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Apr. 17, 2012

Thought Leader Symposium format designed with attendees in mind
GITA's Thought Leader Symposium will offer a unique educational format designed to maximize personal engagement and educational takeaways. The new format will include three basic components within each 90-minute educational session. A presentation of a key technology or topic by an acknowledged subject matter expert will be followed by a case study or best practice example of the technology by a practitioner who has actually implemented it. Each session will conclude with a facilitated discussion involving the presenters and audience in a "deep dive" on the issues involved.More

Oil & Gas Conference call for papers now open!
GITA is now accepting abstracts for presentations for the 2012 "GIS for Oil & Gas Pipeline" conference, scheduled for Oct. 22-24 in Houston. The Conference Committee has identified the following areas for this year's program:

Abstracts will be accepted until May 9, noon MDT. Click here for more information and to submit your abstract.

Don't miss a great exhibition opportunity! GITA's exhibit floor will open to all interested solution providers next week. Currently, Association Sponsors are receiving priority booth space selection. For information on pricing and booth package details, as well as how to become an Association and Event Sponsor, please visit our Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference website.More

6 essential skills for smart metering success
Smart Grid News
At Accenture's annual International Utilities and Energy Conference, the company's chief strategy officer for resources talked about the necessary balancing act between scale (getting big for efficiency), trust (preserving the utilities "license to operate"), and specialization (staying very good at key skills). He shared the six skills Accenture has found to be essential for success in smart metering. More

Takeaways from FOSS4GNA 2012
Directions Magazine
The Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial North America conference was held in Washington on April 10-13. Hot on the heels of FOSS4G in Denver last fall and a warm-up for FOSS4G 2012 in Beijing, China, the event drew 360 attendees, with many coming from the local area. More

GIS grows in infrastructure
Infrastructure construction — highways, bridges, roads and even utilities — requires a different set of technology tools than building construction. Take utilities, as an example. Geospatial information and situational awareness of power generation, transmission, distribution and customer assets are critical to the performance of the smart grid. Technology systems such as GIS will play an increasingly important role in construction of electric utilities. More

Going public with geodata
With growing pressure on government departments and the public sector to cut budgets and do more with less, the demand for information is greater than ever. It goes without saying that it needs to be accurate, timely and accessible. Any organization providing services to homeowners, schools, hospitals and businesses needs to know what resources it has, who uses them and how far people travel — anything that can help it deliver a better service and operate more efficiently.More

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency: Mapping Africa 1 country at a time
Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System
When the U.S. military wants to head into unchartered, or minimally chartered, territory, they call on the experts of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, or the NGA. By compiling the most current satellite imagery, existing maps and layers of data like roads, rivers and towns, they are able to create custom maps and imagery for specific locations or events. More

GPS III Satellite System and GPS OCX have a conversation
Inside GNSS
Raytheon Company and Lockheed Martin have successfully completed the first significant integration milestone between Raytheon's Next Generation GPS Operational Control System and Lockheed Martin's GPS III satellite development. On Feb. 2, the joint team successfully exchanged satellite commands and telemetry data between the GPS III satellite simulator in Newtown, Pa., and the OCX development site in Aurora, Colo. More

Smart grid opponents: Blackout 100 percent certain in 3 years
Smart Grid News
An anti-smart-grid group that believes the smart grid is a global conspiracy to assert "absolute control in the lives and homes of the world's citizens" is now trying a new tactic to scare consumers away from grid modernization. The group has convinced a self-proclaimed security expert to issue a press release asserting that the entire power grid is at risk of being taken down by cyber attack. More

Google Street View car case closed with FCC $25,000 fine
In 2010, Google was accused and essentially found guilty of (perhaps accidentally) using Google Maps street mapping cars to collect personal information from Wi-fi networks. As they drove through your neighborhood, they collected all the data there was to be had floating around the area — or so that's what the situation seemed to be when Google explained that they were "mortified by what happened." Now the FCC is fining Google saying that they had "deliberately impeded and delayed" an investigation.More