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Q4 2014 is shaping up with continued proliferation of large-scale charging spot rollouts (GM, Starbucks and others) and now even more readily available multimode components and IC solutions. The PMA Global Certification Program has officially authorized all of the PMA Accredited Certification Lab (ACL) partners worldwide. The PMA Certification Testing Quick Start Guide is available to all members and contains contact information of the various ACLs for each geographic region. See additional information about the certification program, including details about our launch of transmitter certification testing, in the Certification Program Update section of this newsletter. All of these advancements have laid the groundwork for the proactive marketplace leaders to move ahead of the competition in 2015.

As a not-for-profit organization, our charter is to build our organization in a way that best serves its members. We have developed a world-class team, and you are invited to contact any of us with questions, comments, or concerns related to the PMA or wireless power transfer marketplace trends.


Please welcome the newest members who have joined PMA: You will find our complete list of members at our web site in the "Our Members" section. Our collective success depends on continued growth of this network. If there are any companies or contacts that you would recommend for membership, please email the details to membership@powermatters.org.


The IPG (Inductive Power Group) continues to progress the development of Tx, Rx, and HCI specifications for System Release 1 Enhancements (SR1E). The last date for new technology proposals for SR1E was the IPG conference call on 2 October 2014, and the target for final publication of these documents is December 2014. The SR1E release will include five (5) new Tx Types, covering a wide variety of applications and supporting wireless power transfer (WPT) levels of up to 15 Watts.

The CWG (Certification Working Group) has completed all Rx certification documentation for System Release 1 (SR1), including point releases to address concerns identified in PlugFest testing and field deployment reports. This week, the CWG will begin a detailed review of the proposed Tx Compliance Test Procedures and hopes to see contributions for the Tx Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) in the very near future.

The NWG (Network Working Group) continues to progress the development of the multivolume PMA TS-0005-0 PMA Wireless Power Transfer Network (WPTN) Specification. This specification will be WPT technology independent so that it can link PMA Inductive, A4WP Rezence™, and other WPT devices. The initial publication of volumes 00 through 05 is targeted for December 2014 as a major part of the SR1E release.

The MPG (Multimode Power Group) is currently supporting the discussions of the A4WP and PMA leadership teams as they collaborate on the development of a Marketing Requirements Document (MRD) for multimode devices. This MRD is expected to be completed in November 2014 and will be used to drive the MPG development of PMA TS-0006 A4WP/PMA Specification for Multimode Operations.

Syed Muwaddat (Blackberry) has been named as the new Chair of the RWG (Regulatory Working Group). A few proposed updates to PMA RQ-0003-0 Regulatory Requirements affecting PMA wireless power and charging technologies have been identified.

SWG (Sustainability Working Group) Co-Chairs, Gary Duffy (AT&T) and Katherine Kaplan (EPA) remind all PMA members:

A self-declaration of compliance with all requirements (other than Energy Efficiency requirements in PMA-RQ-002-0 v1.00 PMA Sustainability Requirements Document) is required as an entry into the PMA certification process, starting on January 1, 2015.

Summary of the technical development activities for the next three (3) months:


Group Full Working Group Name
Conference Calls
(US Pacific)
CWG Certification Working Group Oct 28
IPG Inductive Power Working Group Oct 22
MPG Multimode Power Working Group Oct 28
NWG Networking Working Group Oct 27


The PMA Transmitter Certification Program
PMA has now launched transmitter certification, currently supporting the PMA-3 Tx type. The PMA-3 Tx delivers enhanced single-coil performance resulting in significantly greater charging range.

PMA Tx Certification requires completion of both interoperability testing (IOT) and conformance testing. Conformance testing is expected to start in late Q1. However, Tx devices can now become "IOT-Certified" by first passing interoperability testing, followed by submitting the Certified device for mandatory conformance testing, as noted, in late Q1 or early Q2 2015. IOT-Certified devices can be marketed as PMA-Certified with the PMA electron "P" mark, under PMA approved specific mark usage guidelines.

For Tx IOT Certification, the labs will have certified Rx devices that have been tested on a PMA-1 based tester to ensure PMA-3 Tx types work with all previous Rx types. This Tx Certification Program allows vendors to expedite time-to-market, implement interoperability best practices to deliver an optimal consumer experience.

To recap — once PMA-3 Tx conformance testing begins:
  • Any Tx device that will be IOT-Certified will need to be re-submitted to the lab for conformance testing. However, it is not subject to IOT again if the device has not altered the original hardware or firmware.
  • Every Tx device must be submitted to the lab for both IOT and conformance testing.
The same program will continue for PMA-4 and other future Tx types. IOT Certification is performed at all authorized PMA Certification labs. Member organizations developing Tx solutions may choose to have personnel attend IOT at the lab, but this is optional.

PMA invites all members to register here for certification. Contact the lab for pricing; the Certification Testing Quick Start Guide contains instructions and contact information of the various labs for each geographic region.


Cellphone charging challenges
Mountain View Voice
Is it a challenge to keep your phone or tablet charged? Apple claims you get up to 10 hours Internet use on an iPhone 6 and up to 12 hours on an iPhone 6 using the phone network. My biggest disappointment with my iPhone 6, otherwise a fine device, supporting nearly 500 apps, is that the phone won't last a day without recharging. Another iPhone problem is that the battery is not easily replaced by the user.
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5 things you didn't know about the potential for wireless vehicle charging
Breaking Energy
In an increasingly fast-paced and mobile world, consumers are interested in being able to use technology wherever, whenever — with as little hassle as possible. Taking a cue from some smartphones that can charge wirelessly, automakers, federal researchers and equipment manufacturers have recognized an opportunity for plug-in electric vehicles, known as PEVs.
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Wireless charging is coming to wearables, eventually
Before Apple unveiled its watch last month, many people were anticipating that true wireless charging was about to finally go mainstream. Instead, all we got was another smartwatch with a charging cable.
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PMA Member Conference, December 2014 — Early Registration Still Open
PMA Member Conference. See the Upcoming Events section of this newsletter for further details, or click here to register now. We hope to see you there!

New Transmitter Development Test Head Available
PMA members may now place pre-orders for the PMA Transmitter Development Test Head, developed by Etatronix. The test head will ship Q1 2015 and features a state-of-the art GUI (graphic user interface) configurator. It has already proven to be useful for both development of PMA-compatible products and verifying PMA transmitter performance. PMA leadership would like to congratulate Etatronix on a job well done with the development of this extremely useful tool!

Further information and pre-orders are available at info@etatronix.de.

Seven New Transmitters Tested at PlugFest!
We just wrapped up the latest PMA PlugFest this week in Seoul, Korea, and PMA would like to express sincerest thanks to one of our ACL partners, TUV Rheinland Korea, for helping us host a very successful event. If you missed the PlugFest, here is the rundown of the results:
  • A total of seven vendors participated in the PlugFest, and fifteen IOT test case runs were successfully completed.
  • All the mandatory scenario 1A and 1B test cases were validated with PMA-3 Tx devices. This includes two new test cases for range of motion within and in-out of the defined ranges.
  • Seven Tx devices (including the PMA-3 Tx Type and early versions of all five SR1E Tx Types) plus six Rx devices successfully completed this event.
  • The IOT Scenario 1A test cases have now been validated and will be added to the list of required IOT tests for certification.
This PlugFest was very successful and met participant expectations in all cases. There was a lot of open discussion on the technologies involved and ways to make improvements, thus benefiting the entire eco system. Additional scenarios and test cases will be validated at our next PlugFest coming up Q1 2015.

Notice to members: PMA Bylaws updated With the recent growth of PMA, we have amended the bylaws to keep them consistent, aligned, and relevant to the organization's increased activities. The PMA Board has approved the Second Amended Bylaws, and a copy is available for your review on our Member Workspace under the Resources tab.

For further information, please contact PMA General Counsel, Oksana Davis.



Wireless Power US 2014 — Nov. 20-21, 2014
Berkeley, California

Wireless Power 2014 will bring together business executives, R&D leaders, academics, government policy makers, stakeholders, and investors to talk about the latest developments in the wireless power industry. The three standards remain a hot topic in the industry as major moves have been made toward a collaborative future. Visit www.wirelesspowersummit.com to register. Save $200 by contacting Vickie Hoyle with the code PMA at vhoyle@smithers.com | +1-207-781-9641.

PMA Member Conference — Dec. 2-3, 2014
PMA Member Conference will be held on December 2 and 3, 2014 at the Holiday Inn Miami Beach Oceanfront hotel in beautiful Miami, Florida. The objectives are to provide face-to-face exchange of information on the standards and to provide a venue for PMA Members to meet and network with other PMA members, including the PMA Board of Directors. Working group discussions will include, System Release 1 Certification Program fully implemented including Tx certification, introduction to System Release 1 Enhancements and introduction to WPT Network standards.

Early bird pricing will expire on November 14, so make sure to register soon. Click here to register now. We hope to see you there!


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