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Thanks to the recent Starbucks announcement promoting PMA infrastructure plus wide-scale deployment at Starbucks and the introduction of embedded PMA devices, the wireless power industry continues to see significant impact coming out of PMA members. PMA believes the news about Powermat chargers going into every Starbucks across the US will serve as a catalyst toward faster adoption of wireless charging and related services.

USA Today points out that Starbucks helped "popularize Wi-Fi hotspots." It was actually more of a tipping point and major shift than that. It was Starbucks adoption of Wi-Fi that made it the household name it is today. This is similar to what we expect to experience for popularizing wireless charging going forward. This is about keeping consumers powered up while they are on the go by proliferation of PMA charging spots within public infrastructure.

As more public venues follow Starbucks' lead, we expect to see an accelerated rollout of mobile receiver devices with embedded PMA-certified technology. Check out the What's Hot section in this newsletter to learn more about some of the latest handsets. The $10 Duracell Powermat Ring and external covers are also serving as a very effective bridge to allow even more users to immediately start enjoying the new jolt from Starbucks.

As a not-for-profit company, our charter is to build the organization in a way that best serves its members. We believe we have a world-class team in place and you are invited to contact any of us with questions, comments, or concerns regarding continued membership or any other topic related to the PMA.


Please welcome the newest members who have joined since the last PMA newsletter:
  • Flextronics Power
  • Canon
  • Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.
  • Haier Group Technique R&D Center
You will find our complete list of members at our web site in the "Our Members" section. Our collective success depends on continued growth of this network. If there are any companies or contacts that you would recommend for membership, please email the details to membership@powermatters.org.


All four active working groups held face-to-face sessions at the recent PMA Member Conference on June 10-11, 2014 at the UL Verification Labs in Fremont, CA. Highlights of the conference are as follows:
  • Demonstrations and presentations on current activities and near-term vision
  • Active participation, discussions, and feedback in all working groups
  • Non-overlapping working group sessions
IPG has published all System Release 1 (SR1) documents. IPG is now aggressively developing updates to the Rx (TS-0001-A) and Tx (TS-0003-A) specs for System Release 1 Enhancements (SR1E). IPG has also identified process concerns and other strategies to ensure the continued quality and value of PMA Inductive Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) specifications.

Based on the PMA commitment to adopt by normative reference the A4WP Rezence™ specification, the RPG has been replaced by the Multimode Power Group (MPG). The MPG will be responsible for the integration of PMA Inductive WPT technology with other WPT technologies in multimode devices in TS-0006-0 A4WP/PMA Specification for Multimode Operations.

In parallel with the MPG work, the A4WP and PMA leadership teams are collaborating on the development of a Marketing Requirements Document (MRD) for multimode devices. This MRD will be used, in part, to drive the MPG development of TS-0006.

NWG continues to progress the development of the multivolume TS-0005-0 PMA Wireless Power Transfer Network (WPTN) Specification. This specification will be WPT technology independent so that it can link PMA Inductive, A4WP Rezence™, and other WPT Tx devices.

CWG is now finalizing the last of the SR1 Rx certification documents and will begin to focus their attention on the SR1 Tx certification documents.

Summary of the technical development activities for the next three (3) months:

Technical Development Activities


Group Full Working Group Name
Conference Calls
(US Pacific)
CWG Certification Working Group July 21
IPG Inductive Power Working Group July 24
NWG Networking Working Group July 22
MPG Multimode Power Working Group July 23
RWG Regulatory Working Group Dormant
SWG Sustainability Working Group Dormant


As of July 1, 2014, the PMA certification program can count eight products that obtained PMA Rx certification. Certification is preparing for ramp up after redefining some of the test procedures and re-validation of the Averna automated tester. This is a direct result of significant cooperation between UL, Averna, and other wireless charging technical experts and PMA. The remaining PMA-accredited labs (AT4 and TUV) are preparing to launch their global certification operations for Taiwan, Japan, Europe, Korea and China. PMA is working on the following immediate milestones within the certification program:
  • Completing the remaining certification documents, targeted for publication by the end of July
  • Planning and execution of a Transmitter Certification program
  • Since the release of the transmitter technical specifications is complete, the CWG has issued a call for contributions for the Compliance Test Procedures, which is the first step in this phase of the program
PMA is working with key stakeholders and members of the CWG to define the transmitter certification program including key milestones. This program requires significant effort and cooperation among the various working groups, vendors and technical experts. Information on transmitter certification will be made available as the transmitter certification program gains momentum.


Microsoft's wireless charging trousers going on sale soon
Microsoft has revealed a pair of trousers that can charge your phone using inductive charging technology. The company, in partnership with Nokia, worked with Adrien Sauvage to produce a pair of trousers for the designer's wearable technology collection called Modern Man, showcased in Bloomsbury last week.
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Daimler, BMW partnering up on wireless charging
Plug-in vehicle advocates can get all warm and fuzzy about two Germany heavyweight automakers getting together for the sake of wireless charging. That's because Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler and BMW will work together to speed up development of a wireless charging system. While not a ton of details were divulged, we can still rejoice.
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New device could transform wireless charging
USC News
Are you sick of phone-charging wires clogging up workspace? Tired of depending on a power socket to charge your phone wirelessly? Thanks to the ARK, a state-of-the-art charging device made by the technology company Bezalel, you may no longer have to deal with these high-tech hassles.
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June PlugFest A Success
We want to express sincerest thanks to the individuals and organizations that participated in the June 2014 Member Conference and PlugFest in Fremont CA at UL Verification Services. If you missed the PlugFest, here is the rundown of the results:
  • A total of six vendors participated in the PlugFest, and fifteen IOT test case runs were successfully completed.
  • All the mandatory scenario 1A and 1B test cases were validated with PMA-3 Tx devices
  • Four Tx including PMA-1, PMA-3 and early PMA-4 devices were used, along with six Rx devices.
  • The IOT Scenario 1A test cases are now being added to the list of required tests for certification.
That means that PMA Certification will include compliance and interoperability testing as a requirement for certification, which is a huge accomplishment for the certification program. Additional scenarios/test cases will be validated at future PlugFests, preventing the need for independent interoperability testing.

More PMA-certified devices on the market, and more to come
The first-ever 'PMA Certified' smartphones are now available at retailers nationwide. This is just the beginning of a coming wave of PMA-certified handsets, and consumers can now charge up their phones wirelessly with integrated PMA technology at a growing number of popular locations.

In addition to the Starbucks announcement, McDonalds has been running similar pilot tests along with Delta Airlines and other popular retail venues as rapid expansion of PMA’s open standard is imminent. With the aggressive proliferation of PMA charging spot venues, this new breed of smart phones is quickly rounding out the ecosystem. Here is a list of some of the latest devices with PMA-certified technology either embedded or available as an optional extra:

Rx Embedded Devices: Rx Accessories: Launch of the PMA Multimode Power Group (MPG) PMA's continued commitment to drive more alignment within the wireless charging industry has created opportunities to accelerate market adoption of wireless charging for our members. With this goal in mind, PMA created this technical working group to develop and maintain technical specifications for multimode operations between the PMA inductive technologies and other PMA-endorsed wireless power transfer technologies. This is an important evolution of the PMA technical specifications and we encourage any interested company to get involved by updating their profile on the PMA Workspace. Contributions are already being accepted and the next scheduled meeting can be found in the Working Group Updates section of this newsletter.



Wireless Power World Summit 2014 — Aug 26-27, 2014
This conference will provide a platform for expertise, electronic device manufacturers, industry trade associations, wireless power technology owners, industry service providers, as well as potential investors to share the latest developments, build new business relationships and establish future corporations. Register as our guest and receive a 10 percent discount. More information can be found on the event website.

PMA PlugFest — September, 2014
The PMA PlugFest networks companies developing receivers and transmitters in order to ensure interoperability across different devices. The success of this depends on as many participants from both sides as possible. Please be sure to contact us to join our mailing list, so you will receive notification once we have firmed up the dates and venue of the September 2014 PlugFest!.

Wireless Power US 2014 — Nov 20-21, 2014
Wireless Power 2014, in Berkeley, California, will bring together business executives, R&D leaders, academics, government policy makers, stakeholders, and investors to talk about the latest developments in the wireless power industry. The three standards remain a hot topic in the industry as major moves have been made toward a collaborative future. Visit www.wirelesspowersummit.com to register. Use the code PMA to save $200!(Codes are not retroactive and cannot be combined with any other offer)


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