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PMA member conference and world-class global certification program
Power Matters Alliance
This Oct. 29-31, the PMA will be holding our first face-to-face meeting hosted by UL Verification Services facility in Freemont, Calif. Currently, we have more than 80 registrants from 45 companies registered to attend! In addition to a full agenda of technical work, we will hold a general session. Ron Resnick, PMA president, will begin with opening remarks about PMA and the direction of the organization. Members will also hear presentations from our board of directors: AT&T, Starbucks, P&G Duracell Powermat and Powermat Technologies. Averna Technologies will present our Certification Development Tester. In addition, product demonstrations will be showcased including an insider's look at a wireless charging spot installation as used at Starbucks! Our PMA face-to-face meeting will be an incredible opportunity to network, progress the standard and get the latest updates on how PMA is driving adoption as the leader in the wireless charging market. We encourage you to join us by registering here.

PMA Announces World-Class Global Certification Program Delivering Seamless Wireless Charging Experience for Consumers. The PMA has established a total of four partnerships with UL, AT4 wireless TUV Rheinland and Averna that will help develop a world-class certification program aimed at ensuring interoperability on a global scale. We are very excited about what these partnerships mean for the consumer. Working together, this team will be delivering a superior user experience for wireless charging.

The Power Matters Alliance is committed to delivering value to our members well beyond what we could achieve without the benefit of an industry org. We are thankful for the dedication and contributions of our members during this past year and our message at this event is to encourage ongoing participation and involvement in our org for 2014 to ensure the greatest opportunity to grow business for our members with least amount of delay. As we draw closer to some major milestones in 2014 to include embedded receivers and the roll-out of more public charging spot venues, we'd like to remind members of the importance to renew your membership next year by paying membership fees promptly. Our primary source of funding to operate the PMA is from membership fees. Members whose membership expires end of this year will receive notices for 2014 within the next few weeks.

As a not-for-profit company, our charter is to build the organization in a way that best serves its members. We believe we have a world-class team in place and you are invited to contact any of us with questions, comments, or concerns regarding continued membership or any other topic related to the PMA.


PMA Membership is growing at an incredible rate. We have now surpassed the 100 member mark! The PMA has reached 104 members. Please welcome the newest members who have joined since the last PMA newsletter: You will find our complete list of members at our web site in the "Our Members section. Our collective success depends on continued growth of this network. If there are any companies or contacts that you would recommend for membership, please email the details to membership@powermatters.org.


Please note we have five active Working Groups:
  • Inductive Power WG (IPG).
  • Certification WG (CWG).
  • Resonance Power WG (RPG).
  • Sustainability WG (SWG).
  • Regulatory WG (RWG).
TS-0001-0 PMA Receiver Specification – System Release 1 is available now and will be formally approved subject to an IPR review with comments due by end of day on 16 November 2013. We do not expect any technical changes to the specification.

The following certification documents are in V&V (validation and verification) with comments due by end of day on Friday 18 October 2013:
  • PMA-CD-0001-0 v0.17 Certification Program Manual
  • PMA-CD-0012-0 v0.02 PMA Pre-Certification Program Manual
Below is a summary of the technical development activities for the remainder of this year:


Working Groups Charter Documents Meetings Held Active Status Meeting Notes Upcoming Meetings
IPG Inductive Power Working Group
20 14 IPG-13-0094 Oct. 24
Nov. 6
RPG Resonance Power Working Group
11 RPG-13-0063 Nov. 12
Nov. 27
CWG Certification Working Group 13
12 CWG-13-0059R01 Nov. 4
SWG Sustainability Working Group 6
5 SWG-13-0028R01 Nov. 12
RWG Regulatory Working Group 3
6 RWG-13-0019 Nov. 6

All PMA WGs will be holding face-to-face sessions at the PMA Member Conference 2013 Oct. 29-31 at the UL facilities in Freemont, Calif.


PMA has established three strategic partnerships with industry leading certification test labs including Underwriters Laboratories (UL) (also our lead lab), AT4 Wireless and TUV Rheinland, each with two sites for a total of six locations providing coverage in Asia, Europe and North America. The PMA has also partnered with Averna a Platinum Alliance Partner and RF and Wireless Specialty Partner to provide best-in-class modular test equipment for certifying finished products and for validating products under development. These partnerships cement a world-class certification program and create a certification network capable of ensuring interoperability for consumers across the entire wireless charging ecosystem on a global scale.
Press Release: PMA Announces World-Class Global Certification Program Delivering Seamless Wireless Charging Experience for Consumers


Qualcomm weighs in on the state of wireless charging
Qualcomm hopes to bring some sanity to the fragmented world of wireless charging, one in which disputes over standards have left consumers without the ability to easily charge their phones without any cables. Such has been the dilemma with wireless charging, which is split between three camps.
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Sony, Rohm to release speedy wireless smartphone chargers
Sony Corp. and Rohm Co. have each developed devices that can sharply shorten the time it takes to wirelessly charge a smartphone or tablet. Sony says its new device uses 10-15 watts and supplies twice the electricity of previous chargers, cutting charging time by half, to around one hour. It is based on specifications currently being finalized by the Wireless Power Consortium for wireless charging under the Qi international standard.
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Samsung may launch wireless chargers that work from a distance by mid-2014
Android Authority
Currently, industry players have grouped around two technologies, inductive magnetic charging and resonant inductive magnetic charging, but only the former has made it into actual products, in the form of the Qi wireless charging standard. As the largest smartphone maker in the world, Samsung has a big influence over the development of wireless power transmission, and it looks that the Korean giant is betting on magnetic resonance technology.
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Qualcomm seeks patent on whether mobile device is in a vehicle
Features is a very interesting patent application from Qualcomm that would protect a system of determining whether a device is being transported in a vehicle. This system could detect multiple modes of transportation and adjust a device's functionality in response. Other patent applications discuss improvements to covering network holes for better connectivity among device users, as well as a more responsive system of detecting malware before receiving a notification about potential malware from a central service.
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Could wireless charging spell the end of battery anxiety?
How many times have you walked out your front door only to realize that your cell phone — that precious personal assistant you consult with more than 100 times per day — is moments away from dying? The feeling you get in that moment actually has a name: "battery anxiety." And wireless companies hope to soon make it a thing of the past.
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NEW IEEE Wireless Power and Charging Standard Project — The IEEE Standards Association Standards Board has approved an IEEE Project Authorization Request for a new IEEE Wireless Power and Charging Systems Working Group to develop the IEEE P2100.1 standard. The PMA technical director, Clif Barber, has been named as the initial Chair of this WG. Interested parties are welcome to contact the IEEE P2100.1 Working Group Chair.

CEA Liaison — The Consumer Electronics Association and PMA have now jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which describes collaboration activities between the two organizations. The CEA is the preeminent trade association promoting the $200 billion U.S. consumer electronics industry and hosts the International CES – The Global Stage for Innovation. We look forward to the benefit that this relationship provides the PMA and its members.

PMA Receiver Specification — The 1st PMA specification (TS-0001-0 PMA Receiver Specification – System Release 1) has been completed by IPG and the formal IPR review process has begun. This process will last for 60 days ending on Nov. 16 before the spec is finalized.

PMA Workspace — The PMA Workspace will debut at this month's PMA member conference! Our IT Director, Joey Makabenta, will demonstrate some of the key features. The PMA Workspace will allow members to subscribe to working groups, access a calendar of meetings, view contributions and meeting notes and participate in balloting for the approval of documents. This will make it much easier for members to participate and track the progress for the working groups of interest to them.


  • New Working Group to Develop IEEE P2100.1™ Standard Specifications for Wireless Power

  • PMA Announces World-Class Global Certification Program Delivering Seamless Wireless Charging Experience for Consumers

  • Incipio Announces the Availability of the PMA Compatible Wireless Charging Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Bloomberg TV: "Powermat Wirelessly Powers Up Starbucks Customers"

  • ABC News: "Starbucks Rolling Out Wireless Charging Stations"


    PMA Member Conference 2013 — Oct. 29-31
    PMA is delighted to announce the first PMA Member Conference, which will take place Oct. 29-31, 2013 at the UL Verification Services facility in Fremont, Calif. The objectives are to provide face-to-face work on the standards and to meet and network with other PMA members, including the board of directors. Working group meetings will be ongoing throughout the three-day conference as well as product demonstrations from Incipio, Duracell Powermat, WiTricity, Powermat Technologies and MediaTek. We hope to see you there!

    Wireless Power Summit 2013 — Dec. 5-6
    Wireless Power Summit 2013 is planned for Dec. 5-6 in Austin, Texas. In addition to having a booth at the event, PMA will participate in a discussion panel of standards organizations including WPC and A4WP, so we expect a lively debate! Key partners of the PMA will also be giving presentations. PMA members can register at the super early-bird price of $899 until the conference — a $400 discount off the full conference fee and 10 percent discount on sponsorships or exhibit table top packages. Please use the code PMAWP2013 and check the "media partner rate" option when registering.

    PMA Plugfest 2013 – Q4 2013
    The PMA is planning to facilitate a Plugfest soon that would network companies developing receivers and transmitters in order to ensure interoperability across different devices. The success of this depends on as many participants from both sides as possible. Please contact Gordon Antonello for interest in this event.

    CES 2014 — Jan. 7-10
    Consumer Electronics Show is planned for Jan. 7-10, 2014. PMA is planning to participate as part of the IEEE Standards Association booth. More details will be provided in the next November edition of the PMA Newsletter.

    MWC 2014 — Feb. 24-27
    Mobile World Congress 2014 is planned for Feb. 24–27 in Barcelona Spain. More details to follow as the event approaches.


    Here are some links to the most useful documents.


  • Ron Resnick - President
  • Boaz Kestel - Head of Membership Development
  • Kelsey Dawson - Marketing and Membership Coordinator
  • Shea Clymer - Marketing and Membership Director
  • Clif Barber - Technical Director
  • Gordon Antonello - President
  • Jill Ward - Finance

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