Celebrating spring is easy at these flower shows and cultural events. Where should you go?

Is winter over yet? With the flowers and trees starting to bloom, it certainly feels like spring. From Florida to Washington, events are happening nationwide to celebrate the beauty of spring. Where could you travel to get a breath of fresh air? Here are several different flower shows and cultural events happening this spring for you to enjoy.


Don't strike out. Take a Spring Training getaway on a Trailways charter bus
Plan Your Getaway

It's time to plan your spring vacation. Where are you hoping to go? If you’re a baseball fan, why not head to Florida or Arizona to enjoy a baseball-themed vacation at Spring Training? Most likely, your destination will be determined by your favorite team but both destinations offer warm weather and plenty of entertainment. Spring Training vacations might not be your top choice when deciding where to go, but don’t discredit them too fast –...

Want the perfect Valentine's Day? Escape your routine with a weekend getaway
Plan Your Getaway

“Travel brings power and love back to your life” – Rumi This Valentine’s Day, take Rumi’s poetic advice and bring love back into your life by planning a romantic getaway. From a chocolate-covered month in Pennsylvania to a romantic weekend in Michigan’s winter wonderland, your romantic getaway could take you anywhere. Here are several options for a romantic getaway, ranging from star gazing in the Big Apple to participating...

Need to escape the cold? Head to one of these warm-weather destinations
Plan Your Trip

Now that we have survived the holidays and it’s the new year, it’s time to start planning a relaxing getaway to recoup from the stressful season. And, since you spent your savings on presents and festivities, a group trip is the perfect option thanks to group discounts and savings. While winter destinations are still an option, why make yourself miserable in the cold weather when you can venture south for the warm weather and adventures of a lifetime....


Where will you travel this winter? Travel with Trailways to these winter destinations
Plan Your Trip

While many want to escape the cold of winter, sometimes it's best to embrace it. Winter travel destinations offer unique experiences that you won't want to miss out on — even the cold wont' stop you. Going to the mountains to ski or enjoying Times Square on New Year's Eve might come to mind when you think of winter travel, but those aren't your only options. Check out these uncommon winter destinations that are sure to warm your spirits.

Gamble on Trailways with Day and Overnight Trips to U.S. Casinos
Plan Your Casino Trip

Day outings and overnight trips to casinos are popular leisure activities for church groups, senior centers and more – but what about transportation? While bus charters are typically considered for major out-of-state events, charter buses are the perfect solution for this type of excursion. Unlike in the olden days, Las Vegas and Atlantic City aren't the only places where you can find a great casino, and by chartering a Trailways bus, your group can hit...

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