CEEDA Briefing
Apr. 16, 2015

Secret deals for agricultural equipment regulations
Country Guide
Although Canada does export a lot of farm equipment to Europe, the value of that trade is small compared to what the U.S. floats over. And when large trade numbers are involved, there are bigger opportunities. The TTIP negotiations have a stated aim of broadly harmonizing regulations affecting a variety of industries in order to stimulate trade. That could benefit Canadian ag equipment manufacturers as well.More

Tractor in Finland claims speed record of 130 km/h
Real Agriculture
Top-end speed for tractors has climbed over the years, as farmers look for ways to reduce the amount of time spent transporting equipment. Faster road gears have become more valuable as farms grow in size, with longer distances between fields. More

Insider with Kubota
Farm Industry News
The familiar small orange tractors of Kubota have carved a healthy niche in the compact tractor world over the past 40-plus years. Today, however, a floor display of Kubota equipment shows considerable diversity. Just what is this company planning? More

Purdue specialist lists guidelines for buying used farm machinery
Prices for used farm machinery have been trending lower in the past year due to a surplus of inventory at dealerships, but buying used may not always be the best option, a Purdue University expert says. Robert Stwalley, assistant professor of agricultural and biological engineering, urges farmers who are thinking of buying used planters, tractors, trucks or other machinery to be cautious. More

Cancellation a big financial hit to Ontario's poultry industry council
Better Farming
The cancellation of the London Poultry Show due to the avian influenza outbreak on a Woodstock-area turkey farm is taking a major bite out of the Poultry Industry Council's budget. The poultry show is the major trade show for the poultry industry in Ontario that enables poultry industry representatives to network, learn the latest trends along with seeing and buying new equipment. More

4 tips when buying used precision ag equipment
Touch screens. Beware of the condition on the displays that have touch screens. "A lot of the new monitors are touch screen," says Jonathan Bickel of Used Precision Ag Solutions. "You really have to look at the screen because it does wear out. A screen tends to last five to six years, depending on use. If you start to see a lot of wear marks on the screen, it's a good sign the touch screen is getting some wear to it." More

Grain analyzer gets attention
Country Guide
It's easy to see why grain analyzers and testers are garnering more attention in ag circles, from the farm all the way up through elevators and even at large-scale processors. With tighter margins and a greater focus on finding efficiencies, but also with more focus on traceability, more interest in new traits, and more markets for end uses that have very specific quality parameters, it all adds up to more potential payback for knowing exactly what you've got. More

Kickin' Tires — Ep. 9: Auction sale psychology, speedy tractors and distracted driving
Real Agriculture
Farm auction season is winding down, but not before things get really heated — there are certainly no shortage of sales to attend, but hot deals have been in short supply. That phenomenon has inspired this latest Kickin' Tires podcast with co-hosts Shaun Haney and Jim Hale. That's right, we’re talking online vs. in-person and coffee and hot dogs vs. slippers and a lap top, and whether or not you're likely to see Canadian equipment zooming south. More

Secret deals for agricultural equipment regulations
Country Guide
Although Canada does export a lot of farm equipment to Europe, the value of that trade is small compared to what the U.S. floats over. And when large trade numbers are involved, there are bigger opportunities. More

Case New Holland lays off 443 employees in Saskatoon
The StarPhoenix
More than 400 employees at Saskatoon's Case New Holland manufacturing plant have received layoff notices. CNH Industrial Canada announced it is cutting its workforce at the Saskatoon facility by giving indefinite layoffs to 75 employeesMore

Another European (farm equipment) invasion
Country Guide
In 2014, all eyes seemed to be on high-speed planting, with John Deere launching its new entry early in the year, joining the ranks of European manufacturers Amazone, Horsch and Vaderstad. More

4 new project teams target ag electronics challenges
Association of Equipment Manufacturers
Ag electronics experts will join forces to help manufacturers satisfy customer needs in two new areas of concern: wireless in-field communications and the growing demand for communications bandwidth. The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) recently announced it has set up two new project teams that will target these challenges. More

Easy maintenance tips for Case IH Early Riser planters by Library Machinery
The bulk fill tanks on your Early Riser planter require a proper seal. Watch this video for maintenance tips to keep your bulk fill tanks in the best condition. More

Cat, Challenger equipment rodeo educational, entertaining
Minnesota Farm Guide
Normally those attending a rodeo are entertained, but the approximately 350 people who attended the Red Horse Ranch Equipment Rodeo in Fergus Falls, MN, found it to be more of an educational event. Over 40 pieces of agricultural and construction equipment were demonstrated by Ziegler Cat in the indoor Red Horse Ranch Arena during the morning part of the session.More