The CET Connection
May. 21, 2014

Monetizing MOOCs
Training Industry
Massive open online courses have gained significant popularity in the last couple of years. But the question many are asking is, how do we make money from it? The whole idea of making online courses, which traditionally are taught in the top universities, freely available is exciting. Come to think of it, the MOOC philosophy actually contributes to the fact that education is now a right and no longer a privilege. But, it's important for companies developing MOOCs to make a reasonable amount of money (or, profit) to support the infrastructure required to run these courses. Monetization is the key motivating factor for MOOC companies to build and maintain engaging and effective content.More

2014 IACET Call for Awards Nominations Deadline is Friday, May 23
IACET awards honor deserving individuals, innovators, projects and programs that have significantly contributed to the field of continuing education and training. IACET members are invited to submit self-nominations or nominations for other individuals and/or AP programs.More

What leaders can learn from the former American commander in Afghanistan
Taavo Godtfredsen, a contributor for Realbusiness, writes: "For the last 15 years I've had the great privilege of interviewing and collaborating with hundreds of leading business authors and executives to get their insights on leadership. I relish the opportunity to uncover new insights and innovation and especially enjoy sharing what I have learned with leaders directly to help them become even more successful. General Stanley McChrystal did not disappoint. His cool head and comforting attitude was inspiring."More

Congratulations to our IACET Authorized Providers Accredited in April 2014
The following organizations were accredited in April 2014.
BNP Media Troy, MI
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Atlanta, GA
Early Learning Coalition of Florida's Gateway, Inc. Lake City, FL
Fitness Learning Systems Harrison, OH
ICF International Fairfax, VA
Life Purpose Coaching Centers International Norco, CA
Practice Transformation Institute Troy, MI
ProSolutions Training Atlanta, GA
VitalSmarts, LLC Provo, UT
Yaskawa America Inc. — Drives and Motion Division Waukegan, IL

Top 20 Content Development companies list
Training Industry
This list recognizes the 2014 Top 20 Content Development companies in the training industry and is designed to help buy-side organizations in their search for the right training partner. Selection to this year's Top 20 Content Development Companies list was based on the following criteria. More

How to use drivers to ensure training success
Kirkpatrick Partners
The New World Kirkpatrick Model stresses "starting with the end in mind," essentially beginning with Level 4 and moving backwards in order to better establish the desired outcome before ever planning the training program, if indeed one is warranted at all. When an issue or business need is identified that requires the people involved to change their behavior, an analysis of the issue usually is conducted. This analysis will determine if there is a knowledge or skills gap that can be closed via training.More

Learning decision making — Which team?
It's a debate that seems to be in a constant boil. Is it just me or does this feel a bit like Team Jacob (centralized wolf pack) and Team Edward (adventurous man of mystery) — where they both seem dreamy? Come on. Afraid to admit you loved the Twilight books, too? Let's look at Team Jacob. Those that advocate for centralization talk about the consistency, the economies of scale, the cost savings, and the transparency. Can having a centralized decision-making function for learning development save you money? Yes. Pat Smolen, ASTD Suncoast Board Member, found that her organization saved $3 million in one year alone.More

Teaching students to transfer their knowledge
The ultimate goal of teaching is more than simply imparting knowledge. Your goal is for your students to transfer what they have learned to a variety of real life situations. A learner needs to take knowledge that they have learned in a classroom and apply it in new contexts.More

Insight: Almost 1 in 3 feels not enough skills opportunities
Training Zone
Almost one in three (29 percent) U.K. office workers believe their current employer does not provide them with sufficient opportunities to improve their literacy and numeracy skills, a newly-released report from Oxford Open Learning Trust shows. The new Literacy and Numeracy Survey 2014 from the distance learning company provides insights into the barriers and motivations to taking further academic and professional qualifications. One potential key barrier identified is lack of support in the workplace. Some 29 percent of those polled said their current employer does not provide them with sufficient opportunities to improve their literacy and/or numeracy skills.More

Mobile skills MOOC tipped to play key role in skills revolution
Training Journal
Mobile courses from Qualt are based on courses developed by the Association of Accounting Technicians, Google, the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing and other professional bodies. The new platform aims to open up access to qualifications for school-leavers, university graduates, young professionals and career changers. Uniquely, each course is fully contained within a free downloadable app allowing users to learn anywhere on their Android or iOS phone. Skills and Enterprise Minister Matthew Hancock MP said: "As global demand for highly skilled workers grows, we need to harness the latest technology to enable people to develop the professional skills they need. Fresh approaches to education and training are vital and technology in particular has a key role to play. This free MOOC offered by Qualt embraces the opportunities offered by technology in order to bring education and training to those otherwise excluded.More

How do we plan for succession with an older workforce?
Your question is one many organizations are facing as the baby boomer generation begins a mass exodus from the workforce. According to a poll conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, 40 percent of the workforce falls into the boomer category. As this generation continues to age and begins to retire, a large majority of organizations will face the challenge of succession planning. Here are a few key steps for succession planning. When you have one or more of the following in place, you should feel comfortable that you have the resources necessary to fill vacant positions when they occur, rather than scrambling at the last minute to fill open slots.More