Interaction Weekly
Apr. 10, 2013

Parents in Niagara struggle to afford child care
St. Catharines Standard
Nine months after having her first child, Melanie Moreau had a tough decision to make. Was resuming her career worth the cost of having her daughter Bethany in day care? Ultimately the decision was yes, but for many parents in Niagara, it's not an option they can afford. The question of whether or not families in Niagara can truly afford child care was the subject of a research paper released by Brock University's Niagara Community Observatory.More

Study: High price of quality child care keeping some women out of the workforce
Bullet News Niagara
A mother in the Niagara Region would have to earn almost $38,000 a year to feel that it was affordable to return to work after having just one child. That number — based on economists' calculation that families spend between 20 to 30 per cent on the mother's annual income on child care — shoots up with two or more children.More

Evaluating the care of children
Blackburn News
Windsor Regional Hospital's merge between their children's centre and Glengarda Child and Family Services a year ago, will set an example for hospitals across the province. As the ministry looks to change services delivered to children, a consultant will evaluate just how the unification happened in Windsor and what the effects have been since.More

Nova Scotia to cover children's insulin pumps
About 1,000 children and youths in Nova Scotia will be eligible for funding to help cover the cost of insulin pumps and supplies for children under the age of 19. Premier Darrell Dexter says the program will cost $5.3 million a year. He says the program will also cover related supplies for young adults from 19 to 25 with Type 1 diabetes who use insulin pumps and are no longer covered by their parents' insurance.More

Raising kids tough when dad's home just 1 week out of 3
They met on a baseball field in Edmonton. Niki Petersen was playing outfield for her dad's company team when she spotted a handsome guy on first base. Rob Guinchard had blond hair, blue eyes, a charming Newfoundland accent. Five years later, the couple has two children: Tyson, three, and Hayden, two. Petersen had always dreamed of being a mother. But family life for this Edmonton mom isn't quite what she'd imagined. More

Mom upset over preschool changes
The Now
Since September, Jennifer Harris' daughter Kaitlyn has been going to preschool at Pinetree Community Centre three days a week — and loved it. More

Child care operators left 'scrambling'
Lethbridge Herald
Parents may soon be spending more — or receiving less — to send their kids to daycare, due to a provincial announcement that its Quality Enhancement Grant will be eliminated.More

Nervous parents as day cares eye kicking out four-year-olds due to $56 million in cuts
CTV News
Only months after campaigning to boost the province's day care system, many Quebec parents are outraged by the Parti Quebecois' plan to cut $56 million from public and private day cares. The cuts are forcing some working parents to make tough choices. More

Near-west overcrowding measures approved
Ottawa West EMC
The shape of the school year this coming fall is becoming somewhat clearer for parents of junior kindergarten students in the Hintonburg area, but a long-term plan to deal with overcrowding has yet to be decided upon. The public school board approved the interim measures of the near-west accommodation review at a committee of the whole. More

Opinion: Subsidized day care a win-win situation
Burnaby News Leader
I would like to acknowledge that that young children who have access to quality early learning programs like day cares have successful development years. Children learn important social and empathy skills, they enter kindergarten ready to participate.More

Couple with disabilities cherish year of firsts with their baby
It has been a year of cherished firsts for new parents Maricyl Palisoc and Charles Wilton. Over the past 12 months, the Mississauga couple has watched in amazement as their baby boy, William, smiled his first smile, got his first tooth and took his first steps — small moments made extraordinary by the fact that they nearly slipped away.More

Langley Township council urged to support $10-a-day day care
The Langley Times
The campaign for a $10-a-day daycare system in B.C. came to Langley Township council's meeting. "This plan is the solution to the child care crisis," said Sharon Gregson of the Coalition of Child Care Advocates The coalition plan would levy a $10 user fee on families making at least $40,000 while families making less would not pay.More