DFWAE Leadership Briefings
Nov. 9, 2011

November luncheon: Updates and Audits
Enacted in 2002, the Sarbanes Oxley Act changed the audit "landscape" — not only for public companies but for private, for-profit companies and even for nonprofit organizations. Join us Nov. 16 at Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth for this informative luncheon on "Updates and Audits," presented by Bill Sims of Salmon Sims Thomas. Sign up now! Early-bird registration ends today!More

Dec./ April luncheon

December holiday luncheon will be held on Dec. 14, at the Adolphus in Dallas.
More details to be announced soon.

Association Day will be held April 2, 2012, at the Irving Convention Center.

Mark your calendars now for these fun and informative events! More

CAE study guide

The CAE Study Guide is now available! For more information, contact Michele Byers, CAE, at mbyers@emra.org or call 469-499-0195.More

Leading with your strengths
Elephants at Work
Deep down you know what your special strength is. The strength may even be something you take for granted because it just works. People around you take notice when you accomplish a goal or see an act of kindness and often see how or why you did it as one of your strengths. More

Creativity in association management — are you the roadblock?
Association Subculture
We talk so much about creativity and innovation in the association sphere but we know so little about how to actually facilitate their achievement. More

Hybrid special events: Case studies, secrets of success
Special Events
Hybrid special events, which extend traditional in-person events with tools such as broadcasting and social media, are grabbing headlines. A whopping 70 percent of respondents to a recent poll say they either stage hybrid events now or are considering doing so.More

Leadership as storytelling — how narratives bond teams
Ben Brabyn
If you aim to encourage others to follow you, it's worth studying the techniques of successful historical leaders. One common feature of great leaders is their ability to engage with their teams by involving them in a story — or narrative.More

It's time to 'de-average' satisfaction ratings
Association Metrics Inc.
How many times have you conducted a satisfaction survey of the attendees of your annual conference or continuing education classes only to find that the average ratings are all pretty much the same? Not only are there no differences among sessions, but the average satisfaction ratings don't seem to change from year to year, no matter what you do differently. With no distinguishable differences in average satisfaction ratings, it is difficult to use this information to provide meaningful feedback.More

3 steps to managing perfectionism's side effects
The Recovering Leader
Well over two centuries ago, French author Voltaire wrote, "The perfect is the enemy of the good." It's human nature, as relevant today as it was back then — perfectionism is a common trait, particularly among successful people. Yet if perfectionism were a prescription drug, it would bear a hefty warning label: "A perfectionist approach may cause your best and brightest people to become unmotivated, devalued, dependent, disempowered, frustrated and ultimately disengaged. You put them at risk for doing marginal work, and for leaving. It leads to procrastination, and tends to take a toll of stress on yourself and others in your organization."More

Increasing conference customers through social media, reach, yield
Midcourse Corrections
Where do new conference customers come from? Do you know the cost of acquiring your next customer? Those are the magic questions many conference organizers want answered.More

What does your office say about you as a leader?
Your office says a lot about your leadership style. As tempting as it is to take the corner office with the great view, it may exact a steep toll in a time of crisis. The following are five reasons to sit in the trenches.More