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Introducing the newest
addition to our line of
retail products

We have combined the great taste
of our classic brown sugar with the
flavourful maple sugar together
for a unique taste combination.
Portioned in pre-measured
pouches for easy use. Perfect as a
topping on hot cereal,
yogurt, toast, or for savoury dishes.

Available at Walmart, Sobeys,
Metro, Longos and other retailers.

Innovative Solutions
Flavour and Colour Modification

As part of the ASR Group, our expertise with the sugar cane plant
and cane sugar has led us to interesting discoveries on the flavour frontier.
We apply these discoveries to help customers overcome unique obstacles related to sweetness levels and off-note mitigation.

Contact to learn about the exciting new ingredients we have and how we can help with your formulations using stevia to reduce sugar.

Custom Blending and Packing

We offer fully integrated custom made solutions for a wide variety of sugar containing products. Anything from innovative packaging including; pouches, canisters, poly or foil laminated pillow packs,
to sugar and reduced sugar formulations for many dry products.

Contact to see how we can help.

Redpath Baking Lab at George Brown College officially opens

September 20, 2017 was the official opening of the new state of the art Redpath
Baking Lab at George Brown’s Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts in Toronto.
The new large quantity lab will provide students with modern learning and research facilities to
develop their skills and gain hands-on experience in the baking and chocolate making industry.

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