CEEDA Briefing
Jun. 18, 2015

Reactions mixed on U.S. biofuel policy role in Canadian market
The climate of the Canadian renewable fuel market could shift when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finalizes its new targets, some industry professionals say. Revised biofuel targets recently proposed by the EPA would reduce standards put in place in 2007. More

Determining the ROI of grain storage with GSI's new online calculator
Real Agriculture
Farmers know that grain prices don't usually peak during harvest, which is why an investment in on-farm storage can often be justified. However, determining the value of that space in giving a farm the ability to capture the spread between prices at harvest and prices in the future can be complicated. More

Large-tractor inventories starting to realign with retail sales
Association of Equipment Manufacturers
The downturn story for sales of large tractors and self-propelled combines continues as the ag equipment industry nears the end of the first half of 2015. At the same time, large-tractor beginning inventories have declined significantly. More

GPS firm buys sprayer boom control maker NORAC
Saskatoon tech firm NORAC Systems, best known today for its automated boom height control systems for field sprayers, is set to become part of a major U.S. GPS systems firm. California-based Topcon Positioning Group announced it will buy NORAC for an undisclosed sum, as the latest of Topcon's recent plays in the precision ag equipment market. More

Tractor cab organizer, tech tools, mowers and more for the farm
Farm Industry News
Automatic Equipment Manufacturing Company has introduced a system that maximizes cab space; Valley Irrigation offers a new mobile site; Case Construction announced a new warranty; Milwaukee offers an organizer for the farm shop; and Kuhn comes out with new mower models. More

6 numbers in agriculture to make you stop and think
Country Guide
The spring rush is over, so now is the time to take a moment and reflect. As you gaze across fields flush with new growth, think about how much things have evolved in the last few years. Although that lone tree out there still leans to the east, and the sun still sets in the west, change has become the new norm. Today we need to understand, accommodate and capitalize on change. More

Michelin's Tweel 'airless' tires available for skid steers, mowers
Real Agriculture
An airless tire, you say? How can that be? First introduced as a prototype in 2005, Michelin began distributing the Tweel tire in 2012 and, in 2014, the company expanded the lineup and announced the opening of a 135,000 square-foot processing facility in South Carolina.More

U.S. exports of agricultural equipment to Europe fall by 35 per cent
Exports of U.S.-made agricultural equipment to Europe fell 34.7 per cent in the first quarter of 2015 in comparison to 2014, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) says. There was a 16.7 per cent decline in overall exports, with a total of $1.82 billion worth of agricultural equipment being shipped to global markets, it says. More