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"Mega trends" will define the future of the world because they have a far-reaching effect on businesses, economies, cultures and personal lives, according to the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

source: Bakery and Snacks

Artificial intelligence is helping to develop flavors tweaked precisely for your age, ethnicity, and gender. Think beer and snacks as unique as your fingerprint, and a future where your food knows more about you.

source: New Food Economy

From beetroot juice to red radish colouring food or fermented vegetarian leghemoglobin, manufacturers are finding ways to mimic the colour of meat in meat analogues. We take a look at some of the offerings.

source: Food Navigator

Whether it's a delicious terpene-rich IPA or a THC-oil Belgian ale boasting no hangover, cannabis-friendly states like California and Colorado are leading the way when it comes to weed-infused beer. It's a Canadian company, however,...

source: Georgia Straight

From burgers to steaks, beef has a long history of being a delicious part of dinner. But what if that pleasant experience of eating beef could extend beyond the dinner plate? Now, one group reports in ACS' Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that beef protein, when...

source: EurekAlert!

When entrepreneur Valerie Song asked her three-year-old niece where the tomatoes on her pizza came from and she said "grocery stores," Song knew young people were in danger of becoming even more disconnected to their food....

source: Toronto Star


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