GWA News Clippings
Oct. 23, 2014

Why experts reject creativity
The Atlantic
In 2007, Steve Ballmer, then-CEO of Microsoft, emphatically predicted that Apple's new phone would fail. "There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share," he said. "No chance." The volume of Ballmer's voice makes him a popular target in technology, but he wasn't an outlier, just the loudest guy in a crowd of skeptical experts.More

2015 GWA Annual Symposium call for presenters
The GWA Symposium Program Committee is accepting presentation proposals for the 2015 Annual Symposium Sept. 18-21 in Pasadena, California. Proposals are due by Dec. 1.More

Student scholarship applications due Dec. 1
The GWA Foundation annually grants students in horticulture and journalism special scholarships for college, university and community college participation. Scholarship information may be found on the GWA website under the GWA Foundation tab, the application deadline for the 2015 spring term ends Dec. 1. If you know a qualified student who needs financial assistance, let them know about this valuable program TODAY!More

2014 GWA Symposium presentation materials
GWA's Annual Symposium speaker presentations, handouts and audio recordings are available. All program slide presentations and handouts are accessible to everyone for free downloading. See materials available shown under each session description.More

Home Gardener Day sponsored by the Virginia Horticultural Foundation
Held in Newport News, Virginia, on Monday, Jan. 19, in tribute to the Martin Luther King holiday, our 2015 theme is GARDENING FREEDOM! The theme celebrates the joy of creating gardens, the freedom we feel in our gardens, and features historical gardens and gardeners who persevered to achieve their own Gardening Freedom! This inspirational day includes food, parking and fun.More

Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Short Course sponsored by the Virginia Horticultural Foundation
MAHSC is a nationally recognized annual training for professionals in the Green Industries, sponsored by the Virginia Horticultural Foundation. Every winter, it's an innovative program for all levels of horticultural staff to gain professional certifications or maintain them by earning many CEUs. In Newport News, Virginia, in January 2015.More

Simon & Schuster e-book deal with Amazon closes a chapter
New York Post
The Simon & Schuster agreement with Amazon brought a sigh of relief to some authors, who will not have to worry about it deteriorating into an ugly, protracted battle such as the one that still pits Amazon against Hachette on e-book pricing. "I love both Simon & Schuster and Amazon, so I'm thrilled that war has been averted," said Walter Isaacson, the best-selling Steve Jobs biographer.More

October 2014 Author Earnings Report
Author Earnings
Welcome to our quarterly look at Amazon e-book sales and author earnings. As with our previous reports, we are looking at projected sales and author earnings by pulling data for over 120,000 ebooks off Amazon-s product pages. Using known rank-to-sales rates, we are able to estimate the daily share of earnings by publishing path. The goal is to provide a deeper understanding of the e-book market than is afforded by reporting from major publishers or by tracking ISBNs.More

How to make the most of any writing conference
Writer's Digest
If you're going to invest in attending a writing conference, you'll want to be sure to make it worth your while. And who knows better how you can do that than the people who make it all possible? Here, coordinators from 10 top events reveal their best insider tips on how to prepare, network, maximize your time and even dress to impress.More

Magical gardens for the blind, deaf and disabled
The Daily Beast
When I walk into the Stephen Knolls School's greenhouse, cheerfully bright even on an overcast day, the humidity frizzes my hair into a delirious halo. The school's principal, Kim Redgrave, is explaining the school's gardening program to me when three boys who are maybe 10 to 12 years old join us. Two of them are in wheelchairs. The third walks unsteadily, led by a grown-up holding his hand. More

How soon will the majority of books be self-published?
Publishing Perspectives
Among the many ideas that rose to the forefront of discussions at this year’s Women's Writing Festival was the idea of collaboration among writers, an idea that has come of age with the digital revolution. The best example of collaboration is the creation in 2013 of EWWA, the European Writing Women Association by Italian authors Elisabetta Flumeri and Gabriella Giacometti — primarily an Italian organization but open to all Europeans.More

Four NYC community gardens fighting for their lives
Few, if any, real estate battles are as lopsided as the ones that pit community garden operators against developers intent on building on the land. In 2010, in response to an outcry over disappearing gardens, the city attempted to create some guidelines that would offer them a little bit of protection, but since landowners can't actually be prevented from claiming the land they own, the guidelines don't really do much.More

Are there too many books?
Publishing Perspectives
At the 66th Frankfurt Book Fair, self-publishing and the self-published authors were in the eye of the storm, at the crest of the tsunami wave of the published books worldwide. The total number of books in print hit 28 million in English (as calculated by Bowker from ISBNs in the U.S., U.K., Australia) in 2013, as calculated by all the titles that acquired ISBNs. More

Credibility of mainstream news media fares better among mobile media users
RJI Online
Mobile media users are more likely than nonusers to give higher credibility rankings to national newspapers and most other mainstream news media, according to the latest mobile media news consumption survey from the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute. They also tend to place greater importance on getting news every day and on the source of news.More