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May 3, 2011

3 days left to submit presentations to GITA's GIS for Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference!
Program topics will include Regulations, Risk Management, Data Governance, Integrity Management for Pipeline, Data Integration, Emerging Technology, Emergency Preparedness and Response and Stakeholder Outreach. Visit for updates! Submit your abstract here by May 6. Exhibit reservations are now open to all members and nonmembers. Nonmembers can save $100 on booth space before May 20! Click here to reserve today!More

GITA Announces GECCo Partnership with the US Department of Homeland Security
GITA has entered into an agreement with the Infrastructure Information Collection Division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to expand the association's Geospatially Enabling Community Collaboration initiative. The $400K grant will fund four GECCo workshops per year for the next three years, as well as provide program updates and information at various geospatial and homeland security-related conferences, enhancing industry outreach and partnerships.More

Advertise at GITA's 20th annual GIS for Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference
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Become a member of GITA
"I became a member of GITA to learn from others in the industries that I support. I have stayed a member to continue that, as well as share my experiences with others. The biggest benefit to me is the networking both online and at GITA events. I have met so many people with which I can discuss, collaborate and learn from on issues facing our industries at this time."

Kecia Pierce has been a member of GITA since 1995 and is an At-Large Board Member on GITA's Board of Directors. Kecia is the Program Manager at Intergraph Corporation in Huntsville, Ala.

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GITA's Location in Education Program
This educational program provides GPS units for teachers and instructors that are interested in educating middle and high school students about geospatial technology. The program is designed to teach students to view, understand, question, interpret and visualize GIS data in order to help them answer questions and solve problems. Click here for more information on how to participate in the program!More

A geospatial tablet revolution
Directions Magazine
The launch of Google Maps in the mid-2000s generated shock waves in the industry. Geospatial had, up to that point, sat quietly in its corner. A niche sector, desktop based, filled with nerdy spatial types. With Google Maps, everybody suddenly had access to slippy, interchangeable maps. We could zoom in and view our homes, map our runs, build our own mapping applications. Fast forward to today. All major geospatial companies are Web-focused. More

CIOs must embrace mobile devices in the workplace
CIOs need to secure and embrace mobile devices in the workplace says Simon Bain, CTO and founder of Simplexo. A number of security experts have recently spoken out about the security issues surrounding the consumerisation of IT, claiming it is opening up a mess of technical, regulatory and legal issues as employees use personal PCs and smartphones in the workplace.More

Consumer mapping the right way
Geospatial Today
Search for "Pizza in New York" on Google and Bing, and you will find a map at the top of their search engine result pages, two of the most valuable properties on the Web today. MapQuest gave the Web its first consumer-friendly map, with geocoding, driving directions, decent cartography and buttons that panned the map one screen at a time. Google Maps replaced these buttons with smooth scrolling map tiles.More

Esri map shows weather related disaster incidents with social media reports
Esri has recently announced another webmapping resource to track social media feedback and news for areas affected by severe weather. The U.S. Flood Disaster interactive map enables anyone to quickly and easily view U.S flood related data (flooding and precipitation data) from NOAA and the NWS on a basemap (optional view on a topo or satellite imagery).More

Iraq cabinet OKs $37 billion for infrastructure
AFP via Google News
Iraq has approved an ambitious $37-billion program to upgrade Iraq's collapsing infrastructure, which has fallen victim to three decades of war and sanctions, a government spokesman said.More

NOAA releases aerial imagery of Tuscaloosa, Ala., tornado damage
NOAA's National Geodetic Survey dispatched the NOAA King Air 350CER aircraft, equipped with specialized remote sensing equipment, on a mission to collect aerial photography at 5,000 feet from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham, Ala.More

Second report by LightSquared/GPS TWG
GPS World
The second progress report prepared by the non-governmental members of the Lightsquared/GPS Technical Working Group has been filed with the Federal Communications Commission. For those anxious to see actual results of interference/desensitization of GPS receivers by the proposed LightSquared terrestrial signal — or, conversely, absence of said results — the report does not contain any such hard news. More

The key to renewables growth? It's NOT more money
Smart Grid News
Money isn't everything they say, and it certainly isn't enough to support and accelerate the growth of renewable energy in emerging markets. It's going to take a more flexible regulatory framework that addresses the particular needs of renewables and an electric grid that can accommodate the addition of intermittent and often remote sources of power like wind and solar. More