Interaction Weekly
May. 29, 2013

Minister recognizes Early Childhood Educators' Week
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Representatives from the Association of Early Childhood Educators Newfoundland and Labrador joined the Honourable Charlene Johnson, Minister of Child, Youth and Family Services earlier today to proclaim May 26 to June 1 as Early Childhood Educators Week. The 10-year strategy, Caring For Our Future: Provincial Strategy for Quality, Sufficient and Affordable Child Care in Newfoundland and Labrador, which was officially released in February 2013, details a fiscally-responsible approach to creating long-term improvement in regulated child care services by focusing on the three key areas of quality, sufficiency and affordability.More

All-day kindergarten to change day care landscape
Haliburton Echo
For the first time in Haliburton, all-day kindergarten will be offered every day across the entire county this fall. The last school in the county to join the provincial initiative, Stuart Baker Elementary School, will take both junior and senior kindergarten kids Monday through Friday all day long.More

Manitoba government increases access to training for child care professionals
Government of Manitoba
A new partnership with l'Université de Saint-Boniface and an expanded partnership with Assiniboine Community College will give 70 more child-care professionals access to the province's popular workplace-based early childhood education diploma program. The new partnerships mean the program will begin training a total of 135 early childhood educators this year, Family Services and Labour Minister Jennifer Howard announced today. More

Study shows how kids' genes, sleeping environment affects their ability to nap
The Globe and Mail
A new study based on pairs of Canadian twins suggests that genetics play a strong role in how long kids sleep at night, but their environment may be more important for afternoon naps. Researchers compared sleep patterns for close to 500 sets of identical or fraternal twins. They found that especially as kids got older, environmental influences — which include when parents put kids in bed, for example — explained more and more of their napping differences. More

May is Early Childhood Educators Month
May has been officaly recoginized as Early Childhood Educators Month. With May 15th as the official ECE Day. Check out the Provincial Calendar for any relevant upcoming events in your area!More

Why full-day kindergarten doesn't work
Weekday mornings at P.L. Robertson Public School in Milton, ON, are unlike anything most of us remember from school. For starters, there are the valets—a team of seven early childhood educators kitted out in orange reflector vests, opening car doors and holding backpacks to ensure a phalanx of minivans dropping off little people rolls apace.More

Family reunification program changes worry some in Winnipeg
CBC News
On paper, Sarah Esperanza was exactly the kind of immigrant that Canada would not want. She knew no English, she had no income, she had no idea how she would support herself, and she had even planned to bring family members from home once she got here. All in all, she would appear to be a potential welfare-receiving, non-tax-paying drain on Canadian resources.More

Quebec private day care owners hold 1-day walkout
CBC News
Thousands of day care owners, along with their supporters, marched in Montreal during a recent noon hour to denounce Quebec's plans to cut $15 million from their budgets. Their day-long walkout affects about 25,000 kids who attend the province's private, subsidized day cares.More

Parenting in a nutshell: Choose child care wisely
The Tribune-Review
A day care centre or preschool can be a great first place for your children to meet new friends, join in groups of play and learn what it means to wait their turn on the slide. Consider these factors when deciding on the right child care for your family — here's some questions to ask. More

Ottawa must act now on aboriginal child welfare
The First Perspective
In 1907, Canada's Department of Indian Affairs sent Dr. Peter Henderson Bryce to investigate residential schools in Manitoba and the Northwest Territories. Bryce found dilapidated buildings, rampant tuberculosis, and shocking death rates. In some schools, only 31 per cent of children survived to graduation. Bryce submitted a lengthy report detailing the appalling conditions.More

Manitoba school to receive new gym, child care centre
Brandon's George Fitton School will get a new gymnasium and child care centre by 2014. Premier Greg Selinger was in the Wheat City recently to announce the expansion, the same day the NDP's annual convention kicked off. The kindergarten to Grade 8 school has approximately 458 students. The gym expansion will more than double gym space to almost 9,000-square-feet and raise the roof nine feet to 24 feet.More