DFWAE Leadership Briefings
March 30, 2011

Motivation is No. 1 topic for keynotes
Meetings & Conventions
Motivational messages are among the most appropriate keynote categories, according to a recent survey by M&C Research. Of the 116 meeting planners who responded, 69 percent say an uplifting speech is highly appropriate for their groups. Also popular are industry-related topics, future trends and humor. While 15 percent of respondents do not pay their keynote speakers, 28 percent budget less than $5,000, and at the high end of the spectrum, 3 percent can pay more than $50,000 for a top name.More

The accidental classroom
Wired 4 Leadership
Let's be honest, you have plenty on your plate already — maybe it's overflowing. Every day there are greater demands for your time, association resources and improved outcomes in all that your organization seeks to achieve on behalf of the membership. That's exactly why you should want innovation at the center of your plate.More

How would attendees describe your meeting backward?
Face2Face blog via MeetingsNet
Sue Pelletier recently stumbled upon "If You Watch It Backward," which chronicles what things would look like if you thought about them backward. If you watch "Rambo" backward, it is about Sylvester Stallone healing people with his magical bullet vacuum. If your attendees had to describe your conference backward, would it be "exhausted people rest in uncomfortable chairs in dark rooms until, invigorated, they get to go home?"More

What's holding you back? A call for gutsy leadership
Leadership Now
Robert Herbold, former COO of Microsoft, says lack of courage destroys companies. In example after example, consistent, courageous leadership is holding companies back.More

Marketing your event to prospects, past attendees
Midcourse Corrections
Is there a difference in the way your market your event to prospects and past attendees? You betcha! There's a huge difference.More

Innovation: Let the defining lead to the doing
In his latest post, Jeffrey Cufaude writes, "One of my takeaways from serving as a member of ASAE's Innovation Task Force for the past year is how difficult it is for many in our community to define innovation, label any of their own work as innovative, and appreciate the real value that incremental innovation can play in advancing mission and vision."More

Trade shows exhibit enduring appeal
BtoB Magazine
Trade shows have roots extending back further than Gutenberg. So why is this ancient medium standing tall in the digital age? Carter Kersh, Juniper Networks' director-Americas field marketing, said his business unit plans to double event spending this year. The reason, he said, is simple human nature: "We do virtual events, virtual training and webinars. All of those things are great, but sometimes people have to shake a hand, touch a box, and feel in a visceral way what a company is about."More

It's time to take charge: 5 'must-haves' for today's nonprofit leader
Association Resource Center
In Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus' book called "Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge," the main argument is that leaders in today's world are dealing with complexity, change and crises at a far more intense rate than ever before. Although it was written in the mid-80s, the message is still relevant today with the seemingly never-ending stream of natural disasters, environmental catastrophes and human conflict these days.More

6 reasons why you should use QR codes for your next event
McCurry's Corner
It's really amazing what a person can accomplish when they have the right tools or resources for the task at hand. Such is the case with mobile devices.More