CEEDA Briefing
Feb. 12, 2015

CEEDA 2015 Dealer Forum: Speaker Profile — Hugh Culver
From the moment he steps on stage, Hugh grabs an audience with stories, insights, and practical lessons. Not one for fancy theories, or boring lectures, Hugh presents with one objective: to teach how to THINK, PLAN, and ACT better to create EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS in work and life. That's it.More

Challenges to be faced in ag technology adoption
Ag Professional
Innovation continues in mainstream biotech product categories, with new modes of action in development for insect control for example. But we are seeing a new wave of innovation that relies on technologies with a shorter experimental and development cycle, and no unusual regulatory constraints.More

Innovative technology appeals to next generation of dairy farmers at CDX in Stratford
Sarnia Observer
Not only is the Canadian Dairy XPO a place for companies to show off leading technology, but it's a chance for the industry's next generation to see what lies ahead. Unlike much of the agriculture sector, dairy farmers are increasingly getting younger and adapting to technological changes within the industry, event founder and general manager Jordon Underhill said.More

New metering system offers improved control
The Western Producer
At the heart of every air cart in the new line by New Holland Agriculture, beats a new metering system. The new system was designed to apportion seed and product at high rates and provide sectional control. The air carts have individual metering modules for each run under each product tank.More

Revised Act to protect Alberta farmers
Ag Annex
Alberta's new Farm Implement and Dealership Act will continue to ensure Alberta farmers are treated fairly when purchasing and maintaining farm equipment, according to the province's Farmers' Advocate Office (FAO). "The Farm Implement and Dealership Act helps protect the investment that Albertan farmers make in farm implements by establishing minimum requirements for sale agreements, warranties and the availability of spare parts," Jeana Les with the FAO says. "The Act also provides a mechanism for resolving disputes regarding farm implements."More

Triple-auger mixer wagons satisfy the biggest herds
Farmers Weekly Interactive
As dairy herds get bigger, the pressure on manufacturers to come up with really big mixer wagons is growing. Kuhn’s four Euromix 1-70 series machines, for instance, can hold up to 45cu m of feed, enough to serve 360 high-yielding dairy cattle in a single load. The Euromix wagons are fitted with three vertical augers, each of which has seven mixing knives. The tandem axle 2870 and 3370 models have a capacity of 28cu m and 33cu m respectively and are capable of feeding up to 225 or 260 cows in a single load. More

Revised Act to protect Alberta farmers
Ag Annex
Alberta's new Farm Implement and Dealership Act will continue to ensure Alberta farmers are treated fairly when purchasing and maintaining farm equipment, according to the province's Farmers' Advocate Office (FAO). More

Large inventory, lower values
The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), which represents all the major ag equipment brands, recently published a less than optimistic prediction for the used ag equipment market over the coming months.More

The future of hay farming: John Deere tractor baler automation
Every once in a while, a new technology comes along that truly revolutionizes an industry and changes what people think is possible.More

Kinze announces 3660 planter with electric drive available for 2016
Kinze is pleased to announce that the 3660 12 row and 16 row planters will soon be available for purchase with electric drive. The already proven performance of Kinze’s 3660 frame come with standard hydraulic weight transfer, to reduce potential soil compaction and offers an optional exclusive split row system using push units for superior residue flow. More

Doosan begins manufacturing its own air compressor engines, airends
Equipment World
Starting with its P185WDO model, Doosan Portable Power says it will be the only air compressor supplier to also manufacture the engines used in their models. “This gives us better control over quality and design,” Josh Goodman, assistant product marketing manager with Doosan, said at World of Concrete in Las Vegas. Goodman also points out the firm has made engines for more than 50 years for several industries.More

Kubota unveils new skid steer loader
Kubota Tractor Corporation made a highly-anticipated product announcement at the World of Concrete tradeshow in Las Vegas today, unveiling its new SSV-Series skid steer loaders, with two models to meet the needs of customers in the construction, rental and agriculture segments. The SSV-Series includes the 64 gross horsepower SSV65 and the 74 gross horsepower SSV75, both available at Kubota dealerships starting this June. With this introduction, Kubota now offers a full line of compact construction equipment for its dealers and customers. More

New tracks for row crop growers
It’s been 18 years since Case IH launched its Quadtrac tractor. In 2012, Case IH introduced the Steiger Rowtrac. Now Case IH is giving row crop growers access to track technology with its new Magnum Rowtrac, a machine that joins a oscillating rear-track system to a wide variety of front tire options.More

Electric drop stock feeder designed to take the hassle out of outdoor sheep feeding
Quad-X has designed a new electric drop stock feeder, which incorporates many market leading features. The Quad-X Stock Feeder is available in a manual or electric drop version, with a 380L or larger 500kg capacity allowing you to feed your entire stock in just one fill, saving you valuable time. With the sheep feed being evenly distributed in spaced out piles, stock will stand head to head and so there is less trampling and fouling by sheep in the feed meaning less meal is wasted, saving valuable money.More

Silicon Valley comes to agriculture
Farm Industry News
Agriculture is known for its innovative ways. Driven by a need to boost productivity and efficiency for more than a century, this is an industry that knows how to rethink what it does. The pace of change may be accelerating again as new-tech companies with an interesting pedigree enter the industry. Essentially, Silicon Valley has headed East. “I think we’re seeing a confluence of technology that has come together to solve problems,” says Rob Leclerc, cofounder, AgFunder. “It’s an opportunity to bring some new types of companies and new and innovative ideas to address [issues in agriculture].”More