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Oct. 9, 2012

EAPA's World EAP Conference advance registration saver rate ends Friday
Employee Assistance Professionals Association
Friday, Oct. 12, is the last day for advance registration at reduced rates for EAPA's 2012 World EAP Conference in Baltimore. The conference features five full days of networking opportunities with the world's largest gathering of EA thought leaders, a marketplace filled with services of interest to EA professionals, and dozens of hours of professional development offering the opportunity to earn continuing education credit hours for multiple credentials at the same time. Upgrading to the Best Value Package gives you the full conference registration plus unlimited online on-demand access to EAPA's 2012 and 2011 World EAP Conference sessions through Oct. 31, 2013.More

Caregiving's impact on the workplace
Benefits Canada
As the population ages, it's inevitable that some employees will need to take on a caregiving role in addition to their full-time jobs. In 2007, Worklife Canada estimated that this phenomenon is costing Canadian employers $2 billion annually in productivity (approximately $1 billion in absenteeism costs and another $1 billion to $2 billion in indirect costs).More

Workplace violence: Is your office at risk?
CBS News
Are there ways to protect co-workers from a potentially unstable peer? Short of violence in progress, nothing is a reliable sign that someone is about to "erupt." The idea of someone "just snapping" is a media fiction, said Park Dietz, M.D., Ph.D. and president of the Threat Assessment Group in Newport Beach, Calif.More

Booths now available in EAPA Marketplace for 2013 World EAP Conference at Arizona Biltmore
Employee Assistance Professionals Association
EAPA's 2012 World EAP Conference Marketplace sold out 10 weeks in advance of the conference in Baltimore. For those who missed out, EAPA has opened the sign-up process for next year's Marketplace at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix. Through Friday, Oct. 19 only, booths in the 2013 Marketplace are available at $100 off the early-bird price. The conference will be held at the Arizona Biltmore, a historic luxury resort known as the "Jewel of the Desert." Exhibitors who register by the 19th will receive the 2013 floor plan and be able to select their booth location immediately after the 2012 exhibitors who sign up on-site in Baltimore. For more information, or to sign up now, Contact Joan Treece, advertising manager, at (303) 242-2046 or admanager@eapassn.org.More

You can't spell appeal without E-A-P
Employee Benefit News
If the focus of EAPs shifts from addressing "mental health" issues to "brain health and wellness," the appeal and potential engagement of employees broadens. Now the EAP is positioned to serve both those who want to increase their well-being as well as those who have specific behavioral health needs.More

Work is rewarding when personal traits match job
Psych Central
Researchers have found that a match of personality characteristics to job tasks improves an individual's experience at work. In two news studies, psychologists Drs. Claudia Harzer and Willibald Ruch from the University of Zurich have shown that a job is particularly rewarding if it suits one's own signature strengths.More

Employers fear wasteful coverage overlap from array of benefits programs
Business Insurance
Large employers face substantial challenges in trying to determine whether they are paying for wasteful coverage overlaps among an array of benefit programs intended to keep employees healthy and productive, observers say. Employers are concerned because the numerous companies providing their workers with everything from health plans, employee assistance programs, disability management services, wellness offerings and workers comp claims administration could be doing more harm than good in some cases by conveying conflicting, uncoordinated advice.More

Reading fiction as a means to greater empathy
Counseling Today
For many counselors, retreating into the depths of a novel can often be a much-needed and well-applauded act of self-care. But can reading fiction actually make someone a better counselor? Empathy-focused research in the past few years suggests that this may very well be a possibility.More

Off-the-couch mental health therapies
Los Angeles Times
While traditional talk therapy can help people struggling with depression, anxiety and the stresses of daily life, the latest research on the brain and the mind-body connection has sparked a proliferation of approaches that may reach deeper levels of emotional healing than talking alone. To help combat negative or obsessive thinking, many new therapeutic approaches focus on letting go of thoughts and becoming anchored into bodily sensations.More

Help millennials manage the stress of work, life
According to the latest Stress in America report from the American Psychological Association, today's millennials have sky rocketing stress levels: 52 percent report increased stress levels and an increasing differential between what they perceive as a healthy level of stress and their own levels. Of course entering the job market in a difficult economy, setting up residence (or living with parents), and thinking about their future is stressful, but is there a correlation between millennials' approach to work and achievement and their stress levels?More

Overall job satisfaction's OK, but workers still chafe at lack
of advancement

HR Morning
Slightly more than eight in 10 workers are satisfied, overall, with their jobs, a new survey says. That's good. But less than half of those employees feel good about how their career's advancing.More

Mental illness affects job prospects more than physical disability
Medical News Today
The stigma of mental illness often has a greater impact on people's employment prospects than physical disability or illness, Australian researchers reported. The study, commissioned by WISE Employment, a not-for-profit organization aimed at empowering job seekers to find meaningful work, revealed that mental illness, even in today's supposed period of apparent enlightenment, continues to be a serious obstacle to employment.More