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Nov. 22, 2011

First successful cyber attack against US infrastructure
EPC Updates (blog)
On Friday, Nov. 18, the Washington Post reported that hackers at an IP address in Russia had successfully shut down a water treatment plant in Illinois. According to the article: "Experts said the cyber-attack, if confirmed, would be the first known to have damaged one of the systems that supply Americans with water, electricity and other essentials of modern life."
— GITA Board Member Steve SwazeeMore

Best practices for geospatial data sharing released by NSGIC
It's All About Data (blog)
Fellow Safer Drew Rifkin recently came back from the NSGIC 2011 Annual Conference touting NSGIC's new Geospatial Data Sharing Guidelines for Best Practices document. While Safe Software has been involved in many of these initiatives over its nearly 20 year history, it's surprising to see such a cogent set of arguments in one place for the open sharing of geospatial data.More

DoT gives blank stare on LightSquared
GPS World
The U.S. Department of Transportation has responded to a Freedom of Information Act request by GPS World magazine for its recommendations to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration regarding LightSquared interference with the GPS signal. The DoT wrote, "We are withholding two pages (of 13 relevant pages) in part and 11 pages in their entirety,” and enclosed two completely blacked-out pages.More

$60 piece of software could bring mass chaos
Computer World (blog)
If your power went out and everything stayed down, could you envision chaos and rioting? We've heard chaos and cyber mayhem tossed about frequently in the last couple weeks, so it may come as no surprise that Pike Research reported, "Utility cybersecurity is in a state of near chaos." More

Effective offshore GIS data management services
Directions Magazine
While organizations are looking to reap the financial rewards of offshore GIS data management services, many are concerned that quality might suffer. Physical distances might not allow "tribal" industry knowledge to be transferred quickly enough for outsourcing to be effective. Simon Moss and Andrew Sheahen from PA Consulting offer three basic tenets of successful GIS business process outsourcing.More

The smart grid according to Cisco: 9 things you need to know now
Smart Grid News
It's impossible to find a single, simple theme for the many announcements and implications embedded within Cisco's recent two-hour energy analyst briefing. Here are the nine most important points.More

Increase automation and accuracy of remote-sensing feature extraction
Today's geospatial analysts have a large array of tools and technologies available to rapidly and efficiently access, prepare and exploit remotely sensed information. However, they're increasingly unable to keep up with the large volumes of available information and the ever-increasing demands for extracted information. As a result, a different approach is needed to increase analytical efficiency and accuracy. More

Using supply chain management as a tool to manage GIS projects
Vector 1 Magazine
Supply chains include both upstream and downstream relationships involving goods, services and customers. The delivery of geographic information will necessarily include each of these. The Supply-Chain Operation Reference Model can be used to interpret and understand geospatial supply chains. More

Declassification of intelligence satellite imagery stalled
Secrecy News (blog)
The eagerly awaited declassification of vast amounts of historical intelligence satellite imagery that was supposed to occur this year did not take place, and it is unknown when or if it might go forward. Earlier this year, government officials had all but promised that the declassification and release of miles of satellite imagery film was imminent.More