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Mar. 13, 2013

Sequestration: The challenges ahead for learners
The Huffington Post
Many people are wondering: what impact can adult learners expect to feel as these cuts take effect? According to the National Skills Coalition's recent report, Disinvesting in the Skills of America's Workforce, one area that is sure to be hit hard is workforce education and training. We are living in an economy where, although we have an unemployed population of over 12.3 million, employers consistently cite their inability to find skilled workers for existing jobs. It is no surprise, then, that the demand for workforce training funds is on the increase.More

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Is online education isolating professionals from the social aspect of learning?
By Alex Lim
Internet technology over the last decade has allowed working professionals to further their learning opportunities right in the comfort and privacy of their homes. However, there are educators who have lamented the growing momentum of online learning, remote education, technology-based learning and downloadable Internet-based courses as depriving students the much needed social dimension in the learning experience that only hands-on workshops, seminars, labs and classrooms can offer.More

Congratulations to our IACET Authorized Providers
The following organizations were accredited in February 2013.
American Grant Writers' Association, Inc. Largo, FL
Cengage Learning TeamUP College Station, TX
City of Los Angeles, Dept of Public Works, Bureau of Contract Administration Los Angeles, CA
Compania de Comercio y Exportacion San Juan, PR
Executive Conversation, Inc. Seattle, WA
Memphis Light, Gas and Water Memphis, TN
National University, Division of Extended Learning San Diego, CA
Riverside Research Institute Beavercreek, OH

What's happening to adult education?
In his budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2013-2014, Gov. Jerry Brown announced that California is no longer facing a budget deficit. In relation to funding education, his budget increases state funding per student in K-12 schools to $2,700 by 2016-2017. For K-12 and community colleges, funding is projected to increase by $2.7 billion next year and $19 billion by 2016-2017. What of adult education? The plan recognizes that K-12 school districts and community colleges are authorized to provide adult education instruction, but highlights a lack of coordination between the two systems in terms of serving adult learners.More

The 6 ways Generation Y will transform the workplace
The Globe and Mail
More than 12 million strong and representing more than one-third of Canada's population, Generation Y is the largest demographic cohort to come after the baby boomers. Born between 1981 and 2000, members of Generation Y, also known as millennials, are already stirring things up in the workplace, according to their boomer bosses. More

5 ways free online classes will change college, or not
Nothing moves fast in higher ed, except for MOOCs. A year ago very few people had heard of the acronym for Massive Open Online Course. Now stories about the courses attracting tens of thousands of people for free are almost a weekly occurrence in The New York Times. Times columnist Tom Friedman writes about MOOCs so often, they've become his next World is Flat. One of the largest MOOC providers, Coursera, is barely a year old and already has 2.5 million students, 215 courses, and 33 college and university partners.More

Do you fly blind after training?
Kirkpatrick Partners
Imagine an F16 fighter plane primed and ready to be flown by a well-trained pilot. The plane speeds down the runway, climbs quickly into the sky, and as it begins its first turn, the pilot shuts down the radar and radio. He is now "flying blind." Who would do that? Unfortunately, scores of training professionals "fly blind" in a similar fashion after delivering training programs.More

Science of learning
Training Industry
The Spring 2013 issue of Training Industry Quarterly magazine includes the following feature articles:


Stop wasting your development dollars: Challenging beliefs that get in the way of common training failures
Training Industry
Each year, $12 billion is spent on leadership development and $58 billion on employee development, yet 62 percent of businesses report that they are without the skills they need to grow and succeed. Few trainers and educators understand how the brain develops and what it actually takes to create new habits of mind. Often it includes changing emotionally driven behaviors and unconscious habits of mind that get in the way of development and behavioral change. More

The benefits of visual facilitation in the classroom
Training Industry
It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is true in a corporate learning classroom as much as anywhere else. To help learners really grasp a concept, consider incorporating drawings into your corporate trainings to visually represent the different theories, topics and areas of learning that are taught. Using visual facilitation and pre-drawn flip charts not only helps draw in learners (so to speak), but makes it easier for them to remember the concepts they've just learned. The simple pictures and the words about the topic offer an easy way for people to link the concept to the picture.More