CEEDA Briefing
May. 14, 2015

News of a new patent application raises questions about ownership
Western Producer
Most farmers probably think the question of whether they own their tractor or not is a fairly straightforward one. But technology agreements are casting doubt on machinery ownership following a recent story in a popular technical magazine. More

Rocky Mountain Equipment strikes partnership
In early November the largest Canadian ag equipment dealership chain, CNH retailer Rocky Mountain Equipment (RME), announced it had struck up a partnership the Alberta-based precision agriculture firm Decisive Farming (DF). The purpose of that agreement is to make RME a one-stop retailer for farmers who want to pursue precision ag practices like variable rate technology, according to RME management.More

Manitoba New Holland dealers soon to be all-in-one chain
Country Guide
Farmer fans of the New Holland brand in Manitoba will soon be dealing with just one company in the province for new and used equipment, service and parts. Brandon-based Mazergroup announced it's signed a letter of intent to buy the assets and operations of Southeastern Farm Equipment — the lone New Holland dealer in Manitoba not already owned by Mazergroup — for an undisclosed sum.More

New tillage tool, farm tire rebates, smart motors and more
Farm Industry News
Kuhn Krause introduces a new tillage tool; there's a farm tire rebate program being offered by Alliance Tire America; an attachment from ANBO turns a skid steer bucket into a rake; and several other new products are featured. More

Hiring a custom farming outfit: The pros, the cons and the paperwork
Real Agriculture
Chances are, every farmer will hire out work to a custom operator at some point in the their farming career. Whether it's a high-clearance sprayer to get a fungicide on ASAP, or getting hay done in a tight window, custom operators can save you time, money and maybe a crop, if the weather is working against you. More

International sunflower meter training
Phil Jennings, Kinze Service Manager, explains how to identify meters set up to plant sunflowers. Mechanical finger meters and the new 4000 Series vacuum meters are covered in this overview. More

Salford to buy applicator maker Valmar Airflo
Country Guide
Prairie manufacturing firm Valmar Airflo, known for its farm-, commercial- and research-grade granular applicator systems, is under new ownership. Valmar, set up in 1977 at Elie, Man. by farm mechanic, crop duster and inventor Charlie Balmer, has been sold to Ontario seeding and tillage equipment firm Salford Group for an undisclosed sum.More