Interaction Weekly
Aug. 26, 2015

McGivney Centre launches revamped child care program
Windsor Star
A popular preschool program for children with special needs recently announced its much anticipated relaunch. The John McGivney Children's Centre Preschool Program faced an imminent closure this summer after parents could no longer benefit from a $360,000 subsidy from Ontario's education ministry.More

Federal leaders focus on pledges to help Canadian families
CBC News
The three main federal party leaders were recently on the campaign trail where they focused on their party's respective promises to help Canadian families. Stephen Harper said a re-elected Conservative government would increase tax relief for families adopting children, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair promoted his universal child-care plan which promises a spot for every Canadian child at $15 per day, and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau vowed to give Canadians caring for a seriously ill family member greater access to benefits. More

Saskatoon daycare opens doors to public
Estevan Mercury
Estevan, SK, residents were able to learn more about the operations of the Pure Energy Early Learning Centre and Estevan Daycare Co-Operative during the organization's annual open house. Shawna Judd, the agency's program director, said the open house gives people an idea of the different programs they offer. More

Strollers may be too sedentary for kids
CBC News
Most parents didn't recognize a connection between pushing their young children in strollers and physical activity, a small Toronto study suggests. Strollers are a must-have piece of gear for many parents, but experts have cautioned parents to reduce the amount of time children are strapped in to encourage walking. More

Where each party stands on child care, from universal daycare to universal child benefits
National Post
As political parties jostle for the votes of families with children, they're each pitching their view of how best to help parents with child care. The Conservatives are pumping their Universal Child Care Benefit, increasing payments for boys and girls younger than six and extending the payments up to age 17. More

Fresh approach to healthy habits
Moose Jaw Times Herald
Six daycares and dayhomes within the Five Hills Health Region in Moose Jaw, SK, have been awarded with portable green boxes so that children can learn to plant their own food. It's not just the ABC's these pre-schoolers are learning. It's also about seeds, supplies and harvests. More

Daycare does not make pre-school children aggressive
Nursery World
A study of 1,000 Norwegian pre-school children, that surveyed children attending daycare at various ages, found that the amount of time children spend in daycare has little impact on children's aggressive behaviour. The debate over whether daycare leads to behavioural problems has raged among academics for more than 30 years.More