Good to Know
Sept. 20, 2011

Innovation in association management
Association Subculture
Your association — unassailable? Think again. B-corps are coming up on you. Your tax status is under threat. You have invisible cracks in your infrastructure. Your members might not see it. You might not even see it. But they are there.More

Organic growth is the underestimated opportunity
Harvard Business Review
Sooner or later most companies find themselves struggling to produce growth. Often it's because their business models have run their course (Yahoo!), or they've been overtaken by competition (Kmart), or they are being hit particularly hard by a stagnant economy (any durable goods company). When this happens, they often react in unproductive ways.More

Don't let conventional measurement wisdom fragment your impact
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Research clearly shows that many nonprofits lack the resources, expertise and conviction to continuously measure and improve their programs. So, it is not a stretch to imagine that society would be better off if resources were directed to more effective nonprofits. But a far greater problem lurks beneath the surface, and it has to do with whether all of the individual impacts nonprofits generate actually add up to something meaningful.More

Lobbying: What does it mean for nonprofits?
Nonprofit organizations that conduct federal lobbying must be cognizant of at least two different definitions of lobbying in order to comply with applicable federal tax law and federal lobbying disclosure laws.More

How social media transformed a nonprofit medical professional society
The Nonprofit Quarterly
The American Society of Nephrology, founded in 1966, is a well-established 13,000-member professional organization. It is highly regarded and has long provided the best education opportunities in the field of kidney medicine. However, ASN was reluctant to enter the world of social media, a world that includes Facebook and Twitter, but also encompasses the entire web-enabled culture of people sharing online content with people they know.More

Always lead with context
Management Excellence
People and teams do their best work when they understand how their efforts fit into the bigger picture of the organization. It's unfortunate that in the hectic pace of business, too many managers fail to leverage the catalytic power of context, and instead, end up issuing empty orders to their compliant but not fully engaged employees.More

14 powerful ways to choose engaging topics for your nonprofit blog
Now that you set goals for your blog and have selected the right blogging platform, what are you going to write about? This is the number one question that keeps every blogger up at night, and is exactly why it's referred to as "feeding the beast."More