Interaction Weekly
Oct. 3, 2012

Modernizing child care in Ontario — ECE professionals respond
We wish to thank our volunteer members for assisting us in the preparation of our response to the Ministry of Education's 'Modernizing Child Care in Ontario' discussion paper. As the professional association for ECEs in Ontario, we value the contributions of our members and are proud to represent the voices of these dedicated professionals.More

Home Child Care Association of Ontario responds
The Home Child Care Association of Ontario is pleased to provide this response to Modernizing Child Care in Ontario: Sharing Conversations. Strengthening Partnerships, Working Together, released by your Ministry in June 2012. Our association is grateful for the commitment that government has demonstrated, through the release of the discussion paper, to addressing the challenges facing the sector.More

Modernizing child care in Ontario — Today's Family early learning and child care response
Today's Family
This year the Ministry of Education, Early Years Division launched the discussion paper Modernizing Child Care in Ontario: Sharing Conversations, Strengthening Partnerships and Working Together. We would like to thank the Ministry of Education, Early Years Division for the opportunity to participate in the conversation on modernizing early learning and child care in Ontario. Today's Family has taken pride in working collaboratively with the government. This is yet another opportunity to voice our years of experience and expertise.More

Modernizing child care
Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care
At the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care our aim is to encourage the early learning and child care sector to share their experiences and suggestions for how we can improve Ontario's system of early learning and care. The Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care (OCBCC) supports a universal, affordable, not-for-profit, high-quality early learning and child care system for Ontario's children and families.More

Celebrate the Essence of the Child and Champion a Better Future
ECEBC is very pleased to present its 42nd annual conference, 'Celebrate the Essence of the Child and Champion a Better Future' from May 2 to 4, 2013 at the Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport in Richmond, B.C. Please join us for this opportunity for professional development and networking.More

Fit children perform better in school
CBC News
Schools with fitter children achieve better literacy and numeracy results, according to Australian research. The study by physiologist Prof. Dick Telford, of the Australian National University, and colleagues, was published in a recent issue of the journal Pediatric Exercise Science. "A school that has, on average, high fitness levels will have, on average, higher literacy and numeracy levels," Telford told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.More

The early years: An irresistible investment opportunity
CGI 2012 Live
The mission of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) is to turn ideas into action. Established in 2005 by President Bill Clinton, CGI convenes a community of global leaders to forge solutions to the world's most pressing challenges. A panel of experts discuss issues facing children and those working with children. More

UN confronts Canada for lack of child rights strategy
Toronto Star via The Canadian Press
United Nations officials say they're concerned vulnerable Canadian children may be falling through the cracks of a fractious federal system that lacks accountability and a clear strategy. In hearings in Geneva to examine Canada's adherence to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Ottawa was repeatedly taken to task for incoherence about how federal and provincial programs actually help kids. More

Durham Children's Aid Society struggling with funding cuts
Durham Region
As the Durham Children's Aid Society prepares to mark Child Abuse Prevention Month in October, officials say the organization is facing increased financial strain. Durham CAS recently learned it will receive about $1.5 million less in provincial funding for this fiscal year, compared with last year. The Province has announced 'cost constraints' for children's aid societies across Ontario as it wrestles with a 2011/2012 deficit of about $13 billion. More

Parents cry foul over day care crackdown
Several families from across York Region say they've been left in the lurch because of a government approach to child care they say is misdirected and out of date. The parents, who have lost their places at a cherished Thornhill day care, say the Ministry of Education focuses on the wrong issues and is tearing apart a safe and caring child care arrangement. Parents who use Creating the Shade PreSchool, located near Bayview Avenue and Hwy. 407, were told that too many children were enrolled and some of them would have to find alternate arrangements immediately. More

Background TV exposure may harm children's development
Christian Science Monitor
We know, we know. You've heard all about the dangers of 'screen time' for your children, and have seen all those statistics about how much television the average American toddler watches any given day. But have you thought about what happens when Junior isn't watching, but the television is still on? Recent studies have identified links between this sort of background television exposure and everything from lower sustained attention during playtime, lower quality parent-child interactions and reduced performance on cognitive tasks, write researchers in an article published today online in the journal 'Pediatrics.' More

Children design their playground
The Montreal Gazette
In about the time it can take to assemble an Ikea chest of drawers, volunteers plan to build an entire playground in downtown Montreal, full of tools to brighten moods, trigger giggles and forge lifelong friendships. The daylong project in Jesse Maxwell-Smith Park, in a low-income section of Little Burgundy in the Sud-Ouest borough, is expected to bring together 250 volunteers, young and old. The tennis court-size lot will become one of just a handful of public playgrounds in Quebec built with community input and donated materials in a trend that some say could be the way to redeem shabby public parks and give kids reasons to go and play there. More

Five-year-olds put to the test as kindergarten exams gain steam in U.S.
The Calgary Herald via Reuters
With school in full swing across the United States, the littlest students are getting used to the blocks table and the dress-up corner and that staple of American public education, the standardized test. A national push to make public schools more rigorous and hold teachers more accountable has led to a vast expansion of testing in kindergarten. And more exams are on the way, including a test meant to determine whether five-year-olds are on track to succeed in college and career. More

Why the first 2,000 days of a child's life are the most important
The Globe and Mail
If you were going to try and solve the riddle of childhood obesity, who would you call? Doctors, geneticists, teachers or social workers? Why not all of them? That's the premise behind a new research institute at the University of Toronto that will be delving into the potential — and the pitfalls — of early childhood health and well-being. More

Kindergarten goes outdoors
The Victoria Times-Colonist
It's just after 9 o'clock and in the grassy field behind Colwood's Sangster Elementary, kindergarten is in full swing. The children, all in black rain pants with T-shirts or turquoise jackets, sit on the grass, their backpacks piled high in the centre of the circle. Lisa Lockerbie leads her class in the singing of Look Who Came to School Today, before Erin Van Stone, an early childhood educator, reads from the storybook Thank You Bear. More