Interaction Weekly
Jun. 10, 2015

Canada's child-care champion Martha Friendly honoured
Toronto Star
If you have been lucky enough to get your children into a licensed, high quality daycare, you can thank Martha Friendly. The Toronto-based founder of the Childcare Resource and Research Unit has been toiling in Canada's daycare trenches on behalf of parents, children and the community for almost 40 years.More

Doctors' lobby calls for mandatory vaccinations
National Post
Leaders of the country's largest doctors' group are calling for mandatory vaccinations for children amid concerns growing numbers of "vaccine hesitant" parents are spurning the shots. The Canadian Medical Association's board of directors has endorsed a resolution calling on all provinces and territories to require proof children registering for daycare or school have received up-to-date immunizations, unless there is a medical reason they cannot be inoculated. More

Manitoba to add 900 child care spaces, give daycare workers 2 per cent raise
Winnipeg Free Press
The province recently announced 900 new daycare spaces and a raise for workers, but Premier Greg Selinger acknowledged wait lists for care aren't shrinking. Roughly 12,000 children are listed on the province's central registry, several hundred more than two years ago. More

Norquest College hoping 1,000 women can come together to fundraise for a new daycare
Metro News
Norquest College has done the math — if one thousand women each donate $1,000, the Edmonton-based community college will reach the $1 million needed to build a child-care centre at its downtown campus. It's a goal that resonates with Norquest student Hawa Sheriff. The 23 year-old Liberian-born mom of a six year-old boy is taking high school upgrading classes with hopes to enter the school's social work program.More

Survey: Parents growing increasingly worried about children's online safety
CTV News
A new Intel study into U.S. teens' and pre-teens' online behavior reveals that while children are becoming more aware of potential risks to their safety parents are growing increasingly worried. This is particularly true in the case of forming online relationships with strangers, with one in five parents surveyed admitting it was their greatest concern. More

Vaccination status unclear for half of Ottawa children
Ottawa Citizen
The state of immunization records for Ottawa students is worse than public health officials expected when they began a recent blitz to update them. Ottawa Public Health — which stopped annual surveillance of school vaccination records in 2013 despite a provincial requirement for the agency to do so — vowed to update the records of every child in the city this year and keep them up to date. More

Participaction's prescription for healthy play: Get the kids outside
CBC News
Let children play outdoors in nature to get them to move more, sit less, play longer and learn limits, according to a new report card that assigns a grade of D-minus to the physical activity levels of Canadian children and young people. Participaction released its report card recently on physical activity levels of Canadians aged three to 17. More