CEEDA Briefing
Oct. 18, 2012

Gibbs Sports Amphibians to reach powersports dealers
Powersports Business
Powersports dealers will be the target sellers of the Gibbs Sports Amphibians, set to be available for consumer purchase later this year. The high-speed Amphibians operate on both land and water, and a select group of powersports dealers have already signed on to carry the vehicles. The Quadski doubles as an ATV/PWC. It's capable of traveling up to 50 mph on land and water.More

Caterpillar details its Tier 4 technology strategy moving forward
Equipment World
Meeting Tier 4 engine emissions regulations is a marathon, not a sprint, says Tana Utley, Caterpillar's chief technology officer, during the first press reveal of the company's future technology strategy at its headquarters in Illinois. The company's Tier 4 Final approach will involve its Tier 4 Interim solutions plus SCR (an SCR catalyst and DEF tank).More

CNH Global turns down $1.1 billion offer from Fiat Industrial
Farm Equipment
CNH Global has rejected a buyout offer from parent Fiat Industrial in a blow to Chairman Sergio Marchionne's plan to move the truck and tractor maker's primary listing to New York from Milan, according to a Bloomberg report. "We have unanimously concluded that the proposal is inadequate," a CNH special committee evaluating the offer said in a statement. More

New design: Canola vacuum planter
This new design uses a metal meter and meters seed right where seed is placed, providing for uniform spacing and depth with the gauge wheels. The built in 'monoshox' system allows farmer to go slightly faster in the field while planting and eliminates the seed unit bounce.More

Ziggity offering online warranty registration
Ziggity Systems Inc. has made it easy for producers purchasing any one of its poultry watering systems to register for their warranty online at Ziggity.com. Customers just need to open the drop-down menu under the 'Support' tab and click on 'Warranty Registration.' There is a simple form to fill out that includes the type of watering system and kind of poultry being served.More

Zero Motorcycles awarded major grant for expansion
Canadian Motorcycle Rider
Zero Motorcycles has been awarded a $1,815,123 grant from the California Energy Commission to quadruple its manufacturing capacity in California. Additional matching funding brings the total project allotment to more than $3,644,721. Zero's manufacturing expansion will further its commitment to manufacturing high performance electric motorcycles in California, which stands to benefit by both economic growth and job creation. More

Challenger adds four tractor models to MT500D Series
Delta Farm Press
Challenger, a global brand of AGCO, is adding four new models to the MT500D Series of wheeled tractors for professional agricultural producers across North America. The new, fully redesigned tractors, with 110 to 125 PTO horsepower, complement the Challenger lineup of tractors designed to meet the intense demands and challenging environments of today’s farming operations.


Honda sets up CB1100 site
CMG Online
Honda's been teasing the CB1100 around the show circuit for several years now; now they're selling it in Europe (they announced the move at Intermot). But if you want more details, you can visit the site the company has just launched, with technical specs, details on engine and chassis, a photo gallery, and more. More