United States Patent Granted to Técnica Gavilán

United States Patent Granted to Técnica Gavilán

Técnica Gavilán is pleased to announce that the Ala, Pico, and the Garra instruments have been patented.


Body awareness — when to power through or stop for pain

Body awareness — when to power through or stop for pain
Técnica Gavilán

For any athlete, aches and pains come as part of the price for skill and achievement. Training helps your body prepare for the best possible performance, but there will still be times when you’ll need to power through exhaustion and other physical signs that you’re pushing your limits.

Meet the MT Who Helped the U.S. Women's Hockey Team Win Olympic Gold
Massage Mag

The types of injuries the hockey players commonly present with include bruises, contusions and chronic overuse injuries of the upper body; tension in the traps and neck, hamstrings and groin area; and acute, traumatic injuries like strains or sprains suffered during a game, Chee said.

Treatments for Torn Acls

Treatments for Torn Acls
Técnica Gavilán

The ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament is a vital ligament that makes up part of the knee joint. If you’ve torn your ACL, you may be in a lot of pain, and in extreme cases, you may not be able to walk. It is imperative that those who suffer from ACL tears receive medical treatment.


Treatment of axillary web syndrome using instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and thoracic manipulation for associated thoracic rotation dysfunction
Physiotherapy Theory and Practice

There is a paucity of research that investigates physical therapy management for patients with axillary web syndrome (AWS) and thoracic rotation dysfunction. The purpose of this case report is to describe the management of a patient with AWS and thoracic rotation dysfunction using an impairment-based approach that includes instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), thoracic manipulation, and stretching.

Efficacy of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization in comparison to gastrocnemius-soleus stretching for dorsiflexion range of motion: A randomized controlled trial
Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies

To determine the efficacy of IASTM of the gastrocnemius-soleus complex in comparison to a traditional stretching intervention on dorsiflexion ROM

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