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March 2015




The promise of an accelerated rollout of a ubiquitous, cohesive wireless power ecosystem for 2015 is already becoming a reality. Last week at Mobile World Congress, Powermat Technologies and Samsung announced that PMA wireless charging will be embedded into the new Samsung Galaxy S6. Consumers will now be able to access any of the growing number of wireless charging 'hotspots' in public venues across the world. Furthermore, Starbucks has accelerated their rollout of wireless power charging spots beyond the US market with a launch of 10 stores in London.

PMA & A4WP Join Forces
PMA and A4WP have jointly announced the intent to merge the two entities into a single industry organization by mid-2015. This news comes one year after the orgs announced a definitive agreement to collaborate on working group activity and marketing requirements documentation for multimode wireless power technologies. The wireless power industry and the overall marketplace have reacted positively, and PMA has issued an FAQ document to ensure everyone is properly informed.


Please welcome the newest members who have recently joined: You will find our complete list of members at our web site in the "Our Members" section. Our collective success depends on continued growth of this network. If there are any companies or contacts that you would recommend for membership, please email the details to


The IPG (Inductive Power Group) will begin V&V Review of the Tx, Rx, and HCI specifications for System Release 1 Enhancements (SR1E) this month. The SR1E release will include five (5) new Tx Types, covering a wide variety of applications and increasing wireless power transfer (WPT) levels of up to 15-40 Watts.

The NWG (Network Working Group) has now released the six (6) SR1E volumes of the PMA TS-0005-0 PMA Wireless Power Transfer Network (WPTN) Specification for publication. This specification is WPT technology agnostic so that it can link PMA Inductive, A4WP Rezence™, and other WPT devices. These volumes are all in 60 day IPR Review prior to formal approval by the PMA Board. The NWG is now dormant.

The MPG (Multimode Power Group) published RQ-0004-0 v1.00 Multimode Marketing Requirements Document for A4WP Resonant and PMA Inductive Technologies in December 2015. The WG is now focusing its efforts on the development of PMA TS-0006 A4WP/PMA Specification for Multimode Operations and will hopefully recommend this spec for publication this month.

The CWG (Certification Working Group) has released PMA-CD-0008-0 Tx Compliance Test Procedures for V&V Review and plans to complete V&V comment resolution during a special call on Tuesday 10 March 2015. CWG will then focus its attention on CD-0007-0 Tx Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) as well as point releases for CD-0001-0 Certification Program Manual, CD-0005-0 Rx Compliance Test Procedures – System Release 1, and CD-0011-0 PMA Interoperability Test Scenarios - System Release 1.

The RWG (Regulatory Working Group), after publication of PMA RQ-0003-0 v2.00 Regulatory Recommendation affecting PMA Wireless Power and Charging Technologies, is now dormant until there are additional items for the WG to address. PMA is still seeking a volunteer to Chair the RWG activities.

The SWG (Sustainability Working Group) remains dormant at this time.

The new UPG (Uncoupled Power WG) has now had three (3) conference calls. This WG is focused on the development of PMA-RQ-0005-0 v1.00 Multimode Marketing Requirements Document for Uncoupled WPT Technologies and is target V&V Review by April 2015.

A summary of the planned technical development activities for the next two (2) months:


Group Full Working Group Name
Conference Calls
(US Pacific)
CWG Certification Working Group Mar 10
IPG Inductive Power Working Group Mar 22
MPG Multimode Power Working Group Mar 17
UPG Uncoupled Power Working Group Mar 10
NWG Networking Working Group DORMANT
SWG Sustainability WG DORMANT
RW Regulatory WG DORMANT


PMA Tx Conformance testing is expected to launch in late Q1 2015. The first PMA Tx Testers are on schedule for delivery to begin validation at the end of February 2015. The PMA Tx Certification Program allows vendors to expedite time-to-market and implement interoperability best practices to deliver an optimal consumer experience.

PMA invites all members to register here for certification. Contact the PMA Authorized Certification Lab or your choice for pricing; the Certification Testing Quick Start Guide contains instructions and contact information of the various labs for each geographic region.

Development of the Manual Tx Tester is progressing according to the scheduled developed jointly between PMA and Etatronix. Etatronix will deliver validation units to UL Fremont at the end of February 2015. The Manual Tx Tester provides for significant programmability, and hardware ready for System Release 1E. More details to be forthcoming in subsequent newsletters.

The PMA Automated Rx Tester is undergoing an upgrade program. This upgrade program replaces the existing PMA-1 Tx Test Head with a new PMA Tx Test Head. This new PMA Tx Test Head will first implement PMA-3 support, but is firmware upgradable to emulate all PMA Tx types defined in System Release 1E.


2015: The year of wireless power?
The potential of wireless charging created great excitement when it first came to prominence in 2007 when two researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) successfully powered a 60-watt light bulb wirelessly, using two copper coils two metres apart. They went on to create Witricity, a company devoted to the technology. Since then expectations over wireless charging have proven over-inflated.
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Wireless charging one step closer to becoming popular with motorcycles
Cool things are happening these days, as battery charger specialist CTEK announces licensing wireless charging technology from WiTricity, one of the leading names in wireless power transfer. Now, seeing these two joining efforts is definitely one big step forward for the entire electric vehicle industry, and it could boost the development of the whole EV paradigm.
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Bakersfield High student shares innovative idea for wireless cars that made him a finalist
"By the year 2020 there's an EPA regulation that's going to cut 90 percent of the combustion engines in the central valley," William Schallock, a Senior at Bakersfield High and a finalist in the Bright House Networks Bright Ideas STEM From Today's Youth competition, said.
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PMA and A4WP Agree to Merge
On January 4, 2015, the PMA and A4WP announced the signing of a Letter of Intent to merge into a new organization. For more details on the merger, view the FAQ's here.

Two New Transmitter Types Approved at PlugFest!
We just wrapped up the latest PMA PlugFest last month in Tokyo, Japan, and PMA would like to express sincerest thanks to one of our ACL partners, AT4 Wireless Japan, for helping us host a very successful event. If you missed the PlugFest, here is the rundown of the results:
  • PMA-7 and PMA-8 passed the criteria to be included in the list of approved PMA Transmitter type as vendors brought PMA-7 and PMA-8 transmitter devices to the PlugFest and successfully passed through testing. Going forward, vendors who wish to IOT certify their PMA-7 and PMA-8 transmitters can submit them for IOT certification. It is important to note that these transmitters must be submitted for the Compliance testing part when System Release 1 Enhanced Compliance testing is launched in 3Q15.
  • 10 vendors participated in the PlugFest, and thirteen IOT test case runs were successfully completed.
  • All the mandatory scenario 1A, 1B and 1I test cases were validated with a variety of PMA Tx devices. This includes three new test cases for System Release 1 Foreign Object Detection.
  • 13 Tx devices (including PMA-3, PMA-4, PMA-5, PMA-6, PMA-7 and PMA-8 Tx Types which are all SR1E Tx Types) plus 5 Rx devices successfully completed this event.
  • The IOT Scenario 1I test cases have gone through validation and will be added to the list of required IOT tests for certification.
This PlugFest was very successful and met participant expectations in all cases. There was a lot of open discussion on the technologies involved and ways to make improvements, thus benefiting the entire eco-system. Additional scenarios and test cases will be validated at our next PlugFest coming up Q2 2015.

Transmitter Development Test Head Available
The PMA Transmitter Development Test Head, developed by Etatronix will ship Q1 2015 and features a state-of-the art GUI (graphic user interface) configurator. It has already proven to be useful for both development of PMA-compatible products and verifying PMA transmitter performance.

Further information and pre-orders are available at



LTE World Summit — June 23-25, 2015
This event will be held in Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands, which annually attracts 3,500-plus attendees including Tier 1 global operators like Samsung, Huawei, Cisco, Qualcomm, Siemens and more. More information can be found on the event website.


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