CEEDA Briefing
May. 7, 2015

2015 Canadian budget encourages manufacturing investment
Association of Equipment Manufacturers
Good news for Canadian manufacturers: the country's federal budget for 2015 renews a key incentive that encourages manufacturing investment. Under the proposed federal budget, the accelerated capital cost allowance (CCA) that allows companies to write off investment in new capital equipment is renewed until 2025. More

Almost 30 years of rubber tracked tractors: A look at how the Challenger has changed
Real Agriculture
It's been almost 30 years since Caterpillar launched the first rubber tracked tractor for farming — the Challenger 65 was created in 1986 and introduced to the market in 1987. There are obvious similarities between the original and the latest version of the Challenger, but there have also been some noticeable changes, including the transition to a much larger drive wheel, as explained by Ash Alt of AGCO in the video below. More

Next-gen farm equipment
Farm Industry News
If you want to know what's up and coming in farm equipment, just visit with original equipment manufacturer suppliers. These are the companies that make many of the parts and components that go into new farm equipment. More

New Kinze technology makes farming easier
Dan Brettnacher purchased his first Kinze planter — a 3600 with 16 Row interplant — in the early 90s. Today he plants with a Kinze 4900 with electric drive and hydraulic weight transfer. More

JCB Fastrac updates meant to appeal to North American farmers
It's been about 24 years since U.K-based JCB introduced the ag industry's first high-speed tractor, the Fastrac. That was back in 1991. This past January, the company debuted a reengineered version of that tractor, the new 4000 Series, at an event in Quebec. The new tractor also made an appearance at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, in February. More

The downside of upsized sprayers
Western Producer
High sprayer speeds and the resulting hit and miss coverage don't happen by accident. It's a deliberate trade-off. Bigger farms require heavier sprayers capable of travelling faster. Farmers know higher speeds reduce coverage, but they willingly make that sacrifice to spray all their acres on time within that all-important window.More

The farm drones are getting closer
Country Guide
The next revolution in farming isn't about chemistry or genetics. It's about scouting, and the good news is that the enabling technology has come several giant steps closer in just the last two years, thanks to unmanned aerial vehicles (popularly called UAVs or drones) which offer a visual platform for scientific crop monitoring. More

Catching up with a non-stop baler
Farm Industry News
It's not often in the farm equipment business do you get an early look at a machine and get to follow along as its developed. Last fall Vermeer had a big sales meeting, where media was invited, and it showed off its continuous round baler, shortened to CRB by the company. More

AgDNA bringing automated precision insights to smartphones
Ag Professional
Farming is growing smarter, but with so much disparate on-farm data being amassed from precision ag equipment, it's often tough to capture what matters and weed out what doesn't.More

Farm equipment makers honoured
Farm Industry News
Farmers are great to talk about the brands they own by colour or long-time family heritage. Yet between every farm and major manufacturer is another important step — the local dealer. More

Another European (farm equipment) invasion
Country Guide
In 2014, all eyes seemed to be on high-speed planting, with John Deere launching its new entry early in the year, joining the ranks of European manufacturers Amazone, Horsch and Vaderstad. More

Farmobile automatically captures big ag data and provides growers ownership and control
Forget about spending time downloading farm machinery data onto jump drives and having to pass them to your agronomist to see what is going on in a field. A new wireless, cellular based information management system will effortlessly move farm data from the machinery up to a secure internet cloud based server to save time and help unlock the value of information that often dies in the field. More

Blu-Jet's new side dress liquid applicator
Farm Industry News
New for 2015 from Blu-Jet is the AT4020 liquid injection side dress applicator to help growers manage their in-season applications. The company debuted the tool for the first time at National Farm Machinery Show in February. More