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Feb. 19, 2015

Undergraduate Research Week

April 13-18 is Undergraduate Research Week – How will you celebrate? Send a short description of your event along with a photograph and your campus logo to to be listed on our Undergraduate Research Week website.More

Deadline Approaching: CUR Campus-Wide Award for Undergraduate Research Accomplishments (AURA) Accepting Applications
CUR's document, Characteristics of Excellence in Undergraduate Research (COEUR;, describes the organization’s criteria for excellent undergraduate research programs. This award will recognize higher-education institutions that have both successfully implemented some of the characteristics of excellence and have devised exemplary programs to provide high-quality research experiences to undergraduates. The depth and breadth of the institutional commitment to undergraduate research, as well as the innovative nature of a sustained, exemplary program are important criteria for award selection. Nominations will be open to all types of higher education institutions. CUR will make up to three awards per year, with efforts to recognize institutions in the different Carnegie classification groups. A letter of intent (up to 500 words) summarizing the institution’s commitment to undergraduate research and highlighting a specific high-quality program that has been particularly exemplary is due March 1. Completed applications, due May 1, will include a description (up to 2500 words) of the institution’s overall undergraduate research efforts, including assessment information. This description should speak to up to 5 of the 12 characteristics of excellence listed in the COEUR document. Applications will also include an in-depth description (up to 2000 words) of one program element that has been particularly exemplary, including evidence that it has been effective. For more information visit: or contact Elizabeth Ambos, CUR Executive Officer, More

Arts and Humanities Division Travel Awards
With the goal of promoting undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activity in Arts and Humanities education, the Arts and Humanities Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research will offer financial support for faculty to present on the process and/or results of undergraduate research at regional or national Arts and/or Humanities conferences. The awards will be from $600 and up to three will be awarded for presentations that have been accepted by Feb. 10, 2015, to be presented (or which have been presented) in the fall of 2014 or spring of 2015 (by June 1, 2015).More

Physics and Astronomy REU Program
Managed by Councilors in CUR's Physics and Astronomy Division
NSF Award No. 1358879
Deadline: Feb. 20, 2015

This REU program focuses on providing research experiences to undergraduates who have either not had a research experience or are at an institution where research opportunities are not available for undergraduates. Students from community colleges are encouraged to apply. Women and students from traditionally underrepresented groups are also encouraged to apply.

Research Topics/Keywords: Accelerator Physics, Observational and Computational Astronomy, Materials Science, Optics More

CUR-Sponsored Conference Grants
The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) is planning to offer a limited number of conference grants for individuals to attend Undergraduate Research Programs: Building, Enhancing, Sustaining Conference. Deadline is May 1, for more information on the conference grants and the application to submit, please visit:

Upcoming Poster Submission Deadline — Undergraduate Research Programs: Building, Enhancing, Sustaining
University of Oklahoma-Norman, June 23-25, 2015

Do you have something to share: a great program, unique process, assessment initiatives, or an interesting and exciting aspect of your undergraduate research program? Are you ready to network and learn from your colleagues? This conference is for you and is designed for programs at any stage, including the development phase!

Be a part of it! Session topics include:

Session formats vary from panels, 75-min interactive sessions, 10-min short presentations, and a poster session. For more information:


Institutionalizing Undergraduate Research Institute
Next Offering: April 10-12, 2015 — San Diego, CA
Application Deadline: March 6, 2015
Link to Application — Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

This workshop will bring together teams of three to five faculty members and administrators from institutions that are interested either in initiating an undergraduate research program or in institutionalizing existing research activities.

The three days will consist of plenary lectures presented by facilitators associated with CUR interspersed with individual team meetings with CUR mentors. The teams will begin the workshop by meeting with their facilitator and reflecting on the current status of undergraduate research on their campuses. This inventory will include the examination of institutional strengths, as well as the obstacles currently preventing achievement of desired results. After this assessment, the teams will begin formulating mission statements, goals, and action plans for their own institutions. The event will conclude with the teams discussing their plans with the entire community. Throughout this process, the facilitators will be engaged with the teams in order to assist them in discussions and deliberations. Teams typically consist of at least one academic administrator, one or more department chairs, and several interested faculty members.

The Institute is open to academics from all fields. To apply for the Institute, please click on the link below and complete the on-line application. Questions may be addressed to the CUR National Office ( or 202-783-4810). Enrollment is limited so apply early. More

Upcoming Deadline — CUR Fellow Recommends Attending Integrating Undergraduate Research into the Curriculum Institute
Next Offering: March 27-29, 2015 — Trinity Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Application deadline: Feb. 20, 2015

Undergraduate research has long been recognized as an effective "high impact practice" in higher education. The traditional apprenticeship model of undergraduate research, where one or a small number of students work closely with a faculty member is powerful, but it is often difficult to scale so that all students have the opportunity. CUR’s upcoming “Integrating Undergraduate Research into the Curriculum” Institute will guide individuals or teams in exploring multiple ways to think about scaling the benefits of undergraduate research (UR) to a larger percentage of students by integrating research into the curriculum. All disciplines are welcome, and the workshop leaders hail from diverse disciplines and institutional settings.

Here is what CUR Fellow Mitch Malachowski, University of San Diego, has to say about the value of this institute.

"Connecting Undergraduate Research activities to the curriculum is the next frontier for many campuses. In our experience in working with campus teams, this is their top rated aspiration and the focus of much of our current efforts. At this workshop, you will explore what it means to create a research rich curriculum and how it can transform your campus culture." Mitch Malachowski, University of San Diego


Proposal Writing Institute
Next Offering: July 16-20, 2015 — Minneapolis Marriott Southwest, MN

Application Deadline: Wednesday, May 22, 2015
Click here to submit your application!

This Institute will bring together faculty and administrators interested in preparing proposals for submission to external funding agencies. The four-day institute will consist of one-on-one work with a mentor, writing, small group discussions, and critiquing of proposals. The institute has been developed to assist novice to experienced proposal writers in drafting complete proposals for submission. Prior to the institute participants will be able to access information that will help them begin to draft their proposal. More

UWill Discover! UR MOOC
University of Windsor
UWill Discover! is an open online course accompanying University of Windsor's campus-wide undergraduate research conference to be held on March 24, 2015. The aim of this course is to contribute to the development of models and best practices for supporting and expanding undergraduate research. Educational leaders from across campus and from remote locations will engage participants in discussions about undergraduate research generally. Theory and benefits of undergraduate research, administrative and practical aspects of the process, faculty and student perspectives and the outcomes and benefits of presenting undergraduate research online will be explored.More