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Why Bus Transport to Summer Camp Makes Sense

If you're a summer camp director, using motorcoaches or school buses ensures that your campers arrive on time – and in a happy frame of mind for their summer camp adventure!

You'll also find that a charter bus is far more eco-friendly and cost efficient than having parents drive. If you have not explored the idea of charter yet, here are five great reasons to consider chartering a Trailways motorcoach or school bus this year for your campers:

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1. The Adventure Begins On Time!

Your first day sets the tone for the rest of the week – or the rest of the summer, depending on how your camp is structured. If you let parents drop off on their own, you’ll have a lot of stragglers. Some families are more punctual than others anyway, and if you let them, they’ll trickle in throughout the morning, making the kids miss valuable orientation and ice breaking activities.

Putting everyone on a bus (or several buses) ensures that all your campers arrive on time and your opening day goes as you intend. You’ll also have time to do some ice breakers and bonding on the bus and have the chance to get everyone excited and in the right mood for the first day of camp.

For the trip home, you’ll be able to clear the facility more quickly so you can begin getting ready for the next group. Stragglers can keep you from getting started and leaves you less time to get ready for your next bunch of campers. With a Trailways coach or school bus, the bulk of your kids will depart on time, together, allowing you to get into "ready mode" quickly and seamlessly.

2. Bus Transportation Is Eco Friendly

If you take care to run a sustainable, "green" camp experience, then you'll love extending that to the actual arrivals and departures. One motorcoach can take the place of 50 or more cars, and a school bus takes 70-plus cars off the road. You can cut the carbon footprint of your camp drastically and set the right tone for your eco-friendly approach.

If you include cleanliness, low impact and no litter policies and value protecting the wilderness and Earth, then a bus charter is a natural extension of your approach. You’ll be able to point out that even the way you transport students is eco-friendly! This will help instill a holistic approach to the camp experience.

3. Save Time & Money

Depending on where your camp is located and where your campers are coming from, parents may have to drive and pay for gas. Offering a Trailways motorcoach bus or school bus lets parents save time and money. Since camp is an investment, the time and fuel costs for pickup and drop-off could make a big difference for some of your families. Even if you charge a small fee for the bus, most will save money by using the charter transportation instead of driving.

Trailways companies have a variety of vehicles for all group sizes, and many also have school bus fleets. In general, motorcoaches seat 55-57 people and have more amenities than a school bus. Motorcoaches are good for long-distance camp trips, as they have lavatories, which school buses do not. When planning, be sure to ask the bus company, or reference the Trailways Directory.

4. Peace of Mind for Parents

Offering a Trailways coach or school bus with a professional driver lets your parents know their kids are in good hands and shows how well you have planned every part of the camp experience. Seeing a clean, well-maintained bus lets parents know you've invested in their kids and the experience and leaves them with peace of mind. Why let them try to find their own way to camp, when you could can show your dedication to the kids and alleviate some worry by parents.

5. Friendships Made on Bus Trips Often Last a Lifetime

Even older kids and teens may be apprehensive about camp. Make the experience memorable and fun by starting the fun on the bus. Sing songs, play road trip games, have contests, watch movies, or do other icebreakers. By the time the kids roll up to your gates, hopefully they have already made a new friend or two. Friendships made on bus trips often last a lifetime! They’ll also gain some confidence that the weeks ahead will be a great experience, too.

Getting a quote for your coach or school bus is fast and easy through and will help ensure that your campers arrive on time. It also helps you jump right into your scheduled welcome presentations and orientation without waiting for stragglers or having to repeat information multiple times. A Trailways coach or school bus is more beneficial and affordable than you might think and can make a lasting impression on both your campers and their parents.
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