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May. 19, 2015

EAPA opens call for 2015 annual awards nominations
Employee Assistance Professionals Association
Each year EAPA recognizes and celebrates the achievement of members, individuals and organizations who have distinguished themselves through their work and leadership in EAPA and the EA profession. EAPA awards salute outstanding achievements in a number of different categories, including EAPA Member of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award, EAP Quality Award, Outstanding Chapter and Branch Awards and more. Awards will be presented at the 2015 World EAP Conference. The nomination process involves completing an online form, demonstrating that qualifying criteria are met and highlighting specific achievements that support the nomination. Each nominee must receive at least two separate nominations in order to be considered by the Awards Committee. EAPA is accepting nominations through July 1.More

EAP front and center in Amtrak statement about train crash
Amtrak issued a statement in response to the fatal train crash in Philadelphia showcasing its EAP as a resource for affected employees. The statement was posted on the company's official blog. More

Is telemental health the future of psychotherapy?
Pychotherapy Networker
For many, psychotherapy is still a rarefied, face-to-face encounter outside the normal rhythms of the world, a time in which cellphones are turned off, and we're uninterrupted by an ever-replenishing email inbox. But we no longer live in a world in which we can so clearly partition ourselves off from the electronic information grid. Many occupations no longer require a clearly defined workplace or a physical presence. Many employees never see their boss in person. Increasingly, surgeons are slicing patients open from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Why should psychotherapy be any different?More

West Virginia Supreme Court allows drug addicts to sue doctors, pharmacists for addiction
A West Virginia Supreme Court ruling says juries can now decide if drug addicts can sue physicians and pharmacies for their addictions. In a 3-2 decision issued recently, the justices paved the way for people to claim damages for allegedly causing or contributing to their addictions of controlled substances — even if they broke the law by doctor shopping.More

Suicide trends among elementary school-aged children in the US from 1993 to 2012
JAMA Pediatrics
Suicide is a leading cause of death among school-aged children younger than 12 years but little is known about the epidemiology of suicide in this age group. To describe trends in suicide among United States children younger than 12 years by sociodemographic group and method of death.More

Nigeria: Mental health experts call for more understanding for persons suffering depression
Experts stated lack of awareness constituted a major challenge in the stigmatization of people living with depression in Nigeria. They stated that continuous enlightenment programs would help to create more awareness about the disorder in order to reduce its burden. The prevalence rates of depression in Nigeria were higher due to environmental factors that contributed to its genesis. More

Cultural differences can influence how psychiatrists diagnose mental illness
American Psychiatric Association
New research presented at the American Psychiatric Association's 168th Annual Meeting explored how cultural differences can influence the diagnosis of common mental illnesses, including depression, mania and psychosis. Dr. Jhilam Biswas was inspired to conduct this research by debates over whether "major psychiatric diagnoses are universal versus unique across culture."More

Study: Up to 85 percent of journalists may experience work related trauma
The Huffington Post
When Hurricane Katrina swirled onto the Louisiana shore and residents of New Orleans clogged highways to flee, John McCusker stayed behind. A photographer for The Times-Picayune for more than two decades, McCusker paddled through the city's muddy waters in a kayak, day after day, documenting the destruction. Like many of the city's residents, he had lost his home and all of his possessions. His family had relocated to Birmingham, Alabama, five hours away. On Aug. 8, 2006 — after nearly a year of documenting the trauma surrounding him — McCusker was seen driving erratically through the city.More

Therapists: Could a medical condition be the cause of your client's mental illness?
Psych Central
A well-trained and dedicated medical doctor will consider whether or not there is an emotional component possibly triggering a physical issue, such as stress in the case of fatigue. But often, those in the mental health field, especially psychotherapists, might not evaluate and rule out medical or other issues in the case of a client presenting with a mental illness.More

Germanwings: Should there be screening for mental illness at work?
BBC News
There has been a huge focus on the psychiatric history of the pilot and calls for greater screening for psychiatric disorders at work. But what is screening, can psychiatric disorders be screened for, and is this the best response to the tragedy of Flight 9525?More

5 signs that your workplace may be toxic
Fast Company
All workplaces have some challenges and negative characteristics, so it can be difficult to determine if your workplace has a normal amount of challenges, is seriously dysfunctional, or possibly really toxic. Here are five signs that will help you determine the degree to which your work environment may be dangerous to your mental health.More