Interaction Weekly
Aug. 12, 2015

Parents plead with government to keep Quebec daycare open
CTV News
A group of parents in Pierrefonds, QC, is making a plea to stop their daycare from shutting down. It's called Ethan's Playground and according to the Quebec government, it's operating illegally. But the owner believes she's being unfairly targeted in a push to crack down on illegal daycares.More

Free range kids just the latest parenting trend
CBC News
In reaction to our overprotective society, some parents are adopting a hands-off approach called "free range parenting" — but this makes a lot of people uneasy because what some see as giving their kids independence appears to others as parental neglect. Lenore Skenazy coined the term "free range" when it comes to kids and parenting. More

Health Canada recalls brand of adult and children's vitamin due to too much vitamin D
CTV News
Health Canada has issued a recall for both children's and adult vitamins from Church & Dwight Canada as they contain excessive vitamin D levels. L'il Critters Vitamin D3 and Vitafusion Calcium Adult Gummy Vitamins are being recalled after the company's testing identified higher levels of vitamin D. More

Closed Ontario schools may be transformed into 'community hubs'
The Globe and Mail
Their students may have disappeared, but many old schools across Ontario could get a second life as "community hubs" under a series of proposals presented to the province this week. In Toronto, where one in five public schools is at risk of closure, the recommendations would immediately transform the sale process if they are adopted. More

Tips for kids to maintain healthy teeth
CTV News
It starts with a proper lunch, says Kathleen Pace, DDS, an assistant professor at Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry, who shares her advice on encouraging smile-friendly habits in children as they start school. School lunches have taken centre stage in the interest of maintaining children's overall health, says Pace, yet dental health has faded into the background in the face of consequences such as obesity that stem from unhealthy school lunches. More

Sign a pledge to support quality child care that all families can afford
National Union of Public and General Employees
The Vote Child Care 2015 campaign is encouraging Canadians to sign a pledge for quality child care that all families can afford and count on. The campaign is holding monthly pedge days until October, 2015. More

Want a healthy society? Take care of the children
The Huffington Post
Beloved Canadian children's singer Raffi is touring Canada with a new album after having taken time away to focus on and develop the Centre for Child Honouring. While he was in Saskatoon, we sat down to discuss music and the making of a healthy society. More

That enhanced UCCB cheque from Ottawa is taxable
Montreal Gazette
Taxation of the universal child care benefit and deductibility of various Quebec health charges were among the topics raised in the latest batch of reader letters. Here's what they wanted to know. More