Interaction Weekly
May. 13, 2015

'Ridiculous': N.B. asks daycare operators to spread its message about subsidy cuts
CTV News
New Brunswick daycare operators say they're baffled after being asked by the provincial government to help distribute its message on controversial subsidy cuts. The government is planning to cut daycare subsidies that have served as a top up for operators, in order to move that money to help hire new workers at new daycares. More

City of North Vancouver examines daycare rules
North Shore News
The City of North Vancouver is looking at making it easier for daycares to open in residential areas, despite reservations of some councillors. Following a report by city staff, which looked at changing licensing rules for childcare facilities trying to start in residential areas, council discussed the pros and cons of adopting less strict rules. More

Toronto school daycares fighting eviction
Metro News
Parents and child care advocates are welcoming $120 million in new provincial funding to create up to 4,000 new daycare spaces in schools over the next three years. But in Toronto, which is slated to get about 1,200 new spots under the provincial budget initiative announced last month, some parents are scrambling to hold on to what they already have. More

Labour union calls on NDP government to help fund child care for Alberta families
CTV News
An Edmonton union has been calling on the provincial and federal government to help families with the burden of childcare. According to the Alberta Federation of Labour everyone would benefit from more women in the workforce. More

Parents demand $10 daycare with week of action
CBC News
Parents across B.C. are rallying for a $10-a-day, daycare system. In Vancouver, mothers and fathers and their children marched along Commercial Drive from 14th Street to Charles Avenue stopping at Grandview Park to argue that affordable daycare helps families and bolsters the economy by allowing more parents to work. More

Why the Liberals' proposed child tax benefit is so important
The Liberal Party of Canada announced two new policies recently, including a change in tax brackets — which they're calling a "Tax Break for the Middle Class" — and a reform of benefit programs for families into a new "Canada Child Benefit." Both parts of what the Liberals are calling "Fairness for the Middle Class" are interesting enough to deserve stand-alone analyses; for this piece I will focus solely on the child benefit proposal.More

Construction of Whitecap Dakota First Nation daycare underway
Global News
Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall was at Whitecap Dakota First Nation rcently along with other dignitaries to celebrate the start of construction on a daycare. Joint funding was also announced to develop the early learning centre which will cost over $2 million. More

Construction of mixed-use municipal facilities on the rise
Journal of Commerce
In western Canada there is a growing trend for municipalities to combine multiple uses, especially municipal services and housing, in single structures. North Central Shared Facility will contain the 500-student Scott Collegiate, a branch of the Regina Public Library, daycare, recreational complex, multi-purpose room, community policing centre, and First Nations elder's room.More

Federal leaders put political spin on Mother's Day messages
CBC News
Most of the federal political leaders couldn't resist larding their Mother's Day messages with overt political spin. Prime Minister Harper lauded mothers as "the keystones of our families" and then went on to boast about his government's various initiatives to support mothers and their families. More