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PMA's expansion in Silicon Valley
Power Matters Alliance
Recently, you may have seen significant press on TV (NBC), print (USA Today) and online news (Bloomberg) covering the Starbucks expansion of PMA wireless charging spots in Silicon Valley in California store locations. These announcements highlight PMA's strategic focus on partnering with retail infrastructure leaders servicing the locations that consumers will need wireless charging the most. The rollout of these additional charging spots comes at a critical time when additional PMA supported handset cases are hitting shelves. In June, Duracell-Powermat launched a complete new collection of products to enable customers to keep their iPhone 5 charged at all times. This collection provides the ultimate charging convenience with wireless charging as well as immediate backup power in the form of portable batteries. In addition, Incipio® Wireless Charging Cover with PMA for the Samsung Galaxy S4 will hit AT&T stores in September. The success and adoption of the PMA standard relies on the growth of both sides of the network (infrastructure and devices) and as you can see, PMA members continue to make major strides as a first mover.

The Power Matters team is dedicated to delivering value to our members well beyond what we could achieve independently to help grow the wireless charging market. Our charter as a not-for-profit alliance is to build the organization in a way that best serves its members and we believe we have a world-class team in place to support you. Please contact any of us with questions, comments or concerns.

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PMA Membership Update
Power Matters Alliance
The PMA has reached 91 members! Please welcome the newest members who have joined the PMA in the last 30 days: PMA Membership is growing at an incredible rate. Membership has tripled since February of this year. You will find our complete list of members at our website in the "Our Members" section. Our collective success depends on continued growth of this network. If there are any companies or contacts that you would recommend for membership, please email the details to membership@powermatters.org.
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Technical Update

The Power Matters Alliance is proud to share that the four technical working groups (WG) listed below are actively meeting and collaborating. Also, the Regulatory WG (RWG) plans to begin meeting prior to the next PMA Newsletter:
  • Inductive Power WG (IPG)
  • Certification WG (CWG)
  • Resonance Power WG (RPG)
  • Sustainability WG (SWG)
The 1st PMA specification (TS-0001-0 PMA Receiver Specification - System Release 1) has been completed by the Inductive Power Group (IPG) and approved by the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) for publication. The document will be posted as soon as the TSC procedural review and executive level legal is completed.

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Certification Program Update

The PMA Precertification Program is operational and products are flowing through the process! The Precertification program was put into place to address the need to ensure a high degree of interoperability before the PMA certification is fully in place.

The road to our world-class certification program is well underway. A certification test vendor has been selected and the process of selecting certification labs is well underway. The PMA plans to announce the selected vendor and labs during the month of August. Before certification is available online, the first order of business will be to validate the test equipment and test cases. These are important milestones for the PMA and we are focusing our energy on certification due to the importance of ensuring global interoperability.

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In South Korea, wireless charging powers electric buses
The city of Gumi, South Korea has debuted a wirelessly charged electric bus, becoming yet another municipality to embrace induction charging. Where we're going, we don't need cords.

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology developed the Online Electric Vehicle platform, which is already in use on trams at the Seoul Grand Park amusement park and shuttle buses on the school campus. Now, the passenger route between the Gumi train station and the In-dong district is now plied by two induction-powered buses.

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Visionary sees smartphone pedestrian-warning system, wireless EV charging
Smartphones may someday contain alert systems designed to prevent pedestrian accidents. That’s something Chris Borroni-Bird is working on as vice president-strategic development for Qualcomm Technologies. Another project he is overseeing is the wireless charging of electric vehicles.
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Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi to work together on EV chargers
Environmental Leader
Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi have agreed to work together to promote the installation of chargers for electric-powered vehicles in Japan. Previously, each automaker assessed possible locations for charging facilities on its own. Now, the companies say they have agreed to work jointly under the common understanding that the charging infrastructure has public value and that enhancing it should be done quickly during the limited period that the Japanese government subsidies for installation of EV chargers — 100.5 billion yen for fiscal year 2013 — are available.
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NYC solar chargers bring power to the people
The Chicago Tribune
If you and your personal electronics are inseparable, nothing is more painful than running out of juice while traveling, especially if your device's GPS is navigating.

"New York City has been converting unused public spaces into urban oases complete with cafe tables, food vendors and Wi-Fi," said Marco Perry of PENSA, the Brooklyn studio that designed Street Charge as a free solar-powered charging station. "The only thing keeping us from staying outdoors all day was the ability to charge your device. People are using more and more data on their mobile devices, which drains batteries faster than texting or voice, and so the need for public mobile charging is going to increase."

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Companies, public connect with wireless smartphone chargers
USA Today
Has the future of mobile technology arrived? Starbucks, McDonald's and Delta Sky Club are testing wireless phone-charging stations for customers, possibly ushering in a new era of smartphone use at cafes, restaurants, bars and major venues across the U.S.
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Key factors for wireless power transfer
Science Daily
What happens to a resonant wireless power transfer system in the presence of complex electromagnetic environments, such as metal plates? A team of researchers explored the influences at play in this type of situation, and they describe in the American Institute of Physics' journal, AIP Advances, how efficient wireless power transfer can indeed be achieved in the presence of metal plates.
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Certified Accessories Hit the Market: You may have noticed a wave of PMA supported mobile device cases hitting the market including many from Duracell Powermat. PMA has stepped up to provide pre-certification for these products and more. Incipio is the latest manufacturer to certify a product through the process. The Incipio® Wireless Charging Cover with PMA for the Samsung Galaxy S4 will hit AT&T stores in September.

PMA Receiver Specification: The 1st PMA specification (TS-0001-0 PMA Receiver Specification - System Release 1) has been completed by IPG and recommended to the TSC for publication. This means that members will soon have access to final publication documents for the development of PMA compliant receiver products!

PMA Workspace: Due to many of the advanced features we are developing, the PMA Workspace is still underway and almost ready to go live. The PMA Workspace will allow members to subscribe to working groups, access a calendar of meetings, view contributions and meeting notes, as well as participate in balloting for the approval of documents. This will make it much easier for members to participate and track the progress for the working groups of interest to them.


PMA in the News and Media

  • Bloomberg TV: "Powermat Wirelessly Powers Up Starbucks Customers"
  • ABC News: "Starbucks Rolling Out Wireless Charging Stations"
  • The Verge: "Starbucks expands Powermat wireless charging pilot to Silicon Valley stores"
  • DuPont Building Innovations joins the Power Matters Alliance
  • Engadget: "DuPont and PMA team up to embed Powermat wireless charging in Corian countertops"
  • Engadget: "Powermat acquires PowerKiss, plans European wireless charging rollout"
  • Companies, public connect with wireless smartphone chargers


    Wireless Power World 2013 – Sept. 16-17
    The PMA is endorsing the Wireless Power World 2013 conference which is being held in Shanghai China this September. Panel discussions include Big Challenges and Opportunities – Standards on Wireless Power and How to develop a sound Wireless Power Ecosystem. While the PMA will not be represented in person, our members will receive 15 percent off the standard price of attending as a delegate and 10 percent off the price of participating as an exhibitor or sponsor.

    Inaugural Face-to-Face Meeting – October
    PMA is considering its first face-to-face meeting for all technical WGs and for planning of certification program activities. The target date is first week in October. More details will be discussed in the WG meetings in the coming weeks

    Wireless Power Summit 2013 – December 5-6
    Wireless Power Summit 2013 is planned for December 5-6 in Austin, Texas. In addition to having a booth at the event, PMA will participate in a discussion panel of standards organizations including WPC and A4WP so we expect a lively debate! Key partners of the PMA will also be giving presentations. PMA members can register at the super early-bird price of $899 to attend the conference – a $400 discount off the full conference fee and 10 percent discount on sponsorships or exhibit table top packages. Please use the code PMAWP2013 and check the "media partner rate" option when registering.

    Mobile World Congress 2014
    Mobile World Congress 2014 is planned for February 24– 27 in Barcelona ,Spain. More details to follow as the event approaches.


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