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Reserve Your Travel Now for the Year's Biggest Video Game Conventions

Video games are big business. Like, really big business.

Itís estimated that between mobile gaming, desktop gaming and console gaming, Americans play an average of between 140 and 150 hours worth of them per year. Thatís almost an entire weekís worth of video games that people are playing on an annual basis.

Whatís more is that video games are played by about 60 percent of the population, and more than half of all American households own some sort of gaming console according to data from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). And video games arenít just played by men and kids Ė more and more women are getting into gaming. In fact, the average age of the American gamer, per the ESA, is 30.

Many gamers arenít content to just sit behind a screen playing against the computer or friends over the Internet, however. Many gamers are actually budgeting time and money to network with other gamers and get a first look at new technologies and innovations coming to the $87 billion worldwide industry. This is best done by attending gaming conventions or trade shows, like the uber-popular E3, as well as other events like Blizzcon, Siegecon and California Extreme. These shows are frequented by thousands and thousands of gamers looking to get a glimpse of the next big thing, play demos from major game developers and meet new, like-minded people in the process.

But it isnít always easy getting to these venues, especially if youíre coming from thousands of miles away for the event. The airlines often capitalize on the demand for airfare to these locations around the time of the event, meaning itís likely going to cost you more if you choose to travel by air. What's more is that longer flights are likely to cost more than shorter flights. Renting can also be expensive, not to mention tiring with the necessity of having to rotate drivers. Driving your own car is an option, but when you combine the wear-and-tear on the vehicle and miles youíre likely to rack up with the inconvenience of rotating drivers in such a confined space, you can turn up exhausted before you even get to the show. You don't need us to tell you how much that can ruin the experience for you.

So whatís the best option for getting to your next video game convention? It depends on your situation, but one that shouldnít be dismissed is chartering a Trailways bus for transportation.

Got Tickets? Weíve Got Yours

Like we noted in the opening, video game conventions are huge, especially among the Silicon Valley crowds. Admission to these events isnít always easy Ė you need tickets, and there arenít exactly an unlimited number of tickets for admission. Weíve got your tickets to all of the top video game conferences around the country so that you arenít shut out of the major events. And with Wi-Fi on Trailways buses, you can game, stream and stay up to date on everything you need to while youíre en route to the next gaming convention. In other words, taking a bus isnít exactly as ďoff the gridĒ as many might lead you to believe Ė it keeps you more connected than ever.

Contact us today to book your group's bus trip to the next convention with one of the Trailways family of companies. In the state of California and the West, check tickets and If you have a group, book your small bus with one of these Trailways companies.

The Value of Chartering a Bus for Your Next Video Game Convention

Though it canít match the speed of an airplane, getting a group together to charter a bus for your next convention offers many advantages over alternative means of transportation. Hereís a closer look at why it could be ideal for you:
  • Comfort: Piling into a five-seat sedan to travel 1,500 miles isnít exactly riding in luxury. The quarters become cramped, thereís minimal passenger privacy and, arguably worst of all, all passengers have to take turns driving so that everyone can rest. Chartering a bus is the exact opposite of these points of pain described here. All passengers get their own comfortable seat, which reclines to permit convenient resting. And being that thereís an assigned bus driver, youíll never have to worry about taking a shift behind the wheel.
  • Convenience: Though a charter bus canít match the speed of travel of an airline, it can make up for it in other ways. For instance, passengers will never have to worry about delays, missed connections or long security lines.
  • Cost: The other big benefit to traveling by bus versus by air or even by passenger vehicle is the lower overall cost. We already told you how much airfare can hike during busy times of travel into a particular destination, and traveling by car often involves expenses for gas, meals, lodging, maintenance, tolls, parking and more along the way (not to mention the cost to rent a car if you go that route). Travel by bus usually only involves one manageable per-person round-trip fare based on the size of the group youíre traveling with.
As we noted in the opening, video game conventions are a big thing Ė and as people spend more time investing in and playing video games, as is the current trend, theyíre only going to become more popular. Like most conventions and events, these types of things are always more fun to experience with a group of friends rather than by yourself, another aspect that makes chartering a bus an ideal transportation solution.

The E3 convention, scheduled from June 13-15, is going to be here before you know it. How are you getting to Los Angeles? For more information on the benefits of going the bus route, and to reserve your charter bus, contact Trailways today.
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