GWA News Clippings
Aug. 23, 2013

2013 Garden Media Award recipients announced
The 2013 Garden Media Awards were announced at the GWA Awards Banquet in Quebec City on Monday, Aug. 19. Visit the website to see who this year's recipients are.More

How to be a communications entrepreneur
If you wish you could be a full-time Writer, Photographer or Speaker, this high energy, highly interactive workshop is for you! Sean Carrol is THE Solopreneur Strategist and will share insight to assist other solo professionals to grow their businesses to the next level. The workshop will be held at the Manhattan Campus of the New York Botanical Garden in New York City on Nov. 6. For more information, contact Ellen Zachos or visit the GWA website.More

Plant A Row for the Hungry reports over 20 MILLION pounds donated
The Garden Writers Association Foundation (GWAF) announced that, since the start of its Plant a Row for the Hungry (PAR) program in 1995, gardeners in the U.S. and Canada have delivered more than 20 million pounds of fresh vegetables and fruits for the needy through local PAR programs.More

Announce your upcoming event on the GWA website for FREE
Have an upcoming event you want to announce to the members of the Garden Writers Association? GWA is here to help! You can announce your event for FREE on the association's website. Simply log in using the link below, and enter the details and hit submit. Announcements are approved daily for immediate posting. More

Start A PAR campaign in your area and write about it.
The Garden Writers Association Foundation sponsors Plant A Row for the Hungry (PAR), a communications program encouraging individual gardeners, companies and community gardens to donate fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers to food agencies and/or soup kitchens to help feed those in need.More

Tumult in the book world
The New York Times
Bookselling is an industry suffering through the tribulations of digital transformation as e-books and Amazon have upended longstanding business models and put new emphasis on price. Enter the Justice Department and a judge who agreed in a stunning decision last month that five publishers and Apple, a new entrant in the field of bookselling, conspired to fix prices as they tried to constrain a deep-pocketed competitor, Amazon, from controlling the market with unsustainably low prices. More

Barnes & Noble totally reverses strategy in train wreck of an investor call
Want to know what Barnes & Noble's plan is for the future? In that case, it would be wise to ignore pretty much everything the company has said it was going to do in recent months. Getting out of the tablet business? Nah, Barnes & Noble is going to keep manufacturing color devices in-house. Separating the Nook and retail businesses? Not happening. More

Simon & Schuster and Barnes & Noble resolve 'business issues'
Digital Book World
Simon & Schuster and Barnes & Noble have resolved their "outstanding business issues" according to a short statement from the companies: Barnes & Noble and Simon & Schuster announced that they have resolved their outstanding business issues. Both parties said they look forward to promoting great books by Simon & Schuster authors.More

Will copyright be extended 20 more years? An old debate returns
Congress is conducting a review of America's copyright laws, a process that could shape culture and creativity for a generation or more. While the process has so far focused on how to stop piracy, some are asking if Hollywood will try to extend copyright terms once again in order to prevent works like Mickey Mouse from falling into the public domain. The question came up on a popular law blog, where a law prof proposed starting a pool on whether Congress would extend copyright terms by another 20 years.More

Why don't people want to read e-books on tablets?
We've been living through an e-book boomtime. Two years ago, Amazon turned heads by announcing that sales of digital books had eclipsed those of hardcovers, and the trend has only continued. But a recent pair of reports shows that a plateau may be coming. The Association of American Publishers claims that this year's first quarter saw only a 5 percent increase in e-book sales, which is strikingly low compared with previous quarters. More

Why are publishers the new villain in the digital age?
The Guardian
Perched on the end of a panel filled with writers who are throwing off the shackles of conventional publishing, surrounded by Kindle enthusiasts of every stripe, Mark Buckland found himself very much the odd one out at the Edinburgh international book festival. The head of the e-savvy independent publisher Cargo began by asking how many in the audience were self-published authors and wryly suggested he was "going to get lynched."More

Study: Facebook is a bummer
Los Angeles Times
Don't press the like button: Facebook is a bummer that makes us feel worse about our lives, according to new research. Facebook users in a study led by the University of Michigan wound up feeling worse about themselves after two weeks, and their moment-to-moment mood darkened the more they browsed the social medium. It didn't seem to matter how big their network was, how supportive they thought their friends were, nor why they went to Facebook in the first place.More

Rumors of the e-book's demise have been greatly exaggerated
New York Daily News
E-book sales have seen a recent decline in the U.S., according to many online sources quoting the Association of American Publishers annual sales report that came out earlier this year. What seems like a pretty unremarkable statistic now has many bloggers debating the future of e-books in the industry. It began with blogger Nate Hoffelder's report in the Digital Reader in late June summarizing the AAP's report for overall e-book sales in the first quarter of this year. More