DFWAE Leadership Briefings
Jul. 3, 2013

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Annual DFWAE Member Dues Renewal
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Wednesday, July 17: July Luncheon Meeting
11:30 a.m. — 1:30 p.m. Networking and Luncheon
Location: Crown Plaza Hotel, Dallas Market Center
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How 1 association revamped its governance structure
If you get weary from reading about the future doom of associations, you’ll find inspiration in a 50-something page report from the American Veterinary Medical Association. The report is illuminating and inspiring, despite its length, because AVMA’s Task Force on Governance and Member Participation has identified solutions to challenges that may sound very familiar to many of you. The “warning signs” that AVMA saw in its needs assessment data made them realize that “resting on (their) laurels and failing to improve governance and member participation risks alienation and disengagement from AVMA by veterinarians in the future.” The task force’s goal was to identify a governance structure that would help AVMA provide more opportunities for member engagement and participation (with fewer barriers to leadership) and become more responsive to its membership and key stakeholders.More

Re-envisioning the associations' future unshackled
The Demand Perspective
The drive to define and standardize association practices and preserve the building blocks of their original success is akin to freezing them in a time capsule. The more the sector is preoccupied with how to renew existing members, improve board orientation, diversify member categories and other minor improvements of the status quo, the more entrenched these practices become and the greater the gap between associations and customers. This is the vulnerability of the association leadership model right now.More

An introvert's guide to getting the most from a conference
Ideas fly around the room. Informal teams form and mutate and re-form. Decisions are quickly made and un-made and refined. Plans are drawn and re-drawn and perfected. Three hours later, you and a room full of incredibly talented people have used your collective knowledge, experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to create something amazing. Many of those people are pumped. They want to go celebrate. They want to keep the “party” going. You, on the other hand, are drained. You just want to go somewhere quiet and recharge. You are an introvert.More

The transformative power of peerology
Midcourse Corrections
In the world of conference education, the future is not necessarily about the next technology gadget or innovative session format. It’s about something that is as old as disco balls, platform shoes and shag carpeting: Peerology. Peers learning together allows organizations to engage individuals at a level that can actually change people’s brains. That’s right, science now shows that this peer engagement causes our brains to rewire and grow. When peerology is used in the right situations, it has the ability to transform participants in an amazing way.More

Make the most of your staff's skills
By Michael J. Berens
Why is it that when we are hiring for a position, we look for the most experienced, well-rounded individuals, but once they have become part of the organization, we act as though their experience has deserted them at the front door? As they settle in to their new role, we get accustomed to thinking of them as performing certain functions. We become inured to the other dimensions of their personalities and histories. In these lean times, organizations cannot afford to waste the talents of their staff.More

Rules to transform your leadership development program
Fast Company
What makes a leader great? And what type of leader is best for your business? Digging into the questions - and answers - that are crucial to any company.More

Developing a leadership pipeline that works
The impending retirement of senior leaders is not a new phenomenon; but it now has a heightened importance to every organization. The need to create a pipeline for leaders is now at an all-time high. While it has always been an important issue, it is now extremely urgent.More

Is your website bringing your members closer or pushing them away
XYZ University
Your website is more than just the voice of your membership association. If you’re not using your site to bring your members closer, you’re probably pushing them away from your organization and from each other. One of the reasons people join member-based organizations to be a part of a community, so it’s your job to make sure your community meets their needs.More

Association press releases
Your association is doing great things for your community. The local news needs some uplifting things every now and then, so it stands to reason that you clue in the local TV and radio stations about your association’s awesome goings-on. Hold the phone! Sometimes a media release of your association’s activities, or even existence, is a good thing. Sometimes it can be a wasted effort, taking up your valuable time for nothing and giving some local stations one more paper for their recycle bin. Here are some things to consider before writing up those press releases.More