Interaction Weekly
Dec. 26, 2012

20. How to deal with your child's back-to-school anxiety
The Globe and Mail
From Sept. 5, 2012: When Jill Amery's son Ford started kindergarten last year, he spent weeks in tears. After the Vancouver mother tried every parenting trick in the book to help fix the situation, Hudson himself finally blurted out the truth. "One day, he clung to me and said, 'I don't want to get lost!'" says Ms. Amery, the founder of the website Thinking on her feet, she found a company that made cool Velcro wristbands that conceal a slip of identification information and added ID tags to his backpackMore

19. Dialogue needed over child care
Vernon Morning Star
From Oct 17, 2012: It's often said that children are our future, but society isn't putting its money where its mouth is. The Early Childhood Educators of B.C. are expressing concern about the number of pre-kindergarten children who are not developing adequately because their parents can't afford to place them in child care. More More

18. We're pleased to announce our partnership with Vogogo
From Nov. 14, 2012: Our partnership with Vogogo will help make your job as an administrator easier, faster and more cost-effective for your program. Vogogo is a Canadian company that takes the work out of collecting payment from parents. Setup only takes seconds and once parents start to pay you through Vogogo your child care payment collection and doing the related books only takes minutes. Vogogo is free to sign up, no monthly fees and no contracts.More

17. Peterborough child care programs 'Raising the Bar'
From Nov. 21, 2012: When it comes to providing childcare, Peterborough sets the bar high. With a large portion of child care operators in the city and county achieving top community standards though a local child care initiative this year, an appreciation night is hoped to recognize and honour those who strive to provide the best care possible.More

16. Ontario to spend $1 million on new resource centres aimed at parents, tots
From The Toronto Star
From Oct. 17, 2012: More schools will get drop-in resource centres as part of the Ontario government’s response to last summer's killings on Danzig St. in Scarborough, the worst mass shooting in Toronto's history.More

15. Weighing the pros and cons of maternity leave when you're the boss
The Financial Post
From Oct. 24, 2012: Victoria Sopik is co-founder and chief executive of Kids & Company, a national, corporate sponsored childcare provider.More

14. Willowbrae aims to be McDonald's of day care
The Chronicle Herald
From Nov. 21, 2012: Just as a big Big Mac in Alberta tastes the same as one purchased in Nova Scotia, Willowbrae Childcare Academy intends to offer parents coast-to-coast consistent and reliable service. Halifax entrepreneur Wayne Cochrane launched the flagship Willowbrae Childcare Academy in Burnside Park in Dartmouth in 2011; a year later, the daycare is doubling in size, three more are on tap to open in metro Halifax and 15 other locations are in the works across Canada and the United States.More

13. Onsite day care still a scarce commodity
The Globe and Mail
From Oct. 17, 2012: For working parents, the joys of having a new baby can swiftly diminish when faced with finding safe, loving child care once maternity leave ends. The Top 100 Employers list includes a dozen employers offering this family-friendly perk. Some also offer attractive advantages not always available at regular licensed daycares, including environmental programs, highly trained instructors and unique environments.More

12. Severe allergies at school force parents to not pack dairy and eggs in lunches
The Kitchener-Waterloo Record
From Sept. 26, 2012: Four-year-old Carter Oliveira's lunch bag usually contains cheese and crackers, a yogurt tube, apple slices and a turkey and cheese sandwich. But starting next week, all of that is banned except for the fruit.More

11. Parents scramble after CAW daycare closure announced in Windsor
The Windsor Star
From Aug. 22, 2012: After finishing her 3-to-11 p.m. shift at Accucaps, single mom Christine Winter drives to CAW Community Child Care to get her four children — sleeping on small cots in dark, quiet rooms — for a hushed drive home and a tuck-in.More