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DSC Weekly Update
Nov. 11, 2008
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Youth Deer Season Dates May Change
from the San Antonio Express-News
Archers may be getting more company in the October woods next season if discussion among Texas Parks & Wildlife Department commissioners on Wednesday is any indication of things to come. The idea originated as part of a presentation to the commission by Clayton Wolf and Mitch Lockwood, TPW program leaders overseeing big game animals and white-tailed deer. The presentation was part of the preview of the 2009-10 Statewide Hunting and Fishing Proclamation. More

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Waterfowl Season Off on Wrong Foot Because of Ike
from the Houston Chronicle
Being a pessimist has advantages; youíre seldom disappointed and occasionally pleasantly surprised. Considering the situation facing local waterfowl hunters ó duck hunters, particularly ó as the Nov. 1 opening of the 2008-09 hunting season approached, pessimism certainly seemed warranted. But overall, the first week of the season turned out better than anticipated ó although thatís not saying much. More

Zero in Before It's Time to Lock 'n' Load
from the Lansing State Journal
There have been countless books, magazine articles and other treatises written about deer hunting, offering all manner of advice on all sorts of tricks that will help you bring home the venison this season. But as opening day of the firearms deer season has passed, the single best thing a deer hunter can do is the simplest: shoot in his gun. More

Texas Leads Nation in Deer-Vehicle Collision Fatalities
from the Beaumont Enterprise
Vehicle crashes involving deer are three times more likely to occur in November than any other month, according to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, which released a study last week. From 1993 to 2007, Texas led the nation with 227 deer-vehicle crash fatalities, according to the study. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, Hardin and Jefferson counties led Southeast Texas last year in collisions with animals with 26 and 25, respectively. More

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Floating Elbow Could Sink Your Best Rifle Shot
from the Dallas Morning News
As a rifle hunter who's missed plenty of shots, I hesitate to give shooting advice. I once missed two broadside standing shots at about 150 yards at a 160-class B&C whitetail. I was shooting out of a tower blind with my rifle rested on the window sill. In Africa, I missed a once-in-a-lifetime shot at a Cape buffalo at 125 yards. That animal weighed more than 1,500 pounds. Excitement played a major role in both misses. A floating elbow contributed to the missed shot at the deer. More

Obama's Election Prompts Run on Guns and Ammunition
from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Allan Craig is scared for the country and for himself. So less than 48 hours after Democrat Barack Obama was elected president, Craig went out to buy an M-4 rifle. Craig is part of a wave of people nationwide who, even before the election, began stocking up on guns and ammunition amid fear that Obama might put new gun restrictions in place after he takes office Jan. 20. More

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Reducing Limits, Short Season Sounds Good, But Won't Help Quail
from the Tyler Morning Telegraph
The issue that was about to drive me over the edge is the Texas quail season. It seems like it goes from can until can't, starting in October and running through February. To go along with that is a 15-bird daily bag limit, which makes quail season in Texas the most liberal in the nation. The concern is that as a species bobwhite quail are in trouble. Not as much in Texas as through the Southeast, but quail numbers are on the decline. With that in mind it would only seem logical to pull back the reins a little on the season. However, it seems that any rollback is a better idea from a social standpoint than biologically because the numbers just don't compute. More

Age Can't Dim Passion for the Hunt
from The Olympian
A good elk hunter is one who consistently kills an animal. Using that measuring stick, Orvetta Minden, of Harvard, Wash., is a pretty good hunter. She's killed her elk three out of the past four years. She just happens to be an 85-year-old great-grandmother. Minden got her latest elk last month while hunting alone in the thickly timbered mountains near her home. More

Dispelling Myths of the African Safari
from NRA Hunter Rights
Africa. The Dark Continent. The place of hunterís dreams. Many would-be safari hunters will never know the beauty and mystery of Africa due to simple misconceptions: a perceived lack of time, finances, personal security issues, and more. And while some impediments are real, many others are simply erroneous. Knowing the facts, the how-to of African safari, can be the difference between living your safari dream or living vicariously through an author or television host. More

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Conservation Put in Focus During "Dream Drive"
from The Outdoor Wire
Texas Fish & Game (TF&G) magazine Executive Editor Chester Moore recently completed the "Dodge Duck and Deer Dream Drive" hunting deer and ducks in five locations in five days across the Lone Star State. During the trek, he helped spread the word about two conservation projects: TF&G's mottled duck and black bear conservation initiatives. More

Ivory Auctions by Four Nations End as South Africa Sells 47 Tons
from Bloomberg
South Africa sold 47 metric tons of ivory, completing a series of auctions sanctioned by the United Nations that skirt a ban on dealing in elephant tusks until 2016. Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe have also been holding sales since Oct. 28, with a total of about 108 tons available. The four countries were allowed to hold the sales, the first in the region since 1999, because of their large elephant populations. More

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