Interaction Weekly
Apr. 29, 2015

New Brunswick cutting $1.9 million from daycare program
CBC News
Private daycare operators in New Brunswick are reeling Friday following word the province will make cuts to a key program in June. The Quality Improvement Funding (QIFS) program will receive $1.9 million less in funding.More

Tory government to spend millions advertising child care benefit passed last year
The Huffington Post
The Conservative government is spending $3.5 million this year to advertise a child care benefit that was passed last year but is central to the Conservatives' re-election campaign, The Huffington Post Canada has learned. Documents obtained by HuffPost detail an estimated $3.5 million contract awarded in March to advertise the Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB). More

YMCA celebrates grand opening of new Mississauga child care centre
The YMCA of Greater Toronto recently celebrated the grand opening of their latest child care facility located at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre. The new facility is part of a larger expansion project that began last spring that saw the YMCA take over operations of a number of formerly regionally-run centres. More

Making space for the little ones
Winnipeg Free Press
Good childcare options are crucial for families. Like every parent, when I can't be with my kids myself I want to know that they are in a safe and fun environment where they can thrive. That's why our government continues to invest in making childcare as accessible and affordable as possible. Soon, the Roots and Wings Early Learning Centre at Sherwood School will provide parents in Concordia, MB, with another great child care choice. More

New Brunswick announces investment of $1.1 billion in children's education, early development
Sackville Tribune-Post
The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development recently released its budget of $1.1 billion for educational services and programs for students and preschoolers in 2015-16. "Education and early childhood development is a top priority for our government because we recognize children and youth must receive the best education possible," Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Serge Rousselle said.More

Let's solve Alberta's child care crisis
Calgary Herald
Alberta has a child care crisis affecting the health and well-being of women, children living with a disability, and safety of children in general, and it is important to provide a briefing on it to politicians. The crisis is caused by the limited availability of child care services resulting in long wait-lists; high costs which limit access for poor and middle income families; privatization of child care services, leaving the services to the dictates of the market; continuous rise of unregulated centres, which can endanger children's health and safety as we have seen recently in Alberta; and the subtle discrimination against, and expulsion of, children with disability or special needs in some centres. More

Find out what day-care has to do with diversity, at L'Oréal Canada
HRM Online
Every organization should champion diversity but L'Oréal Canada is going one step further by actively instilling those same values in employees' kids — here's how. The company's subsidized day care centre was launched in 2002 but it's more than just an employee perk — in an effort to educate children on diversity, the on-site centre reserves a percentage of places for disadvantaged children of non-employees. More

Co-op daycare project seeks land from town
The Gulf News
A co-op daycare project is seeking support from the Town of Port aux Basques, NL. Cory Munden, one of the organizers, made a presentation to council recently, listing the benefits of better childcare services. There is a dire need for a daycare centre, as there are currently more than 60 parents waiting to use such services, he said. More

One-third of children under one are tablet, smartphone users
CTV News
A new study presented at the 2015 U.S. Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting shows that more than one in three children are getting their first hands-on experience of smartphones and tablets before they've reached their first birthday.More

Liberal government invoking closure for sliding-scale daycare fees
CTV News
The Couillard government is set to invoke closure to pass Bill 28, legislation regarding a change in the fee structure for public daycares in Quebec. The bill introduces a sliding-scale daycare fee based on income. More

First Global Conference on Holistic Early Learning and Development
Lakehead University
We welcome you to join us at the First Global Conference on Holistic Early Learning and Development being held Friday May 1st and Saturday May 2 in beautiful Orillia, ON, at Lakehead University.More

Mandatory naps linked to less nighttime sleep in young children
The Globe and Mail
For children four to seven years old, a required daily nap of more than an hour at school or daycare may lastingly reduce sleep time at night, according to a new study in Australia. Kids in child-care settings with mandatory nap times of 60 minutes or more slept less at night than other children, and their sleep time remained reduced even after they graduated to classes without nap time. More