmented world of wireless charging is getting a little order, which means you will be able to place any phone down on a charging station and top off your battery — well, eventually. Two of the three major wireless charging groups, the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and the Power Matters Alliance (PMA), have signed an agreement to ensure that their two standards will work together. By coming together with a common certification for the two different technologies, the groups hope to spur the inclusion of wireless technology in more devices.
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Toyota begins testing wireless recharging for electric cars
Toyota has announced that it will begin actual verification testing of its new wireless battery-charging system for electric vehicles, one that charges the battery of a plug-in hybrid or a pure-electric car by having the car park on top of it. Toyota's charging system uses magnetic-resonance technology. This method transmits electricity by using magnetic resonance that results from changes in magnetic field intensity between a coil positioned on the ground under the car and a receiving coil built into the underside of the vehicle. This technology would eliminate the need for physically plugging in an electric car or a hybrid. It also has the potential to act as a universal charging station, reducing the need for multiple charging stations and plug standards.
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A4WP and PMA Join Forces: An exciting agreement has been signed with the A4WP to consolidate standards and accelerate growth of the wireless charging market. More information regarding the details of the agreement can be found in the Membership section of this issue as well as the press announcement.

Launch of the PMA Network Working Group (NWG): This is an important evolution of the PMA technical specifications and we encourage any interested company to get involved by updating their profile on the PMA Workspace. Contributions are already being accepted and the next scheduled meeting can be found in the Working Group Updates section.

PMA Transmitter Specification: The PMA transmitter specification (TS-0003-0 PMA Inductive Transmitter Specification - System Release 1) has been completed the IPG and formal IPR review process. Once approved by the PMA board of directors, the specification will be published in Resources section of the PMA Members Workspace.

PMA Workspace: PMA Member Workspace is fully operational with new content being uploaded every day. Go check it out at: www.member.powermatters.org.



Mobile World Congress 2014 — Feb 24th
Stop by the Orange HQ booth at Mobile World Congress this week to see PMA Wireless charging spots in action, allowing guests and VIPs to recharge their phones. More information here.

Wireless Power Europe — Mar 20th
Join us at Wireless Power Europe 2014 in London on March 20th at the Park Plaza Victoria Hotel. PMA has helped shape the content of this conference and this European launch of Wireless Power follows on the heels of five successful editions in the U.S. It will cover key topics affecting our industry including: EV wireless charging, European consumer adoption, wireless charging in furniture, inductive charging for road and rail application plus many. As a member of PMA, you can register for the conference at a discounted rate of £359 using the code WPEU. To register visit www.wirelesspowereurope.com.

Wireless Charging / LTE World Summit 2014 — June 24th
This event will be held in Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands and co-located at the premier LTE World Summit and Connected Cars event which annually attracts 3,500+ attendees from the Telco and Automotive industry. This includes all of the Tier 1 global operators and the likes of Samsung, Huawei, Cisco, Qualcomm, Siemens and many more. More information can be found on the event website www.wirelesschargingevent.com.


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