GWA News Clippings
Jun. 6, 2013

GWAF 2013 Fundraiser
Want a chance to win an Apple Computer of the new iPad? Make a donation to the Garden Writers Association Foundation and have your name entered to win one of these great items! Drawing will take place at the Annual Awards Banquet in August. Attendance not necessary to win. More

Marketing Photography Workshop — Register today!
Whether you write books, articles, and blogs, or you speak to live audiences, "It's a Visual World" and you are called upon to be a photographer as well. Photographs are no longer used just to illustrate a story; they often generate the narrative and greatly assist in marketing your expertise. Marketing your expertise is a key component in your success as a garden communicator no matter the media in which you work.More

Register for the 65th GWA Annual Symposium TODAY
Two easy ways are available to you to register to attend the 65th Annual Symposium in Quebec City, Aug. 16-19. You can download a PDF version for you to complete and submit to the GWA office, or you can complete the online registration process. Complete whichever way is easier for you and reserve your spot today!More

Symposium Program Flyer now available online
Interested in reading in more detail about all the events happening at this year's symposium in Quebec City? Now you can online! The program flyer outlining all the events is now available for you to download and view from any computer. Check it out today. More

Stop in Chicago after the GWA Annual Symposium
If you are participating in the GWA Annual Symposium in Quebec City, why not make a stop in Chicago on your way home? Join fellow garden writers at Navy Pier in Chicago Wednesday, Aug. 21, for a day at the Independent Garden Center Show and a GWA Meeting. IGC, one of the largest garden-related trade shows in the Midwest, boasts over 1,000 vendor booths.More

Let's get the symposium trending
Excited about the upcoming symposium and want everyone to know? Start using #GWAQuebec in your social media posts to share the world your excitement for this year's event, and let's get it trending! Don't forget to also "like" the event's Facebook page for more info.More

June 15 — Exhibitor booth rates increase, reserve yours now!
The purpose of the exhibit is to provide a forum to exchange information between lawn and garden product manufacturers and North America's premier garden communicators. The exhibition, which will take place Aug. 16-17, is held in conjunction with the 65th GWA Annual Symposium to be held Aug. 16-19, at The Hilton Quebec. Please note that the symposium continues two days after the last exhibition date, and exhibitors are welcomed to participate.More

Gardens & Explorations of the Inland Northwest — June 13 deadline
This exciting meeting hosted by GWA Region VI on June 22 in Spokane, Wash., will explore the Ferris Perennial Garden and the Nishinomiya Japanese Garden at Manito Park, the Finch Arboretum and the private gardens of Carol Anderson and Carol Starzel. Jack Nisbet, local teacher and naturalist, will share the life and explorations of Scottish naturalist David Douglas. Early registration ends tomorrow. More

Do authors deserve a higher e-book royalty rate?
Publishers Marketplace covered an "investor day" report at News Corp. where investors got a closer look at the profit margin for digital books at HarperCollins. Over at the AARdvark blog, DeFiore and Company founder Brian DeFiore shared the most important stats: a "$27.99 hardcover generates $5.67 profit to publisher and $4.20 royalty to author" and a "$14.99 agency priced e-book generates $7.87 profit to publisher and $2.62 royalty to author."More

Amazon hasn't killed us yet!
For an industry whose imminent obsolescence and death is announced every day, the book business seemed pretty chipper last week. At BookExpo America, the annual conference in New York during which publishers present their new titles to bookstore buyers and the media, one observer — Michael Pietsch, CEO of the Hachette Book Group — even claimed to have detected a "gigantic sigh of relief" rising from the assembled.More

10 ways to get your creative juices flowing
The Huffington Post
It's 5 a.m. I am suddenly awake, bolt upright. A strange feeling. I had to get up NOW and do it. I knew I couldn't do anything else until I did. I needed to WRITE. The creative juices that I long to flow when I want them to were bursting through a dam of their own accord. The malady of the right brained.More

US consumer e-book market will be bigger than print book market by 2017
Lots of different outlets are trying to project the size of the U.S. e-book market and how fast it's growing. In its annual "Entertainment & Media Outlook," set to be released Wednesday, PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that trade (consumer, not educational or academic) e-books will drive $8.2 billion in sales by 2017 — surpassing projected print book sales, which it thinks will shrink by more than half during that period.More

How gardening made me a better writer
Huffington Post
Recently I read an anecdote about Nabokov: a student asked if he had any talent, and Nabokov pointed to the window and asked him to identify the tree outside. When the student came up blank, Nabokov dismissed him: "You'll never be a writer." For a long time I would have heartily disagreed, if only out of wounded pride. I, too, probably would have come up blank.More

The modern writing-school paradox: More students, fewer jobs, more glory
The Atlantic
Never before have there been so many teachers telling so many students how to write. This is very good for the teachers. However meager the money, teaching is a paying gig and a subsidized education. Nothing helps you understand something like being forced to explain it. The students, though, are a mystery. More

7 things I've learned so far
Writer's Digest
This is a recurring column I'm calling "7 Things I've Learned So Far," where writers (this installment written by Jon Steele, author of ANGEL CITY) at any stage of their career can talk about writing advice and instruction as well as how they possibly got their book agent — by sharing seven things they've learned along their writing journey that they wish they knew at the beginning.More

DOJ has huge impact on best-seller pricing
Digital Book World
Little of consequence is happening in the next two weeks in the publishing world compared with the e-book price-fixing trial that recently started in lower Manhattan. Nonetheless, books keep coming out, getting sold and turning into best-sellers. Given the price-fixing trial, perhaps it-s best to take a look at the list today versus the first week we started tracking ebook best-sellers, way back in August. More