COA Dispatch
Apr. 29, 2014

Early bird registration rates end May 9!
Don't miss the reduced Annual Meeting registration rates being offered until May 9. Register for the Combined Meeting of the AOA and COA being held in Montréal from June 18-21 today!

Have you booked your hotel room in Montréal yet? Click here to book your room in one of the designated conference hotels.More

Les réductions offertes pour les inscriptions hâtives se terminent le 9 mai!
Ne manquez pas les réductions offertes sur l'inscription à la Réunion annuelle jusqu'au 9 mai. Inscrivez-vous à la Réunion annuelle conjointe de l'American Orthopaedic Association (AOA) et de l'ACO, qui aura lieu à Montréal, du 18 au 21 juin 2014.

Avez-vous réservé votre chambre à Montréal? Cliquez ici pour en réserver une dans l'un des hôtels associés à la Réunion annuelle.

COA membership renewal time
All Active, Overseas and Inactive members received a COA membership renewal email last week including a link to pay your 2014-2015 annual dues online. If you have any questions about your invoice, require assistance paying your dues, or did not receive an email notification, please contact Cynthia Vezina: with your inquiry.More

Renouvellement de l'adhésion à l'ACO
La semaine dernière, tous les membres actifs, outre-mer et non actifs ont reçu par courriel un avis de renouvellement d'adhésion à l'ACO contenant un lien pour le paiement en ligne de la cotisation annuelle 2014-2015. Si vous avez des questions sur votre facture ou besoin d'aide pour le paiement de votre cotisation, ou encore si vous n'avez pas reçu d'avis, veuillez communiquer avec Cynthia Vezina, à

Why decompression surgery could help people suffering from CSM
Global News
Numbness, tingling, falling, and neck pain. It’s a mix of symptoms and the root cause may be a disease you’re not aware of. "CSM or Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy is caused by arthritis in the spine and it's where arthritic bone spurs and degenerated discs cause pressure on the spinal cord in the neck area. And this is the most common cause of paralysis in the world, related to spinal cord problems," says Dr. Michael Fehlings.More

EOS imaging annonce l'installation du système EOS à l'hôpital Meijo au Japon
Business Wire
EOS imaging, le pionnier de l'imagerie médicale orthopédique 2D/3D, annonce l'installation du système d'imagerie EOS à l'hôpital Meijo de Nagoya, leader de la chirurgie du rachis au Japon. Depuis l'autorisation de mise sur le marché du système, quatre hôpitaux japonais se sont équipés d'EOS.More

Toronto doctor reveals secrets of hospital slang
Dr. Brian Goldman had just finished his first exhausting night on call as a resident at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children when the senior resident asked with seemingly genuine sincerity how many patients Goldman had "boxed" that night, meaning put into a coffin. He was joking. But the moment marked Goldman's initiation more than 30 years ago into what he describes as one of medicine's darkest and most enduring secrets, the slang and coded words used by the healing profession to describe certain patients and situations.More

La productivité des médecins est en baisse
La Presse
La productivité des médecins diminue constamment depuis une quinzaine d'années. Tant les spécialistes que les omnipraticiens travaillent moins de jours annuellement. C'est ce que révèlent deux rapports inédits produits par le ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux dont La Presse a obtenu copie. Datés du 18 février 2014, les documents évaluent la productivité et la performance des médecins.More

App could slash wait times for knee, hip replacements
The Chronicle Herald
An orthopedic surgeon and his tech-savvy team think your smartphone could slash wait times for knee and hip replacements, two surgeries patients can wait painfully long years to receive. Dr. Michael Dunbar's application would tap into the accelerometer in smartphones, which measures the speed of movement. If the phone were strapped to someone's back, it could create a three-dimensional picture so that doctors can read changes in gait that signal the deterioration of hips or knees, the Capital Health orthopedic surgeon said.More

Canadians spending more out of pocket on health care
CBC News
Canadians' out-of-pocket spending for prescription drugs, dental care and insurance premiums rose over a 12-year period for all families, especially people with lower incomes who may have reduced their use of health-care services, a new report suggests. Statistics Canada's report, "Trends in out-of-pocket health care expenditures in Canada, by household income, 1997 to 2009," shows the increase in these expenses was greatest for households in the lowest one-fifth of income.More

Non-emergency callers could wait longer for medical care in B.C.
The Globe and Mail
People calling 911 in non-emergency situations could soon wait longer for medical help as changes proposed to the provincial ambulance service's rules could mean firefighters and municipal first responders stop answering over a third of medical calls. The change would be included in the second phase of a sweeping overhaul of the response protocols of the B.C. Ambulance Service first enacted last fall.More