GWA News Clippings
Sep. 26, 2013

GWA electronic directory updated
The GWA electronic membership directory (PDF) available online has been updated with new officers, directors and honors recipients following changes that occurred at the 2013 symposium. Visit the members area of the website to download the revised edition.More

Oct. 7 — Solopreneur workshop early sign-up discounts end
GWA is hosting a Nov. 6 Solopreneur workshop in New York City for free-lance writers, photographers and other creators. This program is designed for independent workers who want to take charge of expanding their careers using targeted business planning. Early registration ends Oct. 7, so sign up today.More

Oct. 15 — Mediabistro discounts end
In an effort to expand member education opportunities, GWA has partnered with Mediabistro for a special member discount on more than 50 education courses for writers, bloggers and more. Save $50 on multi-session courses (excluding one-hour webcasts and onsite conferences). This offer is good from now through Oct. 15. Use special discount code GWA50.More

2014 GWA Symposium information
MARK YOUR CALENDARS. Preliminary information on the 2014 GWA symposium in Pittsburgh is now available. The official Call for Presentations will also be issued soon. For information, visit the GWA website.More

Give yourself 5 stars? Online, it might cost you
The New York Times
"I celebrate myself, and sing myself," wrote Walt Whitman, America's great bard of self-promotion. As the world goes ever more digital, quite a few businesses are adopting that philosophy — hiring a veritable chorus of touts to sing their nonexistent praises and lure in customers. New York regulators were set to announce Monday the most comprehensive crackdown to date on deceptive reviews on the Internet. More

Creativity is really just persistence, and science can prove it
Fast Company
If we want to be super creative, we have to learn to be super dedicated. It's a hardworking thing, as War of Art scribe Steven Pressfield has insisted. What's amazing is that advances in science have allowed us to get a better idea as to why better ideas come after jumping into our workflow, rather than waiting for sudden inspiration to strike.More

The indie bookstore resurgence
John Evans, co-owner of Diesel, a small California bookstore chain, gives an emphatic "no" when asked if he's crazy for opening a new store this summer near San Francisco. After all, bookstores are doomed, right? Amazon is shoving them into extinction. E-books are taking over. Well, not so fast. After years of steep decline, independent bookstores have turned the corner — to a point. More

Goodreads announces new content policy — now deletes reviews which mention author behavior
The Digital Reader
Goodreads has long been struggling to decide between the opposing needs of reader/reviewers and of authors, and the latter group has finally won out. Goodreads announced a new content policy. In addition to a few token gestures in support of an anti-bullying policy, this Amazon-owned online community has announced that they will now delete bookshelves and reviews that focus on author behavior.More

Whatever happened to book editors?
Publishers Weekly
By Marjorie Braman: A publisher once said to me, almost in passing, "We don't pay you to edit." The real message was: "Editing is not crucial. If you're an editor, what matters is acquiring." After I'd left in-house editing and was being courted by an agency, the owner/agent said to me, "Remember, you can't sit in your office and edit." In other words, "If you're an agent, what matters is selling." More

Neale: 'Bookselling financial model needs updating'
The Bookseller
Booksellers Association president Patrick Neale has said "more needs to be done" by publishers to bring the core financial model of the bookselling supply chain up to date. In his opening address at the Booksellers Association Conference at the University of Warwick this morning (23rd September) Neale said publishers had to "look again" at the financial model for booksellers because "more can be done, and the more quickly it can be done, the better for the whole ecosystem."More

Purchasing barriers for non-flower buyers
Floral Marketing Research Fund
The Floral Marketing Research Fund has released results from a study that provides new data about the barriers to and motivations for purchasing flowers.More