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December 2014




200 Starbucks with Charging Spots in San Francisco
Starbucks has completed the first full-market installation of charging spots in the Bay Area with New York scheduled next, for early 2015. This the first critical milestone of one of the largest rollouts ever for wireless power technology, and it will expand throughout the US as well as Europe and Asia. For the first time, a critical mass of consumers can charge wirelessly and even purchase a receiver accessory at Starbucks for under $10!

Launch of the PMA Uncoupled Power Working Group (UPG)
Since our inception in 2012, PMA working groups have focused on delivering specifications to grow an ecosystem based upon wireless power technology. At the year-end F2F Member Conference in Miami, PMA announced formation of the Uncoupled Power Working Group (UPG). This working group is chartered with the leadership and development of standardized specifications for wireless power transfer based on non-magnetic technologies such as RF, ultrasound and laser that deliver power at a distance of up to 10m (30 feet). Energous Corporation (NASDAQ: WATT), has joined the Alliance and will chair the newly formed Uncoupled Power Working Group (UPG).


Please welcome the newest members who have recently joined: You will find our complete list of members at our web site in the "Our Members" section. Our collective success depends on continued growth of this network. If there are any companies or contacts that you would recommend for membership, please email the details to


Higher Power, Multimode, an Open Network, and Distance Charging

Higher power is almost here. Next month, the IPG (Inductive Power Group) will begin V&V Review of the Tx, Rx, and HCI specifications for System Release 1 Enhancements (SR1E). The SR1E release will include five (5) new Tx Types, covering a wide variety of applications and increasing wireless power transfer (WPT) levels of up to 15-40 Watts.

As PMA and A4WP leadership forge ahead with coordinated efforts under the Definitive Agreement announced earlier this year, the MPG (Multimode Power Group) is has now recommended RQ-0004-0 v1.00 Multimode Marketing Requirements Document for A4WP Resonant and PMA Inductive Technologies for publication. The WG is now focusing its efforts on the development of PMA TS-0006 A4WP/PMA Specification for Multimode Operations.

We are also working on a different kind of harmonization among the various wireless power standards: harmonization with data. The NWG (Network Working Group) has now released the six (6) SR1E volumes of the PMA TS-0005-0 PMA Wireless Power Transfer Network (WPTN) Specification for V&V Review. This specification is WPT technology agnostic so that it can link PMA Inductive, A4WP Rezence™, and other WPT devices.

The CWG (Certification Working Group) is working on the Tx Compliance Test Procedures and hopes to see contributions for the Tx Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) and Tx Interoperability Test (IOT) Scenarios in the very near future.

The RWG (Regulatory Working Group) was reactivated briefly to publish a point release for PMA RQ-0003-0 v2.00 Regulatory Recommendation affecting PMA Wireless Power and Charging Technologies.

The SWG (Sustainability Working Group) remains dormant at this time. However, effective 1 January 2015, all applications for PMA product certification must include a Declaration of Self-Compliance with PMA Sustainability Requirements from the PMA Member. That declaration may be accessed using this link. The new UPG (Uncoupled Power WG) will ramp up in January 2015. Neeraj Sahejpal (Energous) has been named as the new UPG Chair. Please contact Neeraj with any questions or if you are interested in participating or know of potential members:

Summary of the technical development activities for the next three (3) months


Group Full Working Group Name
Conference Calls
(US Pacific)
CWG Certification Working Group 2015
IPG Inductive Power Working Group Dec 17
MPG Multimode Power Working Group 2015
NWG Networking Working Group 2015
UPG Uncoupled Power Working Group 2015


The PMA Transmitter Certification Program

PMA invites all members to register here for new Tx or Rx device certification. In fact, PMA Tx Certification has already processed its first two "IOT-Certified" Tx devices. Current status of the program is as follows:
  • Tx devices can now become "IOT-Certified" by first passing interoperability testing and can be marketed as PMA-Certified with the PMA electron "P" mark, under PMA approved specific mark usage guidelines.
  • Once conformance testing commences (planned Q1 2015),
    • all previously IOT-Certified devices must be submitted to the lab for mandatory conformance testing in order to maintain Certified status
    • and there will no longer be a stand-alone IOT Certification process. All devices submitted after this point will only obtain certification by completing both IOT and conformance testing.
The Certification Testing Quick Start Guide contains instructions and contact information of the various labs for each geographic region.

Development of a Tx Tester is progressing according to the scheduled developed jointly between PMA and Etatronix. Etatronix was able to present and show a prototype of the Tx Tester during the Miami member conference. The Tx Tester provides for significant programmability.

The CWG is now preparing the Transmitter Compliance Test Procedures for V&V, which is a major milestone in the Transmitter certification program. This is the document that defines the testing requirements for System Release 1 transmitter devices.


Wireless charging 60-70 percent more efficient than micro USB
Customs Today
Wireless charging is far better than micro USB. It might seem that the difference between plugging a cable on your desk into your smartphone and removing it as you leave, is the same level of frustration as placing a smartphone on a charging station and picking it up as you leave is minimal; but the difference in comfort, speed, and usability is night and day.
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Report: Wireless car charging expecting significant growth
Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as wireless car charging pads permit users to charge the electric auto without disconnecting/reconnecting cables. Electrical vehicle charging can be done anywhere just by driving the car over the charger and positioning it correctly to pick up the current.
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How Starbucks could take wireless charging mainstream
Adriana Lee writes: "Offering a shot of one-stop convenience, Starbucks began its roll-out of free Powermat wireless charging last week. The Seattle, Washington–based coffee purveyor equipped roughly 200 stores in San Francisco with the technology, ahead of a nationwide launch next year."
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Wireless Power in Vehicles
IHS Technology has recently expanded its industry-leading coverage of the wireless power and charging market by publishing a new report: Wireless Charging Opportunities in Automotive (In-Car).

Transmitter Development Test Head Available
Those attending the Member Conference last week got a first-hand preview of the PMA Transmitter Development Test Head, developed by Etatronix. The test head will ship Q1 2015 and features a state-of-the art GUI (graphic user interface) configurator. It has already proven to be useful for both development of PMA-compatible products and verifying PMA transmitter performance.

Further information and pre-orders are available at

Miami F2F Member Conference Shows Forward Momentum
PMA would like to thank all of the members that helped make the year-end conference a success. Here are a few highlight demonstrations:
  • DuPont showed how they integrate wireless power into Corian® Solid Surfaces and Zodiaq® Quartz Surfaces to provide stunning elegance combined with technical functionality.
  • An overview of Wireless Power Transfer Network capabilities was presented by Powermat
  • FIVE new transmitter types were introduced in SR1E
  • MediaTek demonstrated their multi-mode smartphone integration design
  • Energous presented a wireless charging solution based upon RF technology that powers devices up to 30 feet away. This is a technology that delivers intelligent, scalable power via the same radio bands as a Wi-Fi router. Look for them at CES!



Consumer Electronics Show 2015
The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Jan. 6-9, 2015. PMA is planning to participate as part of the A4WP booth. Come visit us and see demos that incorporate dual-mode wireless charging solutions.

Mobile World Congress 2015
Mobile World Congress 2015 is planned for March 2-5, 2015, in Barcelona, Spain. More details to follow as the event approaches.

Upcoming PMA Plugfest
The PMA is planning to facilitate the next PlugFest 1Q 2015 that would network companies developing receivers and transmitters in order to ensure interoperability across different devices. The success of this depends on as many participants from both sides as possible. Please contact Gordon Antonello for interest in this event.


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