CEEDA Briefing
Aug. 8, 2013

Mahindra USA, Pierce Distribution enter into partnership
Farm Equipment
Mahindra USA, and Pierce Distribution Services Co. have entered into an agreement for Pierce to provide operational expertise for MUSA's Houston, TX, Parts Distribution Center. This venture marks the initial business partnership between these two organizations. This signals MUSA's commitment to providing the highest level of service to their customers for aftermarket parts support.More

John Deere celebrates lawn tractor's 50th birthday
Thousands of people gathered in Wisconsin recently to celebrate the 50th anniversary of John Deere Corp.'s lawn-and-garden tractor. The celebration took place at the Horicon Works factory, where the model 110 was produced in 1963. The small tractors were known as "freedom machines" because they enabled people to do lawn work in less time. They resembled full-size tractors, with attachments that included a plow for planting. More

Massey Ferguson introduces 1700 Series compact tractors
Massey Ferguson,a worldwide brand of AGCO, will introduce and display the 1700 Series premium compact tractors at the 2013 Farm Progress Show. The 1700 Series tractors, building upon the success of the popular 1600 Series, deliver sophistication, comfort and performance in a versatile, durable package usually found only in full-size models. The tractors feature new, clean-burning Tier 4-compliant turbo-charged diesel engines that provide excellent performance and reliability.More

DryLet Tech announces launch of ManureMagic
DryLet Technologies, a biotechnology company providing products for use in applications such as animal waste reduction, recently announced the launch of its new product for the confinement animal production industry, ManureMagic. ManureMagic, which was previously sold under the brand name DryLet AWS, is highly concentrated and utilizes millions of nano-bioreactors to deliver hundreds of billions of live, specifically selected strains of beneficial microorganisms that consume solids associated with animal production.More

Grain vacuum makes hauling a one man job
The Western Producer
Farmers hate feathering equipment when time is on the line. One of those nuisances is balancing the grain to air ratio using a vacuum system. "We used to put the nozzle into the pile of grain and carefully monitor the ratio of grain and air. You had to be so careful to make sure you had enough airflow," said REM president Bob Sonntag.More

Star Wars meets agriculture
Precision Farming Dealer via Pork Network
A long time ago in a barn far, far away, farmers yearned to learn more about their crops and livestock while also saving some time and money. That moment of technological advancement has arrived, with precision agriculture delivering sensors, robots and monitors that rival those out of the science fiction classic Star Wars. It's as if we've left the days of guessing and backbreaking labour for a more automated and accurate era. More

Dieci launches pivot-steer telehandler range
Farmers Weekly Interactive
Italian maker Dieci looks to be following the model set by Merlo by gradually establishing roots and adding models to the U.K. telehandler market. The latest addition to its loader family is a range of pivot-steer telehandlers first launched at the EIMA show in Bologna, Italy, back in November. Three models make up the Dorset firm's new range, each with a different engine size and lift height. More

Farm machinery companies smarter about biomass!
Dairy Herd Network
Food and fuel from the same acre… Certainly, with the advent of ethanol and other biofuels, it's something that most farmers have come to accept — whether they are growing crops are not. The seed companies have gotten on board, and so, too, the equipment companies. More

Yanmar wants to make coolest tractor ever
Fresh off celebrating Osaka-based heavy manufacturer Yanmar's centennial anniversary, designer Ken Okuyama felt it was time to inject some well-overdue fresh style into the generally conservative world of agriculture. However, these tractors are more than just a pretty face, as we'll soon learn. This prototype, eloquently named Y-Concept YTO1 Advanced Tractor, was intended to be a balance of function and form More

Driverless tractors become a first in farming
Precision Farming Dealer via The Times of India
As the harvest nears, the employees of German farmer Klaus Muenchhoff are busy making the final checks on imposing tractors ready to roll into the golden fields. But these tractors are steel monsters with a difference — driverless and satellite-guided, they can operate on the fields with an accuracy of a few inches. Impervious to fatigue and indifferent to poor visibility, they reduce distances travelled by each vehicle, saving on fuel costs and improving crop yields.More

Stored grain on aeration: Turn your fans off in the morning
Real Agriculture
Guess what? The old "turn the fans on and leave them on" at harvest isn't necessarily true. Contrary to what farmers have been told and have been doing for quite some time, warm days actually add or maintain moisture levels in grain bins. Yes, really. Research on the subject out of the Indian Head Agricultural Research Foundation was, at first, a head-scratcher for the researchers. More

American Honda sees sales growth in its fiscal Q1
Powersports Business
American Honda experienced strong sales growth and retail share increases in the U.S. for the fiscal first quarter ended June 30, 2013, Powersports Business has learned. The solid quarter was attributed to new two-wheel models like the NC700, CTX700, CB500F, CBR500R and the GL1800F6B, according to American Honda officials.More