CSHP e-Newsbrief
May. 1, 2013

Pilot program has surgeons catching lung cancer sooner
CTV News
A groundbreaking B.C. pilot project is helping patients beat the cancer clock by dramatically trimming the process of diagnosis and treatment. The Rapid Autopilot Program (RAP) at Surrey Memorial Hospital, the first of its kind in Canada, diagnoses patients with lung cancer masses within 45 days — a much shorter time frame than the standard 170 to 190 days.More

Clot-busting in pulmonary embolism: Worth the risk?
Pharmacy Practice News
Physicians treating unstable patients with pulmonary embolism (PE) should, in most cases, administer thrombolytic therapy regardless of a patient’s age or comorbidities, Michigan State University (MSU) researchers suggest. Unfortunately, that message is not getting across to clinicians, according to the investigators. In their database study of 72,230 unstable patients with PE — a blockage of arteries in the lungs caused by clots moving from the legs — only one-third of the patients in shock or on a ventilator received thrombolytic therapy.More

Vaccine developed to fight gut bacteria and autism symptoms
Fox News
A vaccine has been created for children with autism to help fight gut bacteria, which may also help to control some of their symptoms of autism, Science Daily reported. The University of Guelph researchers who conducted the study published their findings in this month's journal Vaccine.More

When surgery does more harm than good
The Globe and Mail
Despite a health care system burdened by high costs and patients facing long waits for medical procedures, many Canadians are getting unnecessary diagnostic tests and surgeries that may leave them worse off, physicians say. More

Reject ban on rewards points for drugs, group says
CTV News
A group representing consumers and pharmacies is calling on the next B.C. government to reject a proposal to ban customers from earning rewards points when purchasing prescriptions. The Coalition for Consumer Choice has launched a new online petition aimed at forcing candidates to take a stand on the issue. More

McMaster projects win big global health grants
CBC News
A test that quickly determines the cause of a bout of diarrhea. A sanitation system that converts human and fish waste into a source of fuel. Neither project is glamourous, but both have turned out to be golden for researchers at Hamilton's McMaster University and could save lives in Africa. Two groups at the university have each won $100,000 grants from Grand Challenges Canada, a federally funded body that doles out money for researchers and entrepreneurs working in global health.More

Hospitals see wave of products to fight superbugs; penalties loom if patients catch infections
The Vancouver Sun
They sweep. They swab. They sterilize. And still the germs persist. In U.S. hospitals, an estimated 1 in 20 patients pick up infections they didn't have when they arrived, some caused by dangerous "superbugs" that are hard to treat. The rise of these superbugs, along with increased pressure from the government and insurers, is driving hospitals to try all sorts of new approaches to stop their spread: More

New chemotherapy oversight plan proposed
CBC News
The Ontario government is proposing a new regulation to ensure hospitals buy drugs only from provincially accredited pharmacies or federally approved suppliers, following the underdosing of the chemotherapy treatments of 1,200 cancer patients.More

Researcher devise drug cocktail for coronavirus
Calgary Herald
When a new disease emerges, scientists and physicians hope something that's already in the medicine cabinet can be used to treat it. A new study suggests for the novel coronavirus, that may be the case. More

Report: Allow pharmacists a greater role in patient treatment to save health care money
National Post
It is time to transform pharmacists' traditional role as mere dispensers of medicine and let them also treat minor ailments, administer an array of vaccines and manage patients with chronic diseases, the country's chain drug stores argue in a new report.More

Shoppers Drug Mart ups pharmacy market share despite generic price caps
Financial Post
"Regulatory headwinds" did not curtail Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. from increasing market share in both pharmacy and cosmetics in the first quarter, chief executive Domenic Pilla said. Sales in the quarter ended March 23 rose 4 per cent to $2.49 billion, Canada's largest pharmacy retailer said, with a 4.2 per cent rise in the front of the store and a 3.3 per cent sales climb in pharmacy. More