Multiply your message and make the most of your marketing efforts
By Cindy Woudenberg

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Customers now have the ability to interact with information about your business in the digital world. They oftentimes encounter your brand and message through social media and make prospective buying decisions and other engagements before getting to the actual sales process. In order to capitalize on this environment, you need to control and push your message through a variety of platforms to drive your site traffic and conversions to make the most of your marketing efforts.


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Consistency is in the message

It is critical that the content you deliver in marketing efforts highlights your individuality as a business. Information should lend credibility to your uniqueness and clearly convey the benefit of utilizing your product or service to the customer. This consistent content should engage consumers on multiple levels across a variety of platforms. Aside from consistency, you also want to focus on developing your message to contain calls to action or ask clients to engage with your brand.

The trick to developing successful marketing messages is to make it seem like you are not directly marketing but delivering extremely useful and important information to your consumers who will in turn respond and interact with your content.

Choosing keywords: Content is king

To effectively market your message, it is essential to examine market research and trend analysis to understand the wants of your customers. This will also aid in formulating a strategic roadmap for your messaging.

Google offers several tools that make collecting information simple. Both Google Keyword Tool and Google Insights can help you determine keyword themes that your customers are searching for within your market. Choosing the right keywords can make or break a campaign.

Before you begin, brainstorm and identify language relevant to your business. In addition to utilizing Google's tools, check competitor sites and track data from your own site's Web analytics to gather what content customers are accessing. This will aid you in planning for future content.

When implementing keyword usage, you want to not only develop your branding and messaging but also be able to track and adjust results. The goal is to engage, build the brand, monetize efforts and reposition to repeat. Social media marketing is a thing continuously in motion. Researching keywords allows you to begin your content with quality information that relates to your business, but keywords change and you need to stay in tune with the desires and interests of your consumers. After all, good content only goes so far, great content grows your business.

The foundation of website content

Your website is home base when it comes to content strategy. Your website content should include relevant keywords and effectively describe your product or services. It is imperative that this is direct and clear for your consumers. When posting new content, make sure your keywords are toward the top and in the title to utilize search engines to grow your audience.

Once your website content is optimized, continue to build customer engagement by encouraging your customers to review your product and services on customer review sites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor and Google Reviews. This aids in developing higher search engine rankings for your site.

It is also important to boost your online exposure through educating buyers with published articles, product reviews and blog posts. A well-written article or press release will generate links back to your site and spike social shares that can increase your site traffic. Follow the trends and invest in effective content with a PR strategy to maximize your media exposure.

Makes blogs work for you

Blogs are a great way to multiply content and drive more readers back to your site. By generating exciting and entertaining information that you can link to different social media platforms, you can boost your traffic and add to your brand recognition. You can also comment on other blogs to develop business relationships within your specified field. When doing so, develop a signature that contains a link to your site and strategically builds your industry presence.

Maximizing your online efforts in terms of how you approach your message and brand through social media platforms can lead to higher sales, higher rankings and more readers. Online tactics such as blogs, articles, email and other actions, combine with traditional marketing methods, create awareness across the Web. By utilizing the resources available, you can get the most out of your time, effort and money.

Cindy Woudenberg is the principal and founder of LuCorp Marketing, an Internet marketing agency, and an adjunct business professor at Arizona Christian University. She has degrees in business and science, and holds certifications in search engine optimization and social media from various associations.